Summon Imp!

Summon Imp!

by Oskatat

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Travel with a newly born demon as he grows and learns in his own world as well as in other worlds as he gets summoned again and again. Usually to die or kill for others in strange and exciting places, but it's never certain what the next one will bring. It has its perks. With each new world comes a new story with new experiences and new lessons. There is always more to see, more to learn and more to know. Maybe, someday, it will all make sense. For now he will just work hard to become stronger, to be useful and, hopefully, survive that way.

A coming-of-age story, but different.

Things start to slow down to a crawl. Colors blur into one another until my vision is completely white. All I can think is "Shit, not this again!"

I hate being summoned.


updates once a week until I get more time

The idea for this story began in two places. One was the ridiculously rapid pace of gaining power in many novels. Both in games and in novels, I enjoy the struggle of the beginning character, why always the rush? The other was the way many monster or non-human MCs always seem to hurry to become human (again). It always felt like a cheap way to grant the character extra powers without the difficulty of writing a non-standard thought process.

Thus I wanted to write the slow(ish) progression of a monster character gaining strength and intelligence, while remaining distinctly non-human. There are no stats, xp or systems, no reincarnated soul or completely formed being to start with - unless I want to make fun of those. While the MC 'evolves', the process takes months if not years to proceed step by little step. Sit down with me and imagine, what would it be like if...

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Table of Contents
52 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Hatching ago
2. It's Up for Grubs ago
3. My First Time ago
4. Caught, Caged ago
5. Please be Gentle ago
6. Exploring The New Home ago
7. Thrown Into The Dungeon ago
8. Pest Control pt.1 ago
9. Pest Control pt.2 ago
10. That's The Way It Is ago
11. Food Fight! ago
12. No Hugs ago
13. The World Outside ago
14. Learning Lessons ago
15. Class and Class ago
16. Weak ago
17. Lesson Learned ago
18. Something New ago
19. Orders are Orders ago
20. Sparring? ago
21. Negotiations ago
22. In Theory ago
23. Not That Bad ago
24. Splitting Rocks ago
25. We Need To Talk ago
26. Settling in a Routine ago
27. Unwelcome Information ago
28. Currents ago
29. New Plans ago
30. Tension ago
31. How To Be ago
32. The Hidden Spaces ago
33. The Hidden People ago
34. Disarmed ago
35. Special ago
36. Looking for Things ago
37. The Only Way Is Up ago
38. There and Back Again ago
39. Lazing About ago
40. Unseen ago
41. Deal ago
42. I'm Magic ago
43. Comradery ago
44. Introspective ago
45. Are You Stupid ago
46. What If It Isn't All Lies ago
47. Learning About Myself ago
48. Class Again ago
49. A Lesson in History ago
50. A Look Inside ago
51. New Resolutions ago
Announcement (Not a Chapter) ago

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Some of the Best Progression Fantasy on Royal Road

Reviewed at: 20. Sparring?

Very good story. Some people seem to be having some problems with the xenofiction aspect especially when the MC is a newborn, but I think it's great and enhances the progression aspect of the story. 

I like how the protagonist appears in several different stereotypical stories that anyone on this site should be familiar with, such as being summoned by adventurers to fight a monster, as the familiar of a noblewoman at a magic academy, and by a dungeon core.

The progression on the Demon world is quite good too, with both the increasing strength and social skills of the protagonist being interesting. I'm very interested in how Gal's life will change as he gradually moves up the hierarchy.

Overall the story is a great example of progression fantasy, it does a wonderful job at making you excited and impatient to reach the later parts of the story where the protagonist finally becomes truly powerful while all the incremental steps remain satisfying.


Through the eyes of a demon

Reviewed at: 5. Please be Gentle

Wow. Well this is unique and fun. A first-person told story about a demon imp and, at the moment, growing up and figuring out the world. There's a very clear voice, unique, and the story goes about the mundane as our MC learns about life, trees, humans and being caught in a cage...

