Kang-ho quickly made it to the group by running in middle of the crowd. Kang-Ho didn’t want to wait there to attack because everyone present there were extremely alert, they all were on lookout for a possible enemy sneak attack. So, id Kang-Ho wasted any time he would be in a very bad disadvantage, he would run into the risk of being discovered.

Kang-Ho moved fast, he quickly like a lightning came behind the healer first. He had decided to attack the healer first because he always thought they were too troublesome in some situation. Although Kang-Ho always aimed to attack the enemy fast and kill them but sometimes when fighting in groups in some situations healers proved to be very big headache. So, Kang-Ho targeted the healer first.

After Kang-Ho got behind the healer he raised his dagger and stabbed the healer behind his neck. The healer on the other hand was absolutely not aware what just happened to him. When felt sharp pain in his neck area, he felt some kind of hot liquid was on his neck. The healer brought the same hand Infront of his face to see what it was, to the healer’s horror his hand was covered in blood. After seeing the wound, the healer wanted to scream but no sound came from his mouth. The healer abruptly feel to the ground after losing the strength on his feet.

Everyone the group turned towards he sounds, what they saw made the angry to no end at the same time they were horrified Kang-Ho was able to escape all of their senses and at the same time successfully launch 2a sneak attack on healer and kill him.

‘How is it possible, I didn’t even sense him when he was this close to me? Just what is his level?’ Kim Min-Soo thought while he stared at Kang-Ho who was standing in front of the corpse of the healer. What terrified Kim Min-Soo the most was the unknown background of the enemy; all they knew about him was he wore a mask and he used a pair of daggers as his main weapon. You could clearly see the reluctance to fight in Kim-Min-Soo’s face, it seemed like Kang-Ho killing the healer right under his nose made him extremely nervous. Afterall, unknown enemy is very dangerous, you wouldn’t know their weak points, attack patterns, etc.

“F**K, its that guy, sir I think you should leave we will handle the guy for you, you should focus on the war.” Yelled the mage.

The mage saw the reluctance on Kim Min-Soo’s face as he was right next to Kim Min-Soo, the mage was a good friend of Kim Min-Soo, so he wasn’t too afraid to talk to Kim Min-Soo. Even though the mage himself didn’t have the confidence to beat Kang-Ho himself but he believed if Kang-Ho were to face his team they would be the winner.

After hearing what the mage just said Kim Min-Soo felt as if he had woken up from a dream, he shook all of his emotions out of him, he didn’t want to appear weak. Kim Min-Soo was a very prideful man, he was angry at himself after showing a sign of weakness in front of his guards.

“Shut up and focus on the battlefield, we would need to work together to take then bas**rd down. I don’t need you to tell me what to do and what not to do.” said Kang-Ho with anger all over his face. Kim Min-Soo felt as if he had lost his face after showing weakness just now. He wanted skin Kang-Ho alive, and kill him but he controlled his rage.

“Everyone attack!” Yelled Kim Min-Soo, after seeing that Kang-Ho was in no mood of making the first move Kim Min-Soo ordered his guards to make the first move first.

On the other hand, after seeing the enemy attacking Kang-Ho didn’t move towards them rather, he moved a little backwards. A little distance from where Kang-Ho was standing there was a little open area, Kang-Ho was moving towards the exact location. As they were fighting in the middle of a active Battle ground, Kang-Ho was sure when he started fighting it was inevitable that he would be attacked by the people other than the guards as well, so Kang-Ho decided to move towards an open area rather than fighting in a packed area. This would give Kang-Ho an advantage. Kang-Ho’s one of the main advantages was that he was extremely fast, if he were to fight in a small area, it would be like crippling himself.

Seeing Kang-Ho backing away gave the team a little bit of relief as they thought that Kang-Ho was afraid of them. Although it seemed like a minor thing, that gave them a major morale boost. Although morale seemed like it was unnecessary in battle morale sometimes decided the outcome of the battle.

After reaching the place he wanted to Kang-Ho stopped. He looked behind him, as expected there were many new hunters in the team. When Kang-Ho looked towards Kim Min-Soo he had a nasty smile as if he was asking Kang-Ho ‘Where do you plan to run now?’.

Kang-Ho had a smirk on his face which the enemy couldn’t see as he was wearing a mask. The smile seemed sinister, if people were to see the ominous smile with the emotionless eye they would be terrorised.


“Sir, I just got a signal that the masked hunter is attacking the 1st squad leader. Also, I heard that the mas is being chased around by the Kim Min-Soo’s guards as well as the surrounding troops. The informant also said that the masked mam seemed to be panicking as he was being chased by the group of people.” Said Chu Kong’s assistant. It seemed that the his informant thought that Kang-Ho ran because he was afraid to face Kim Min-Soo.

Chu Kong fought for a little while after the battle began, but after taking care of some strong hunters he quickly retreated to recuperate, he knew he would need strength to confront Kim Min-Soo. When he heard that the Masked man’s next target was Kim Min-Soo he was elated, he thought he wouldn’t need to fight too much, but when he heard the second half of the report, blacklined started to appear on his forehead.

After hearing that Kang-Ho single headedly killed all the mages as well as the healers Chu Kong thought that Kang-Ho would be able to take care of Kim Min-Soo on his own, but it seemed he was horribly wrong.

After thinking some things Chu Kong’s face suddenly changed from a worried one to a very happy one. Just now he had thought of a very brilliant plan. Although Chu Kong didn’t know who the masked man was, he knew one thing that Kim Min-Soo was his enemy, so he thought enemy of his enemy is a friend. So, if Chu Kong were to help the masked man in his time of need, he could get some benefits on the side-line, maybe he could even get the support of the guild behind the masked man as well Chu Kong thought.

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