The Hunter That Returned From Hell

by Rish_madara

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

18 years old Yi Kang-Ho's life was perfect until he was sucked into a portal which transported to a Hell like world. In this world he had fight creatures, monsters, demons. He risked his life for 400 years and one faithful day he managed to somehow escape the Hell and came back to earth but even after spending 400 years there only 2 years had gone by on Earth.


Earth was totally different from before dungeons appeared everywhere, Hunters became the new government of the new world and the world became dog eat dog world.


Follow the journey of Kang-Ho in this new world filled with adventures.


 The cover does not belong to me the credit goes to creator if creator wants me to remove it please contact me.

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Word Count (VIII)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch-1 Hell ago
Ch-2 Back to earth ago
Ch-3 Home sweet home ago
Ch-4 Family ago
Ch-5 Monster Core ago
Ch-6 Purgatory mode ago
Ch-7 Dire Wolf King ago
Ch-8 Rewards ago
Ch-9 Choi Dong ago
Ch-10 Total Despair ago
Ch-11 Black Market ago
Ch-12 First Level 1 Dungeon ago
Ch-13 Swift Claw Lord ago
Ch- 14 Goblins ago
Ch-15 Old Friend ago
Ch- 16 Mass Dungeon ago
Ch-17 Monster ago
Ch-18 Unholy Brothers ago
Ch-19 Massacre ago
Ch-20 Massacre (2) ago
Ch-21 Massacre (3) ago
Ch-22 Massacre (4) ago
Ch-23 Park Gyu ago
Ch-24 Jo Ji-Dak ago
Ch-25 Clash ago
Ch-26 Potioneer ago
Ch-27 1000 Flower Wine ago
Ch-28 Hidden dungeon ago
Ch-29 Skeleton Forest ago
Ch-30 Plot ago
Ch-31 Intense Battle ago
Ch-32 Class ago
Ch-33 Unrest ago
Ch-34 Gift ago
Ch-35 Danger ago
Ch-36 Yeo Shik ago
Chapter-37 Next Target ago
Ch-38 Killing Intent ago
Ch-39 Choi Guild ago
Ch-40 Battle ago
Ch-41 Illegal Market ago
Ch-42 Illegal Market (2) ago
Ch-43 Illegal Market (3) ago
Ch-44 Visiting The Market ago
Ch-45 Kill ago
Ch-46 Trouble ago
Ch-47 Pills ago
Ch-48 Humiliation ago
Ch-49 Teamwork ago
Ch-50 Girl ago
Ch-51 Ha Ji-Won ago
Ch-52 Invitation ago
Ch-53 Tragedy ago
Ch-54 Shadow ago
Ch-55 Wolf ago
Ch-56 Voice ago
Ch-57 Survivor ago
Ch-58 Brewing Storm ago
Ch-59 Brewing Storm (2) ago
Ch-60 Jin Kyu ago
Ch-61 Taking Advantage ago
Ch-62 Taking Advantage (2) ago
Ch-63 1st Hunting Team ago
Ch-64 Call ago
Ch-65 Arrival ago
Ch-66 Mysterious Letter ago
Ch-67 Search ago
Ch-68 Kim Min-Soo ago
Ch-69 Plan ago
Ch-70 Coming to Rescue ago
Ch-71 Horror ago
Chapter-72 Threat ago
Ch-73 Kill ago
Ch-74 Clash ago
Ch-75 Destruction ago
Ch-76 Shock ago
Ch-77 Preparation ago
ch-78 Preparation (2) ago

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Floating Soul

Let's start with the protagonist. He is weird at best. So he returned from hell and fought monsters for 400 years there. Of course completely alone.

The author doesn't seem to know anything about basic human psychology. If you spent 400 years fighting monster over and over and over again, then you WILL be heavily mentally scarred.

And while the author did say that he became apathetic to life, it is simply to justify why the protagonist can slaughter people left and right.

A person who is apathetic to life doesn't suddenly simp for his family man. In one chapter, his mother scolds him and he simply takes it like a good little boy. By the way that was right after he slaughtered numerous people.

And let's say he is very appreciative of his family because he spent 400 years alone, okay, makes sense, but then again, why isn't he incredibly obsessive??

We now have uncovered that the protagonist is very odd to say the least.

Let's go to point number two.

Why are there so many copy-pasted action scenes? They are so incredibly boring. The only things he does is decapitation. It has the gore tag, so why am I not seeing any gore? Intestines getting ripped out of their bodies, eyeballs getting crushed and so on. Get some more variety in there.