The style is great, first person and stream of consciousness done well. I don't see any issue with grammar. I love the MC- he's curious and tiny and figuring it out, since he's still basically a baby, but he's getting the hang of it.


Taxing beginning, gets better later on.

Reviewed at: 37. The Only Way Is Up

The beginning of this story is awful. The first 3 chapters a pain to read, but I must say it does good, on describing the slow, yet fast growth of our newborn MC. Yet it will definitely chase away many readers.

Things get easier to understand after the first summon. The real story, where it gets reasonably comprehensible begins, at around chapter 6-9. There our newborn imp gets more intelligent and can tell us more about the world.

(I still would like a synopsis about those few starting chapters, as they are easiely forgotten or hard to understand though).

Where it 'really' starts to get good is chapter 15 though. Where our MC can already be compared to a child. Now, this novel has got a good idea, a willing author with a good release-rate and a nice MC. So simply said this is on the road to success.

Anyway, style seems fine and 'unique'.

The story is there and is beginning to build up, we also got the summonings which also help build the different worlds the MC visits. Everything awesome here, with the only ingredient missing, being time. As we have to wait for more chapters.

The grammar is also super with some small hic-ups sometimes.

The characters are the real gem, I guess. The MCs personality is starting to form and the other characters are also looking real and living.

All in all the beginning isn't for everyone but who didn't like the beginning will most likely like the later chapters. So don't be discouraged and read on.

Just Another Lurker

Great story, lovable characters, definitely worth the read.

Reviewed at: 17. Lesson Learned

An incredible read. Vivid detail, well thought out plot and characters. Definitely worth the read. And if you think the story is too slow, give it a chance, you'll start to love the story and the characters. 


I worry that having multiple summoners could cause issues and difficulties, but it makes perfect sense. Otherwise, practically 0 issues. All around just great! Thank you, Oskatat, for the amazing story.


The story is fairly orginal and the progression is beliveable. There are a few concepts that I find pretty enjoyable. Somethings are cliche, but they do fit nicely with the story so I can blame the author. Or should you, it is their story dangit, just let them write it their own way.

The grammer is good that you do not have to reread certain parts of the story or get confused by terrible discriptions. It actauly has some of the better discriptions on this site. Once the author gets into the grove of this story, they will only get better.

The style changes over time as the imp grows older, and I find that really adds something to the story. The way the imp acts is also fits in very nicely.

The author also take constructive criticism and activly changes part of the story that does not sit well with them. Overall this could be a good story if things continue, and an even better one whent the author gets more experince.


Slow coming of age story of a non humanoid demonic creature

Reviewed at: 23. Not That Bad

Some have complained that the opening chapters are difficult to understand.  I found little difficulty in that regard.  Essentially, they are a description of events from the point of view of a being with no language ability.  Hatching from an egg, eating, hunting, etc.

The story is a slow burn but interesting.

W.D. Gaster

A breath of fresh air

Reviewed at: 16. Weak

unlike so man stories with demon protagonists it dose t make the demons feel like humans just powered up but their own species with their mannerisms and cultures. I also like how that author keeps our protagonist more agility and endurance/strength oriented then just magic only with little signings of physical growth. I’m liking this story so far and hope for it continues until is done


Really taking the demon point of view

Reviewed at: 22. Grudge

What it says on the box, I got a little confused at the start but the story becomes more coherent as the MC's experience gets more sophisticated.

  Very interesting and I look forward to more.


To start, the summary describes well the story you're about to read: the life of a young imp as he is summoned from his dimension to another repeatedly.

Honestly, the first two-three chapters are a harder to read, a bit of a slog (which makes sense as it is from the perspective of a newborn). As a stone rolling down a hill, it gains momentum as the story progress and offers a gem in writing as it unfolds

I favor the summoned phases which are always pacted with interesting characters and storyline. Yet the home dimensions phases still offer a lot.

perfect grammar and well thought prose that changes with the evolution of the imp

Well worth a read


Grammar and syntax is pretty good, which is important. Otherwise the story is interesting as well.