Myth Online

by NianKaraz

Gain enough karmic merit and be reborn a God! It sounded so simple in theory when Zaran gained enough karma in his first lifetime to be chosen as a God's scion, yet reality proved to be very different. Every subsequent reincarnation removed some of the karma he had gained. It was only after reincarnation for the five thousandth time, Zaran finally had acquired nearly enough to become a god. However... the Gods played a cruel game and this time he was born with a crippled body.

In all his previous lives he had never been crippled before and the inability to move his lower body caused his world to crumble before him. Not being able to practice his much loved sword style, Zaran threw himself into Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games instead of searching for another way to gain karma.

Loving the fact that he seemed to be in full control of his body in these games, Zaran played every VRMMORPG he could find, trying to find one that was immersive enough to make him forget that he was crippled.

When Myth Online was announced and the commercials were shown, Zaran instantly knew that this would be the game that could make him do so. He pre-ordered the necessary equipment to play it along with his older sister and counted down the days until the server would finally go online.

But the Gods did not intent for Zaran to have a peaceful life and in this one, the real stage for Zaran would begin in Myth Online!
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Word Count (13)
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5th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 ago
Chapter 2 - Unwanted company ago
Chapter 3 - the first quest ago
Chapter 4: Regret ago
Chapter 5 Beast master ago
Chapter 6: Suffering ago
Chapter 7: Dying Hellweaver ago
Chapter 8: King's downfall ago
Chapter 9: Meeting her Royal Highness! ago
Chapter 10: dinner ago
Chapter 11: standstill ago
Chapter 12: Racial skill... Awakening ago
Chapter 13: Mining ago
Chapter 14: Not so simple ago
Chapter 15: Summoning and de-summoning ago
Chapter 16: Secluded training area ago
Chapter 17: Battlefield of the Gods ago
Chapter 18: Heavenly cloud condensation ago
Chapter 19: Nature's gift of the elements ago
Chapter 20: Training ago
Chapter 21: Creating spells and skills ago
Chapter 22: Uproar ago
Chapter 23: Seeker of truth ago
Chapter 24: Pack of Silver Line Wolves ago
Chapter 25: Cindarrah runs ago
Chapter 26: Ravens vs Griffon ago
Chapter 27: Griffon's end ago
Chapter 28: The mayor's request ago
Chapter 29: Nuvahn's master ago
Chapter 30: Finishing the leather gear ago
Chapter 31: Forging a pair of peculiar blades ago
Chapter 32: First disciple ago
Chapter 33: The sewers ago
Chapter 34: The horde ago
Chapter 35: Group cultivation ago
Chapter 36: Rotter knight ago
Chapter 37: The Rotter's secret ago
Chapter 38: Reinforcement ago
Chapter 39: Quinn Arinveld ago
Chapter 40: Ancient Fallen Angel ago
Chapter 41: Goddess's Scion ago
Chapter 42: Spoils of war ago
Chapter 43: The auction ago
Chapter 44: Wealth! ago
Chapter 45: Long Lost Lover ago
Side story 1: Council of the Gods part 1 ago
Side Story 1: Council of the Gods, Part 2 ago
Chapter 46: Reinforced black iron ago
Chapter 47: Continueuing the quest ago
Chapter 48: Giant rats! ago
Chapter 49: A risky tactic ago
Chapter 50: Alliance with the rock devourer ago
Chapter 51: First colony ago
Glossary + chapter status 04/13/2016 ago
Chapter 52: Quest reward ago
Chapter 53: Howling ago
Chapter 54: The missing skulls ago
Chapter 55: Forbidden goods ago
Chapter 56: Henry's plight ago
Chapter 57: Illuminiel's daggers ago
Chapter 58: Employment agency ago
Chapter 59: Selecting the guards ago
Chapter 60: Guild recruits ago
Chapter 61: Skill scrolls ago
Chapter 62: Bestow cultivation ago
Chapter 63: Intent ago
Chapter 64: Strange conversation ago
Chapter 65: Branding karma ago
Chapter 66: First clash with the nayeran ago
Chapter 67: Disappointing duel ago
Chapter 68: Full mobilization ago
Chapter 69: Betrayal ago
Chapter 70: Victory ago
Chapter 71: Three weeks ago
Side story 2: Mage knight part 1 ago
Side story 2: Mage knight, part 2 ago
Side story 2: Mage knight, part 3 ago
Side story 2: Mage knight, part 4 ago
Chapter 72: Cemetery ago
Chapter 73: Reporters ago
Chapter 74: Embers of war ago
Chapter 75: C-ranked guild ago
Chapter 76: Vilewood forest ago
Chapter 77: Using one's kin against itself ago
Chapter 78: Shifting hatred ago
Chapter 79: The king versus its kin ago
Chapter 80: Sword scar ago
Chapter 81 ago
Chapter 82: Killing a king ago
Chapter 83: Evolution ago
Chapter 84: The Nayeran are being slaughtered! ago
Chapter 85: A way to save the nayeran? ago
Chapter 86: Settling matters ago
Chapter 87: Testing Mubar ago
Chapter 88: Gathering support ago
Chapter 89: Mubar's strange feeling ago
Chapter 90: Forced conscription? ago
Future of Myth Online ago

