“Are you okay, Kirin-sensei?” asked one of the students.

“What? Ah, y-yes,” she answered, slightly flustered. She still hadn’t recovered from this morning’s surprise. It had been a long time since she woke embraced by a naked woman. Though she knew she wasn’t doing a good job hiding it, she still pretended there was nothing wrong. “W-why?”

“You seem flustered and tired,” the class president said.

“D-do I? Guess I’m just as excited as the students.”

“You couldn’t sleep? Are you an elementary student before a class trip?”

Kirin let out an awkward laugh. “T-this is my first festival as a teacher in charge of a class. I couldn’t help it.”

The girl let out a low chuckle. “You seemed more like a student than some of us, sensei,” she said smiling.

“Y-yeah, I guess.” I can’t tell her I was blushing like a teenage girl before her first love. All because of Mari and her bosom

Though she tried her best to avoid remembering the unbelievable scene that happened in her kitchen less than an hour ago, she failed, and her cheeks turned slightly red. To her luck, someone needing help with the costumes called the class president.

When Kirin calmed down, she looked around the class. She couldn’t help but enjoy seeing all the students working on the final touches for the cosplay café.

“Everybody ready?” the president asked everyone when they finished all the preparations.

“Yes!” the students replied in unison.

“Since you don’t need me, I’ll check the other classes,” Kirin said, leaving after the students said okay to her.

As she walked around the corridor, the PA system chimed with a bell, followed by a voice. “The Hyouzan high school festival will start in 5, 4…”

As the broadcast did the count down, Kirin heard all the students doing it too. In her mind, she did the same, beaming when the festival officially started.

If before the excitement was almost palpable, now you could breathe it. Even those students, who didn’t like this kind of event couldn’t help but crack reluctant smiles. Everyone was affected by the atmosphere.

As the family members of the students and guests kept coming in the school, Kirin walked around, making sure there was no trouble.

“My Knight-san!” a voice exclaimed. Before the teacher turned around, someone jumped on her back, hugging her. “As I promised, I’m here!”

“H-hey, Mari-san,” Kirin said in a low voice, hoping it wouldn’t attract much attention.

Her hopes were crushed immediately. Not only had Mari shouted, seeing a gorgeous blond woman jumping on another like that attracted people’s eyes no matter what.

“G-glad you made it,” she finished, doing her best not to blush as she felt the bosom pressing on her back. So bouncy…

“Of course, I made it. You invited me.” Mari stopped hugging her from behind and walked to her side. Beaming, she locked arms with her. “Please show me around.”

Kirin wanted to say that wasn’t appropriate since this was her workplace and especially since they had just met the other day. However, under that smile, her mind went hazy. “Yes…”

“Which is your class?”

“I-it’s second-year class C,” Kirin managed to say despite her embarrassment. Even though Mari wasn’t wearing anything as flashy as the short blue dress that showed too much cleavage like yesterday, she was still attracting too much attention in the white sundress.

It can’t be helped. She’s beautiful, Kirin couldn’t help but think. And she looks so pure, just like an angel

When they got to her class, the place was almost full. Glad everything seems to be going well.

“Table for two…” one of the students who was working as a waiter trailed off when he looked at Mari. Though he wore a white military costume, he looked nothing like it, as he gawked at her.

You looked like me when I woke up this morning, Kirin thought with a wry smile.

“Yes, please,” Mari said, smiling at the boy, who finally seemed to wake up when he felt a pair of eyes on his back. It was his girlfriend.

As they got to their table, Kirin couldn’t help but smile as the boy handed them their menu while silently apologizing to his girlfriend, who looked mad. With her police costume, she looked as if she would arrest him and throw away the key.

“This looks so organized,” Mari said in surprise as she looked at the menu and made her order.

“O-one of the students’ family runs a café,” Kirin explained as the boy went away. “He helped to create the menu.”

“And the costumes? They too, look well made.”

“Everyone helped…” Kirin fidgeted, her cheeks a slight shade of red. “T-there’s a special service here. I-if we, I mean, the client wants to, they can dress up and take a picture…”

A second later, she became an alarming shade of red and looked down. W-why did I tell her that? It seems like I wanna take a picture with her.

“That sounds fun!” Mari exclaimed. “Can we take a photo together?”

“I-I’m not sure…”



After they had their tea and cupcakes, they asked for the special service. Kirin looked at the clothes, wondering how she ended up in this situation. Before she could choose anything, “This! This would look perfect for my Knight-san,” Marie exclaimed. “Or better yet, my samurai-san,” she said beaming. It was a simple outfit that resembled a samurai from the Edo era.

Before Kirin could say anything, she picked something for herself.

“I’ll be the young maid serving my master.” Mari picked an outfit of a maid from the Taisho era.

As they changed into their costumes, Karin’s heart thumped way too fast. I practically saw her practically naked. But now that I imagine her undressing, I’m having lewd thoughts!

After a moment, they were both ready for the photos. Mari hugged Kirin's arm, who could feel the breasts and became red.

“Cheese!” she exclaimed.

“C-cheese,” Kirin mumbled in an embarrassed tone. Despite that, she was smiling too.

“Sensei, you can keep the outfit during the festival. You look so good in it,” the class president said. “Mari-san can keep hers too.”

“B-but other customers might—”

“It’s okay. We got more,” she said with a mysterious smile.

Mari beamed and hugged Kirin's arm tighter. “Please lead me around the festival, my samurai-san.”

“Yes,” it was all she could say, her heart thumping faster.

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