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SMAC - Part II : You’ll Get It Eventually


Chapter Three – SMAC (continued)

Part II – You’ll Get It Eventually
It's a mad, mad world!

It would not be anytime soon that Marek got here, at least that’s what Joel was thinking. They would have tonight alone, maybe longer, they might have to wait a few days. Nothing specific had been arranged, just that they should get to the house and, well, wait.

It wasn’t clear why they should come here, or why they had to leave at all. Something was hinted at, that they were being looked for. No rephrase the they, it wasn’t plural, it was him they were looking for, Jack was just along for the ride!

‘You’ll get it eventually,’ he told himself, and that was looking more and more possible, despite his memory lapses. He had recognised the house almost immediately, as soon as they got inside the front door.

Then there was Charlie, he still wasn’t sure who Charlie was, but he had blurted out to Jack when he’d found all the food in the kitchen that ‘I always used to eat muesli for breakfast, Charlie hated it, said it was gross and always insisted on Sugar Pops.’ Charlie was a kid younger than himself, Joel was certain. Maybe more stuff would come back to fill the holes in his memory. And this Neda Project thing, he was wondering what that was all about, somehow he thought it’s all got to be connected.

“Hey... uh Joel, you dreaming or what?” Jack was lying there beside him, in bed.

When these things happened to him it really pissed him off, because he couldn’t remember getting from the living room sofa to the bedroom – a blank. Joel hated when he had a blackout like that. The only positive thing was that they were not happening so much and didn’t seem to last very long.

“I kinda drifted there a bit,” Joel smiled at the cute youngster who was naked except for his underpants.

“You said...” Jack was leaning half across him. “You said you’d take care of this.” Jack’s hand cupped the bulge tenting his underwear.

Joel shifted down the bed, sort of slithering under Jack, until his head was under Jack’s crotch. Jack supported himself now with both arms outstretched and his body hovering over Joel.

“You know what?” Joel asked in a sexy voice.

“What?” Jack’s cock was really straining against the material. He had only one idea in his head. He didn’t want a conversation, he wanted to shove his cock down Joel’s throat, or at least push it into his mouth. His warm, moist, sucking mouth. God he was horny right now!

Joel loved to tease the youngster, to make him wait, wind him right up.

“I’m just gonna slide these underpants off that delicious bum of yours. Then...”

As he was talking, he gripped both sides of the material firmly and started to slide Jack’s final item of covering down over his buttocks. He had to stop halfway, to move one hand to the front so as to flip the material up and release Jack’s raging cock.

Once it was free and quivering in the space between them, Joel stuck his tongue out and ever so lightly brushed the tip of that leaking cock head.


“Are we gonna like stay here forever now?” Charlie asked his mother.

“For a while Charlie, for a while,” she replied. Then turning to Joel she told him. “I think you should take me to see Clement now. If he’s busy, well we’ll just have to interrupt.”

Clement Madison, uncle and mad scientist. He was an expert in his field and had been working with other scientists around the world on the Weatherman Project. That’s about as much as both Joel and his mother knew, the name and that it had something to do with addressing the incessant rain, perhaps saving the planet.

Thinking about it, they both had the same opinion, things had gone too far to return to what his mother barely remembered the world was like when she was an infant, and what he only knew from archive videos and history lessons.

“Can I come?” Charlie bounced up off the bed, his new bed, in their new house.

“I think you should stay here and put some of your things away. That would help mommy. And we won’t be very long.”

“Yeah okay then.” Charlie said with a hint of disappointment.

“I’ll show you around, afterwards,” Joel looked over at him and smiled. “We can do the house tour together.”


“Hand on heart, but you have to unpack like mom’s asked.”

They exited the bedroom leaving Charlie to settle in to his new room.

“I doubt he’ll unpack half,” Joel’s mom chuckled as they walked back downstairs to find her brother.

“Yeah I know, but half is better than nothing and he’s out of our hair for now. Madison has been pretty busy ever since I arrived. Haven’t seen hardly anything of him.”

She took hold of Joel’s arm and swung it gently between them as they walked. “I’m so pleased you got here safely.”

“But is it really safe?”

“I hope so. For now, anyway.”


“I’m sending you to the country. You can’t stay here any longer.” Kado was as usual issuing orders, and the three of them were listening, but it was Joel he was addressing.

“What place in the country? There is no country, It’s a wasteland between the cities. What the fuck are you talking about?”

Joel looked from Jack to Grif, but neither of them said anything.

“Your safety. It’s not safe for you here now.” Kado was not at all intimidated by Joel’s aggressive attitude.

Joel hesitated a moment, not sure how to respond. There was almost too much to take in. He wanted to send him to some place safe in the middle of nowhere. Well it would be safe, he guessed, but how do you get there and how do you live there?

“I can’t get my head round this?” Joel was telling Kado the truth, it was difficult to imagine what he was talking about.

“There is not a lot of time. Not enough time to explain everything, and you might not get it anyway, you will eventually. Marek has fixed up a car for you. Programed, the works. That will get you most of the way. Then you need to find the house. Shouldn’t be too difficult.” Kado smiled.

Joel was not reassured by his jovial demeanour, it wasn’t him going out into the middle of nowhere. And to look for some house!

“Jack can go with you. Grif needs to stay here.”

“Why do I need to stay here?”

“Because I’m saying so, and because Henry will be dropping by.”

“Fuck Henry!”

“Calm down. You’ll catch them up later. I can’t have everybody going, can I? Not all at once.”

“So I’m going to this house place with Joel?” Jack asked.

“That’s what I just said, isn’t it?” Kado found the kid annoying and the conversation going round in circles.

He turned his attention back to Joel. “You wait at the house until Marek shows up. He’ll be following.”

Then he turned to walk away, leaving the three of them together, but just before disappearing down the corridor he turned and added. “You’ve got ten minutes. The car’s outside now. Get going!”


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