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some stuff can be improved , but a pretty nice start

I will update this score if I find you improve ( or not ^^ ) but all in all , a pretty good even if common start. the basic plot isn't very original but it's a unusual mix of what we see a lot , I'm waiting to see where yo'ure going with it. If you want to get more info on the crafting ( which seems pretty essential to the story for now ) appart from google , you can actually try to see other fictions, and in particular VRMMO light novels. while it's pretty obvious 100% of the info you will find on them won't be accurate , it should still give you a better idea of how he should be making stuff ( it was kind of painful to read stuff like " this guy explained how to this to him ... " and then we didn't get any explanation , not very important for now but when he's actually gonna craft some weapon , you will have to give the process if you don't want to simply say " he went to the forge , used those ingredients and ended up with that" ). waiting for the action to really kick in before saying anything about it =3 


Hope this story goes well seems interesting keep posting kinda got addicted to it ^^


The summary can definitely be changed to something like a single reincarnation, cause 5k is stretching it to the limit n not having him reincarnated in any of a little modern world or using any particular skill he learned during those time to earn money even while disabled, like some herbs combo or create some unique new fighting art book etc..don’t know, but with that much exp n not using it just cause it’s modern world concept is lame i guess…Also if important for the plot to have reincarnated then maybe a few times(5-50). 

Also other than this all the VR world n the fighting actions are described good. The story upto chapter8 are good..

Definitely do read this new story about VR world..Worth your time 


Generic that feels so plastic

 You forced fed the information. The feeling of exploring the world through the POV of the characters or narrator is not there. The scenarios from him getting his skills and rescuing his sister,  to being rescued by an npc is too forced. It is like watching a badly acted and badly scripted 3rd rate drama. For me it’s too cheesy; were you trying to write a gag? 


What is up with the  race category btw? Are the beastmen not humanoid? 


I have to agree with kenjay44 on many points.

I really dislike people down voting someone because they dont like something, he wasnt even hating just simpely stating his opinion.

I am not sure what people expect from a VR story but i expect someone doing enjoyable stuff.

Apart from how this story is written and the events that do happen are even worse than a typical xanxia main char.

Walking into a treasurey in a random forest wich hasnt been ransacked yet to beating boss mobs with tactics that arent really clever at all.

(...... throwing a spear into the face of a spider and then killing it by stabbing his stomache and calling it a bait is just retarded).

The whole thing with his sister and the goddess was unrealistic beyond belief if your going to do something unusual then at least try to be creative and not push it to the background.

Even if a god told me exactly what he or she is if i was a big sister or big brother to a crippled little sibling i WILL BE VERY CONCERND.

She didnt ask any questions the only things she is wondering about is if the goddess gave the MC some cheat wich would explain why her little crippled brother is anything but weak in the game.........

It feels so retarded and removed from reality that it would have been better if the goddess never introduced herself to his sister -.-.

Then you could have just continued with an avarage story about some dude training in an vr mmorpg.

The whole thing with the goodies the MC finds are not really creative they are all borrowed from yes i will repeat XANXIA novels.

The mana seed is slightly original but a very bland execution nonetheless as for his Qi shizzle meh.

Any and all skills the MC has to his race and even to the events that happen just resemble a xanxia novel to the extreme it makes me wonder why in hell did you even make it a VR story.

It seems like dying has no penalties except for the MC as all the bad guys want to have a piece of meat from him.....



Well done so far needs some editing, which i can provide if you want

Dear  NianKaraz,


I'm hoping you can see this, unfortunately i am unaware of how to contact you directly.


I like your story. I have some editing skills, if you want me to try editing your work before it gets posted, I can do so. The one caveat is that I am new to ROYALROADL and I have no resume to speak of.  But if you want to let me try, I can start by editing what you've already created and sending you the edits.