Battle of Blackfortress

Battle of Blackfortress

by Commander DuctTape

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Welcome to Blackfortress!

As one of the biggest industrial cities on planet Azuno, Blackfortress has been playing a key role in the planet’s infrastructure, being the primary exporter of minerals and industrial machinery. Numerous cargo planes and vessels leave the city every day, but when a group of Aftonian satellites mysteriously shut down, the city suddenly goes silent, and the shipments stop coming.

When a distress call sent by Riley McConnel a few days later eventually arrives, the Sapphirian Navy and the Aftonian Military Corps put together a joint task force of marines and soldiers, tasked with the objective of reconnoitering Blackfortress and hopefully restoring communications. However, as the soldiers of Operation Black Knight arrive in the city, they quickly discover that the place had turned into a warzone.

Separated from the rest of his unit, Lieutenant Patterson and his soldiers venture deep into the city in hopes of finding answers, but when people and objects from the planet’s troubled history reappear, their mission soon turns into a desperate fight for survival, and a race against time.

This novel is now complete. A sequel and a prequel are in the works!

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Commander DuctTape

Commander DuctTape

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Table of Contents
42 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1: Briefing – Patterson ago
2: The Journalist – McConnel ago
3: Armaments – Hopkins ago
4: Improvising – McConnel ago
5: Operation Black Knight – Schmidt ago
6: Landing – Patterson ago
7: Separated – Hopkins ago
8: One for all – McConnel ago
9: All for one – Schmidt ago
Interlude: From another view – Nichols ago
10: Turret problems – Hopkins ago
11: Sewers and Esmosians – Patterson ago
12: The Drive – McConnel ago
13: Storming the office – Hopkins ago
14: FOB Ledford – Schmidt ago
15: Partners – McConnel ago
16: Prison break – Patterson ago
17: Friend or foe – Hopkins ago
18: Revolution – Schmidt ago
19: Enemy at the gates – McConnel ago
20: Recordings – Patterson ago
Interlude: Clipped wings – Nichols ago
21: The enemy of my enemy... – Hopkins ago
22: not my friend – Schmidt ago
23: Tunnels – McConnel ago
24: Below the belt – Patterson ago
25: Taking point – Becket ago
26: Moles – McConnel ago
27: Battle of Hightower square – McConnel ago
28: Shattered – Hopkins ago
29: Catching a ride – Schmidt ago
30: Sky raiders – Patterson ago
31: Blackfort Standoff – McConnel ago
32: No man left behind – Becket ago
33: Nuclear situation – McConnel ago
34: Choices – Schmidt ago
35: Last battle of Blackfortress – Becket ago
36: Going home – Schmidt ago
37: Final transmission – McConnel ago
Epilogue: A new Azuno – Nichols ago
BC: The other side – Bolt ago
Update/Current status of the series ago

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Have Fun Assaulting the Fortress City

Reviewed at: Interlude: From another view – Nichols

The fiction is a good war story, set in a future that does not seem to have reached the level of technology that breaks into Clarke’s third law, keeping the science consistent and believable. It starts off a little slow, and then ramps up when the mission to take the fortress gets going. The plot does not take the boring track of guaranteed success and the mission goes to hell immediately. This adds very necessary tension to the story and brings the reader into the world. It is definitely a story I will come back to as time permits.

Style: The story is told from multiple viewpoints, fortunately the author has labeled each of the chapters with which viewpoint is being explored. There are four different primary viewpoints, and the author is doing a good job of keeping the viewpoints separate and ensuring that the ‘fog of war’ that each viewpoint suffers from is very consistent. Characters from one viewpoint do not know what is going on in other views.

The world-building is in the background, and is slowly starting to unroll the world/universe that the story takes place in. There have not been any info dumps yet, or long patches of descriptive text on the background or the political standing of the universe. Instead the author is focusing on the story.

Characters: The characters have some foundation to them, unfortunately the foundations are not really explored yet. From the early reading I have done it is hard to tell what motivates the characters. What is their goal besides taking the fortress and finding a McGuffin. There are some personalities starting to show in the characters and it will be interesting to see where the author takes them.

Grammar: The grammar is excellent, only a few places were the wrong words chosen. The sentences are straight forward and not overly complicated helping to keep the rhythm of the prose consistent.