It was in the middle of the day, and Colt was together with Fluff and Yrva.

It was a rare day where everything had was finished, and there was not much going on with his life.

While drinking tea in the open pagoda, Sera waltzed in. with her lunch for the three.

After laying down the food, Sera stood by Colt’s side and joined Colt and Fluff in watching the Chick stand before five different birds.

The Chick was standing on the table while five birds were perched on the railings before it.

“You five are the best birds of each kind, Sparrow, Hawk, Eagle, Raven, and Crane you five shall become my Generals that shall rule the skies!”

The birds raised a feather in response to the Chick’s glorious words. This was the same sight when Fluff was searching for Generals, the only difference was that they were now birds.

“You five shall be trained to become Magical Beasts, not a Savage Beast, but a Magical Beast.”

The Savage Beast was the form before the intelligent Magical Beast. In the world of beasts, the stronger one became, the higher the intelligence would be.

“You five have ingested my blood and in three days after I finish teaching you how to call upon my blood, then you shall be let go in the wild, do you understand!?”


The five saluted with a dignified expression. The Chick turned to everyone and saw Yrva with glowing eyes, Fluff and Colt telling it to go on, and Sera trying to stifle her laughter after seeing a hawk salute a ball of feathers.

Overall, the Chick was satisfied, for this was the most respect it had gotten from everyone. The nameless Sovereign was satisfied.

However, Colt remembered a peculiar memory, “Fluff, does anyone who drinks that Chick’s blood get to call upon any of the elements? If so, can’t you use it as well?”

“Nya, meow, meow, nyan.”

“I see.”

Colt nodded his head, and Yrva was looking at him with curiosity the elf failed to understand. Sera sighed and proceeded to do a free translation for the elf…

“Lord Fat Fluff...”

“Nyaaaa.” Fluff corrected.

Sera, however, stared it down, “I know what I.” Fluff immediately backed off at the sight of those eyes.

“ I was saying, it said that it is possible to use any element despite it not being able to call upon each and every element for it has its own set limitations. It also said that explaining it would be a pain, and if the Young Master want more information an offer of ten kilograms of Tuna is needed.”

“Oh…” a suitable reaction, encapsulating thousands of emotions, “You seem to know the feline language, miss butler?”

“The Majority from the Edgeworth Family knows except the children. The cat purposely teaches the children the wrong things to get more offerings for a lesson. We tried to tell them it was lying and teach them ourselves, but they still believed the cat…it’s vexing, really.”

Fluff turned around, but upon meeting eyes with Sera, Fluff decided to keep its mouth shut. She was, after all, telling the truth. No need to get into a bloody argument with her…the women of the Edgeworth Family, including this butler, was not someone to mess with…Fluff learned that the hard way after refusing to help Sera in her training.

She had it miss a meal—A MEAL! At least Colt only threaten it, but her? She was the Devil in Fluff’s eyes, and this Lord had fought the actual Devil before. Fluff chose to stay silent.

“Is it okay to say this thing to an outsider like myself?”

“You’re my brother-in-law and someone the Young Master trusts, it is fine.” Sera answered without so much as a thought.

Colt simply shrugged his shoulders as a way to say yes.

While everyone was silent, Colt finished his meal before asking, “Now that you ou have now claimed the throne of the Genesis Family. What’re your plans, Sir Yrva?”

Yrva was silent, but, in the end, he decided to speak and craft closer ties with him, “There’s trouble brewing in the Genesis Family, it seems like the Phantasmagoria Family have been trying to incite a war with us. They claim we have the Staff of Darkness. Despite our long distances from one another, our fight continues. If it goes on, I fear that there might be a big battle in a few years. They also have our descendants, the Forest and Dark Elves, near their territories, it would be bad if they entice them to join their number.”

‘The war between the Genesis and the Phantasmagoria…it appears the Phantasmagoria were the ones inciting the war and the Genesis Family reacted.’

Colt remembered an important piece of information.

The war would be won by the Genesis Family as they would get help from the hero who would spearhead the battlefield. This would result in the Phantasmagoria falling for the Eastern Continent’s hands, letting them take land in both South and West.

“With you guy’s current situation, I don’t think you’d be able to sustain yourselves.”

“That’s what I fear. If they hire mercenaries, then we’d be ending in their hands. We will fall before long.” Yrva had won the fight against his family, but now that he had official control, the pieces of information blocked by the elders reached him, a stream of headache was pressuring him to his knees.

If the Genesis Family fall, then the East would be pried open by the enemy. Even Shickly would not be able to hold on, and before long, the Kingdom of Regalus would fall.

That could not happen; thus, Colt’s eyes turned serious, “I have a plan.” He once again would act as a puppeteer and orchestrate a better future.


Four days passed. Yrva had returned home after the day Colt, and he had a talk the entire afternoon. They struck a deal that if Yrva supplies them enough materials for the cure, then Colt would solve his problems until the Genesis Family could gain a foothold.

Of course, Yrva accepted.

However, in these past four days, Colt had not been simply idling by trying to wait for the cure to be developed. He was practicing his sword, and quickly enough, he reached Rank-7 with so little time.

He estimated he would reach Rank-9 before the end of the year, and he would claim the world record for the quickest growth in the entire Western Continent.

The Kingdom was in a lull. The Nobles were waiting for the cure, and only the ones moving were the joint project of the Edgeworth Family and the Royal Family.

Many Nobles tried getting into the mix, presenting gold and money to the Royal, but none provided manpower. Feriar scoffed at them, but money was money, so he accepted these donations with a smile, and everything was used to feed the sick and the hungry at the end of the day.

Everything was moving along quite well.

Under the guise of the night, while everyone slept, a certain beat of the drum echoed throughout the ears of the people!


A thunderous roar echoed throughout, waking many, both nobles and the commoners. The war drum symbolizes one thing, the start of a fight.

There were two occasions it could be rung, if the Kingdom war and the Palace were trying to send their soldiers away or if the Kingdom was under siege.

None of these two occasions were happening, yet the drum’s beating continued rousing people’s hearts.

“What the hell is going on!? Do they not know what time it is already!?” A Noble asked as he peered through his windows.

He failed to see anything. However, he heard it.

Something accompanied the beating of the drum; it was the rhythmic marching of soldiers. On the Main Street of the City, there was Trist, who wearing golden armor. He was the Supreme Commander of this fight.

By his side was Colt, who wore a Silver Armor signifying he was the second of command and behind them was the Hundred Royal Cavalry Knights.

Behind the Royal Cavalry Knights were five hundred Royal Knights.

All of them wore full-plate armor, the Dragon Horse included.

And as they remember the briefing they received from the Second Prince earlier, their blood boiled in the mere thought of it all.

Trist could feel their fervor, and as the height of the drums was reached, he spoke calmly, a manner befitting of a General’s, “March.”

And so was the start of the night that would be referred to as Purifying Blood Moon of the Kingdom.


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