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Chapter 84: The Nayeran are being slaughtered!


It's been a while and... it has a few reasons. In between overburdening my wrists, getting captivated by pokémon go and not really knowing how to progress this chapter in the direction I wanted it to go, I really just could not finish this chapter. I knew the direction this chapter had to go in, I just couldn't get to a result I liked myself.

Anyways, I hope you guys like this chapter.


A week quickly passed, during which the guild and Zaran levelled or trained themselves non-stop.

At the moment Zaran was seated down in a lotus position and was quietly cultivating his ki, with his greatsword in his lap. The more he cultivated the faster the cultivation speed of both himself and his sword grew. Compared to a month ago, the speed had at least quadrupled.

Rustle... rustle...

A woman clad in an olive-green cloak appeared before Zaran, her face hidden behind the hood of her cloak, quietly waiting for Zaran to finish cultivating.

Minutes later, Zaran opened his eyes and looked at the olive-green clad woman with a gentle smile. He had heard her coming earlier and was pleased that she had not disturbed him and had instead quietly waited for his cultivation session to end. The woman in front of him was the mosquito queen that he had a blood contract with. "You may speak Ruina."

"Master, we are in need of your aid. The nayeran are under attack by approximately a thousand people! For the moment the nayeran are holding on but they are quickly losing their strength. I've already gathered everyone in the secondary guild and sent them off to the battlefield, but we are only 250 strong so I was hoping that you could gather the main guild. Even though our 250 members are really strong, the enemy is frighteningly strong." Ruina quickly said.

In the week that had passed Zaran had instructed Ruina and Raul to set up a secondary guild. Zaran wanted to grow the guild as fast as possible and as the main guild had already reached full capacity, there was a need to set up a secondary guild if they wanted to accommodate more members.

In this secondary guild Ruina was the leader and Raul, the free exp guy, was the vice leader. The reason for Ruina's leadership lied solely in her blood contract with Zaran. Like that he could be assured that the secondary guild could not suddenly break away from the main guild. There still could be traitors, but at least the leader would never be able to be one and thus the treasury or any territory that the secondary guild would have in the future could never be lost.

He had done this not because he did not trust Raul, but he just did not trust other people in general. It was easy to grow greedy once was given power and money. Zaran had considered giving the leadership to Sylphie, Irina, Nuvahn or Florance but had eventually decided that he should not split up the most powerful people within the guild.

He grit his teeth and quickly typed a message in the guild chat. "Everyone, the nayeran are being killed by a guild. If they keep going they will slowly kill off every single one of the nayeran. Let's stop them!"

Hearing their boss calling them to arms to protect the nayeran, the guild went wild. Out of the past four weeks, three of them had been spent guarding the nayeran and many of the guild's members had grown fond of the nayeran.

"Yes boss!"


"Coming! I'll call my friends to get on too!" A player said.

Seeing the reaction from the guild, Zaran smiled, turned to Ruina and then quickly cried out to one of the nearby rhinoceros that he had gotten from the Nayeran. "Take this rhino and head back. Try your hardest to keep the enemy occupied until we get there. Make sure not to overuse your ability. We know that the backlash can be quite heavy."

Not even an hour later, most of the guild members had gathered and headed towards Ergan, the mountain that served as the nayeran's home.

Initially the fight had been out in the open plains, but in just a mere hour, the nayeran and the secondary guild has been pushed back to the base of the mountain and they were just barely able to stop the invading army from entering the village. Of the whole nayeran population, a mere five hundred warriors were left alive and the battlefield was littered with their bodies. As for the secondary guild they did not have as much losses.

Noticing what was going on, Zaran had the main guild split up in three parts and directed the three parts to the left wing, the back and the right wing of the invading army, with he himself commanding the part of the army that was to attack the left wing.

As there was no time to lose, Zaran decided to gamble a little bit. "Shield bearers, use shield rush early and go ahead of us. We can't afford the nayeran or secondary guild to lose more people if we are to win this battle!"

The shield bearing members of the guild that made up the first line all activated their shield rush skill and slammed themselves right into the invading army's flank. With the enemies being attacked in their back and sides, they quickly lost their advantageous position and started to lose members rapidly.

With every passing minute, more members of both sides fell, but as the invading army's troops were being attacked from all sides, they were losing troops at a far faster rate than Zaran and his two guilds were. Quickly, the enemy could no longer continue to fight and surrendered on the spot, after which Zaran quickly told his troops to stand down.

Due to his insight skill, Zaran had noticed that the group was merely a bunch of NPC's and grew even more annoyed. He could understand if it were players killing the nayeran, but NPC's? that could only be due to a command from the mercenary guild! Even after the mercenary guild had their revenge, they still wanted to go through and slaughter the nayeran down to the very last one?

With fury blazing in his heart, Zaran stepped forward and grabbed the commander. Even though he already knew the answer in his heart, his guilds did not know and they deserved the truth. "Who gave you the order to kill the nayeran!"

The commander of the enemy didn't answer and only calmly smiled. Tell his enemy who commanded them... He was not stupid! That would be the same as killing off his entire career! Promotion? He could forget getting one in the future if he told who commanded him to undertake this mission.

"Not talking?" Zaran said with a wicked smile. "Did you forget I am keeping all your men captive? Let's see how many have to die before you start talking."

Glancing over the enemy commander's men, Zaran walked to a random man, dragged him in front of the commander, pulled his head back and put his knife on the man's throat. "Talk or he dies."

Not even a split-second passed before the enemy commander opened his mouth. "Wait! Wait! I will talk! Don't kill any more of my men!"

Zaran took his knife away from the soldier's throat. "What are you waiting for! Talk!"

"Ah! Yes! Yes! It was all Virul's guild master's decision! He had sent over a guild to finish of the nayeran just over a week ago and even though they had been able to kill the nayeran's leader they had not finished them off entirely and thus my guild had been tasked to come over and kill off the remaining nayeran. The reward for the mission was so generous that I immediately accepted it."

Hearing the commander's explanation, the faces of most of the guild members grew increasingly ugly. They hadn't done their job well? Had they not killed of the nayeran's leader and delivered them the swords that he had stolen from the previous guild leader?

Killing intent slowly started to waft from many of the guilds members, scaring the remaining captive soldiers so much that they soiled their pants. 

"I see how it is. Guys, keep all of them captive here. I am going to pay the major of Virul a visit and see if we can not solve this dispute without any more nayeran dying a senseless death!"

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