So should you read this novel? That depends on what you are looking for.
Are you looking for something with depth and good characters? Look somewhere else.
Are you looking for mindless entertainment or are simply bored? Then this novel might be for you.


Honestly I can't really say whether the story is that good or bad as the grammar makes it nearly impossible to know what is going on. At times sentences repeat themselves or just make no sense at all. Therefore, all I can say is that it needs someone to go through and fix it up before I could say whether it's good or bad.


Cliche if you have read some other Korean novels

Reviewed at: Ch-29 Skeleton Forest

Korean novel, MC is the guy who uses dagger even though he spent 400 years with monsters and beasts where spear or other weapons with longer reach would be more useful, stats does not seem to mean much for now since he's killing higher level enemies left and right without any magic. But he has footwork... nonmagical as it seems for now...just You won't beat hundreds of demons and enemies with much higher stats at the same time unless that footwork of his is supernatural/magical.

Author should give stats more meaning, now it seems like they don't mean shit. 


Grammar-wise this is a good effort for the author with English as a second language. I also like this type of "returnee" story which I've read in translated Korean novels before.

Unfortunately the story focuses on fights too much. My advice to the author is before you write a fight, see how it will end. And if it ends the same way all the previous fights ended, the story has become stale and predictable. I would say maybe give the MC some new skills between each fight. Or give the antagonists some smarts to avoid rushing to their death.

Stylewise, the fights use all-caps CLANG, SWOOSH, etc. This is very bad and irritating. The reader can only skip over these loud sounds because they do not say what is actually going on.

I wanted to rate character higher but again the antagonists do nothing but rush to their death. Maybe this is supposed to be comedic? Actually, this whole thing would be more palatable as a parody than the seriousness it paints itself with.


So the only reson I stopped reading this is because of the horrendous grammar. The Story is good and seems well thought through. The Characters have understandable motivations, if a little stereotypical.

The Plot and Characters progress naturally. It would be a easy read, if it wasnt for the grammar and sentence structure. Heres some that really bothered me:


The skeleton used its shield to push Kang-Ho back. Kang-ho was pushed back a little.

an un-audible voice

All he could do was hope for them to sphere him.

he was well renounced for his action.

After taking a bath Kang-Ho wore a new set of cloth.

Surround him from all sided make sure he does not have a chance to escape the place.

had beads of cold sweats in his forehead he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, he didn’t like the fact that when he imagined himself trying to block the attacks and the dodge the attack, he was unable to do so.

Boys kill him sir instructed not to sphere anyone who causes trouble.


Some of these mistakes seem like autocorrect mistakes from writing on a phone. 


This reminds me of something....

Reviewed at: Ch-7 Dire Wolf King

So I dont know if it is just me but it feels like I'm reading 'I alone Level up' (L.U. from here on)  like the setting is basically the same with very few differences.

Except in this instead of only the MC leveling up everyone can but this guy had 400 years of time to gain actuall combat experience in (what I'm only asuming to be) another world. This is the main difference between the two. If you were to make everyone level up in L.U. but make the MC have the memories of the Shadow Monarch then bam same EXACT story.

Little Nitpick time

I am guessing that this isn't the author's 1st language as there are a lot of spelling mistakes littered throughout. It is pretty immersion breaking at times maybe run your chapters through an auto correct to get out the little things you missed.

Just so you know you do a LOT more telling instead of showing. (Im just telling you that you do that and not gunna show you sorry.)


shadow turtle yinyang

fights are boring and skipped the plot is stupid,revolving and basic plus the mc is a moron 

you realise he is a moron in the first flashback scene with the voice


simply put this is stupid and even worse boring plus skippable i probably skip on average 3/4 of a chapter


=> Very difficult to read due to bad ponctuation.

=> The language level is low with many problems probably hinting at a non-native author.

=> The trope is cliche but what isn't nowadays?


=> It is consistent throughout.

=> You can read it if you persevere.

=> The author seem to be giving it his all and it can be felt.

=> Also I didn't like how things were said in the other reviews.


Five stars to encourage you to progress and persevere~ All the best~


another versions of "only i level up". One of my favorite story. This one more hardcore though. Always wondered how will the story turn out. Keep writingπŸ˜πŸ‘




your storry whail a lot of peapol woold like it most peapol dont like sorys where the mc is op frome the starte as it becoms a limeter and the story dies out to fast this is seen in the anime in another world whith my smartphone as the onlyy chaling the mc has is one impossebel danger after the other and then its not evin a chaleng.
























also eat a pizza