"Five minutes are up! Let's go!" The second that the five minutes were over, Zaran grabbed his greatsword and moved out, not waiting for the guild to get ready. If he waited he was sure that there would be at least a few people who would laze around for just a minute longer but Zaran was not going to have any of that.

With the guild leader moving out so quickly, all the guild members were startled, quickly grabbed their weapons and ran after him.

Soon, the guild reached the clearing and spotted the king. On Zaran's command, all the archers and mages fired their skills at the same time. Lightning, fire, ice and arrows filled the air and sped towards the king.

The king was still busy processing his earlier battle against Zaran... especially Zaran's disappearance after the fight. As soon as his enemies' body had hit the ground it started disintegrating. This was something the king had never seen before and he found it quite curious. How did that work? He had killed members of the same species before and the same thing had never happened.

BOOM! The spells and arrows collided with the king and a small shockwave ran throughout the forest as the effects of the various spells collided with each other.

The king's silhouette burst forth from the dust that had been kicked up by the shockwave and he angrily glared at his attackers. Seeing Zaran and his queen with them the king's eyes went wide.

Because the king had been so lost in his own thoughts, he had not noticed the arrows and spells until it was nearly too late. In a split second he threw himself on his back so that his wings would not be damaged by the spells. It was only due to this that he had escaped relatively unscathed.

"YOU!!!!!!!!!!" A low buzzing voice came from the king's throat. Trembling with anger the king shot forward at incredible speed.

"Fire your crowd control spells, QUICKLY!" Zaran yelled. With the first blow the king had only lost 5% of his health. He stretched his hands and made a grabbing motion as he used 'Gravity'  on the area the king was in. The king did not weigh all that much and thus the effect of the powerful gravitational pull was tremendous on the king.

Still the king was no pushover and with a few flaps of his wings he was still easily able to escape the gravitational pull, despite its power over him being so enormous. This didn't surprise Zaran as the king's level was far higher than their own. It was only natural that his spell would have a diminished effect, but 'Gravity' had temporarily slowed the king down and thus served its purpose. Various snaring and movement impairing spells and arrows hit the king right after he escaped 'Gravity' and due to the large amount of spells that had hit the king he was unable to fully reduce their effects.

Briefly losing his ability to fly, the king crashed into the ground and was instantly met with the Paladin's 'Holy chains' spell. Bright yellow chains of light wrapped itself around the king's body and further reduced his movement . The knight's used their similar, but weaker spell 'Chains of the earth' to likewise ensnare the king.

"All right, good job everyone! Archers and mages, aim for his wings!" With the king ensnared, Zaran commanded the archers and mages to target the king's weak spot. Arrows and magic projectiles flew through the air and crashed into the king who, due to his restricted movement, could only try his best to avoid as much of the spells and arrows as possible.

"Use another round of crowd control spells! Do not let him get a chance to fight! After he's snared, fire another round of damaging spells. Rinse and repeat like that until he's dead!"

For the next ten seconds the king was continuously affected by the various crowd control spells, harassed by arrows and magic projectiles. Even though he tried his best, he was unable to prevent his wings from being damaged and with his body riddled with wounds, it became increasingly harder for him to protect them.

The king grit his teeth and murmured with his buzzing voice. "If you really want my wings so badly... THEN TAKE THEM!"

The next moment he reached with his hands behind his back, ripped them out and threw them at his attackers. Doing this severely damaged him and caused his hit points to instantly fall below 50% but he no longer cared. If they wanted him dead he'd go all out from now on and take down as many as he could!

A white red mass of magic appeared on the place where the king's wings were just moments ago and the would that was spewing blood, while not closing, stopped bleeding. At the same time the king tried to wrestle himself free from his restraints and due to the terrifying force that he was using to do so, the earthen chains and holy chains that were wrapped around him started to crack one by one by one.

"Not good." Seeing the king break free from his restraints, this thought popped up in many of the guild members heads.

"Restrain his movements again, quickly!"

Bang! With an explosive sound the last restraint on the king was forcibly broken apart. He kicked off with his feet and in what seemed a split second, he appeared before one of the knights.

Splish! The king had pierced through the knight's armour, blood spurting out from the knight's back. With a fluid motion he withdrew his arm and slashed at the closest knight next to him, finishing him off in one blow.

