I’m going on a date with Mari-san, Kirin thought. It wasn’t the first time the words had crossed her mind. Even so, just like the other times, the idea made her blush, giggle, and her heart thump faster.

Once the idea settled for the moment, she calmed down. It only lasted a second though. Soon she was grinning. I can’t believe we’re going on a date. I like her, but I’d never have the courage to ask her. Thank goodness she was the one who suggested it.

But why did she do that? We haven’t known each other for long, but I didn’t think she was so impulsive. I mean, she has her own pace, but that’s different. Inviting me on a date doesn’t mean anything to her. It’s not like she’s like me. She doesn’t like women

No, I can’t think that. Even if a date doesn’t mean the same thing to her, I’ll show her a good time. If I can see her smiling, then everything will be worth it!

With that in mind, Kirin spent the rest of the week thinking about the date. She spent half her time making plans and the other half considering what to wear, from her only formal dress to light and girly clothes.

No matter what I wear, Mari-san will look ten thousand times more beautiful than me, Kirin thought, giggling and blushing when she imagined what her neighbor would wear. No, I can’t do that! I’m gonna get all idiot-like. I need to think about my clothes.

After a lot of consideration, she decided to wear one of her suits. Mari-san thought I looked cool at the hostess club. And when we met, she kept calling me her knight and then her samurai when I wore that cosplay during the festival. If I wear a suit, we’ll look good together.

Once that was decided, Kirin spent more time than she should fantasizing about how they would look together. But once that was done, her joy vanished, and she was panicking. Choosing the outfit was only one step. Now it was time to put together a date that would make Mari happy.

The idea made her stomach tighten more than everything so far. Maris-san is an elegant woman. I need to take her to a fancy place for an excellent meal. Or maybe a simple but good meal and a fun movie. But that doesn’t seem too simple for a woman like her? She does have a childish side… No, I’m putting too much expectations on Mari-san. I can’t do that

Kirin sighed loudly to take out some of her frustration. Maybe I’m thinking too much. Maybe I should just take her to the amusement park. I bet that would surprise her. It’s been ages since I went to one. I bet she hasn’t been to one in a long time. Or maybe she went with Rei-chan.

Ah, Rei-chan. She’ll be mad if she founds out

“Argh!” Kirin groaned.

After thinking to the point of losing sleep, she finally had made her plans carefully. But instead of resting, she was too excited. Until the day of the date came, she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I’m glad I managed to hide my feelings from Mari-san when we went jogging this week, but I can’t believe I’m so nervous, Kirin thought after she changed clothes. Her heart never thumped so loud. This isn’t even a real date. Why am I so nervous? I know I like her, but this is ridiculous. It’s not like I’ve never been on a date

Wait, this is the first time I’m the one taking the lead. I never planned a date before. My previous girlfriends did that. I was nervous back then, but this feels different

Despite taking many deep breaths, her stomach was even tighter than it had been all week when she left her apartment. It was as if the butterflies were having a party inside her.

Her legs wobbled in the low heels as she walked to the neighbor and stopped before the door. Her hand trembled as she raised it to press the doorbell.

When her finger was right above the button, she tried pressing it, but her hand froze. What the hell am I doing? I’m not a teen trying to confess to her first crush! Not anymore. I’m an adult woman! I shouldn’t freeze because of a doorbell!

Despite what she was thinking, she couldn’t press it. She gritted her teeth and grabbed her wrist with the other hand. What kind of woman am I if can’t even press a damn doorbell to take another woman on a date!?

Screaming in her head as if she was the main character of a fighting manga, she used both hands to press the doorbell.

Unlike in her head, nothing big happened. Only the faint sound of a digital bell echoing.

“Yes,” Mari’s lovely voice came from inside. A moment later, the door opened.

On the other side was a sight that paralyzed Kirin. She couldn’t even feel nervous. Everything she had carefully plan was gone from her head. She could only gaze at the beautiful vision of her neighbor and crush, Mari.

It wasn’t the first time she saw Mari in a formal dress, but she was still awestruck by such beauty. And that wasn’t the most impactful.

For a brief second, Mari’s smile was too beautiful to look at her directly. Even so, Kirin couldn’t take her eyes off her.

“Good evening,” she said her usual lovely voice.

“G-g-good hi!” Kirin blurted out. Then she realized what she said. “I-I mean hello evening!”

Mari chuckled in a cute way. “Good hi hello evening.”

Kirin’s face became an alarming shade of red as she struggled for words. That only made Mari chuckled again.

“Are you perhaps nervous?”

There was no hidden meaning behind her words. She was simply asking, not implying anything. Even so, that only caused the butterflies in Kirin’s stomach to become wilder. The party was over and now they were at war.

“A little,” she admitted.

“Thank goodness,” Mari whispered, breathing out in relief.

“Eh? W-why?”

“Because I’ve been nervous all week. You didn’t notice when we went jogging, but I had trouble sleeping in the last few days.”

Mari blushed and played with her hair, averting her eyes. There was a faint and embarrassed smile on her lips.

“R-really? W-why?”

“Because of our date. I was trying to pick a dress all week, but it was hard.”

“Y-you too?”

“Of course. There was no way I wouldn’t be nervous about a date.”

“I… I see,” Kirin mumbled, her heart thumping louder. She gulped, mustered all her courage, and offered the hand. “S-shall we?”

Beaming, Mari accepted the hand. “I’m counting with you.”

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