"Quick! Chain him! Chain hi" Another one of the guild members yelled, right before his head was cut off. The king went on an absolute rampage within the guild's ranks and the amount of members quickly dwindled. Even though the guild had attacked the king with every crowd control spell they had, they were momentarily unable to reduce his mobility. With every kill it seemed as if he gained a few more seconds of invulnerability to crowd control!


Suddenly the horde of skull ants that had followed the guild over joined the fight and swarmed around the king. Compared to the guild members, the ants were far more troublesome to deal with for the king as he was unable to deal with them in a single hit.

Still, the king got bitten by the skull ants every so often and a large chunk of his health disappeared with every bite. Unable to hold his ground against the ants for too much longer, the king unleashed a bright red energy from his hands.

The ants blood started boiling as the red energy appeared and the majority of them rapidly fell down, unable to fight any further. A few of the stronger ones tried to resist the pain but quickly found out that doing so only enhanced the pain to the point of it becoming unbearable and they too fell down.

Even though the ants had not been fighting the king for a long amount of time, they had dealt no small amount of damage to him and they had bought the guild the time needed to regroup themselves.

While Zaran could not see any of the stats, he was still the only one among the guild that could see the king's remaining hit points, merely due to the level of his 'insight' skill. At the moment the king had a mere 10% of his health left and his hit points were continuously lowering. The bites of the skull ants were no joke and even though the mosquito king recovered from normal injuries almost instantly, even a single bite of a skull ant needed more than a minute to heal.

The guild members had repositioned themselves and fixed the gaps in their formation. A single beast stood in front of the guild and prepared itself to meet the mosquito king head on. Zaran's demonic core tiger!

The demonic core tiger had changed compared to just a few hours ago. It no longer consisted of a demonic core enshrouded by Vilewood branches and had instead lost its Vilewood branches in favour of the thick skull ant chitin. In a normal situation the demonic core tiger would have never been able to gather enough chitin to evolve its body to the current level, but with the war between the mosquitoes and the ants there was even too much chitin.

This drastic evolution of its body had also drastically raised the tigers level. From its previous level of 75 it had charged straight into level 85, becoming the most powerful being in the guild currently. On top of it gaining strength it had also grown slightly larger as its body would be able to contain more power this way.

Although the tiger's strength had grown by leaps and bounds, Zaran still did not feel all that comfortable with having it fight against the mosquito king in a one on one. However the tiger was extremely eager to fight it and Zaran found it hard to restrain the tiger's urges mainly due to its increased level. His hell beast master skill was still lacking after all and hadn't been leveled all that much in the past few weeks. He was still only at beginner level 8 and was quite a ways off level 9.

GROOOOOOOOOOWWWLLL!!!! With a menacing roar the tiger pounced forward and swiped at the mosquito king, who swiftly dodged and stabbed the tiger's body with its blade like hand. Only a slight crack appeared on the tigers body and in the next instant its body restored itself as if the damage had never been there.

Spikes appeared on the back of the demonic core tiger's paws and it swatted its paws straight into the mosquito king's body.

The king quickly pushed himself away from the demonic core tiger's spikes and blood started to trickle from his mouth. The spikes had pierced one of his lungs and with every breath it took, more of his colourless blood escaped from his mouth. Red energy appeared around his hands again as it tried to boil the tiger's blood.

Digging its paws into the ground and getting ready to pounce, the demonic core tiger completely ignored the red energy. Boiling its blood was absolutely useless... It had none! However the tiger still did its best to act as if it was in pain to lure the king into a false sense of security.

Thinking that the tiger was affected by its skill the mosquito king slowly advanced, pushing all its remaining strength into this last blow. The king knew that he would be unable to survive this day as he could no longer run from both the ants and the nearly two hundred remaining men and women. However he did not want to go down alone!

At least... that was the king's last thought. The next instant the tiger pounced at the king, dug its claws firmly into the king's shoulders, bit at the king's throat and two bites later the king's head fell next to his body!

The guild stared wide eyed at the scene. While they had thought that the tiger might just be able to fight the mosquito king, they hadn't expected that it would be such a one sided fight even though the mosquito king was already largely injured. Then again, the skull ant's chitin was incredibly tough and the king had only been able to kill an ant after striking twice at one of its weaknesses, so it was somewhat expected as the demonic core tiger did not have a single weakness on its body, at least not one that they currently knew of.

With a bright flash of light, the mosquito king's body disappeared, leaving behind two small orbs, one black and the other white.

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