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Covered in colourless blood, the Mosquito king furiously struck his nails against one of the lower leveled mosquitoes that surrounded him, while keeping his guard up for any that might strike his wings. If it were not for his need to protect his only true weak spot, he would have long since dealt with this troubling bunch of youngsters who seemed to have the desire to overthrow him. The king's attack thrust through the mosquito's head and his nails dug directly into its brain, instantly killing it on the spot.

A quick count showed that over fifty of the mosquitoes were still alive. While he could have long since been done if he was not required to guard his wings, he was still rapidly cutting the number of mosquitoes down as only a mere five minutes had passed since the start of the fight.

He had no clue as to why his progeny suddenly attacked him en masse, but he did find it strange that his queen had not come to his aid and had instead disappeared. Had she revolted against him or was something else going on that provoked his progeny in attacking him? He had not been able to think about it in great detail due to the fight, but he still felt something was rather off.

Even though the king was overpowering the mosquitoes and was killing them easily and swiftly, his body had already become riddled with shallow wounds. Only his back had yet to receive a single wound. Yet even though he was riddled with shallow wounds, none of these slowed him down in the slightest and most early received wounds were already on the verge of being completely recovered.

With each mosquito that the king killed, the fight got easier and easier as the weaker mosquitoes were all attacking the king at this point. The king thought that he had already killed the strongest and that only the weakest remained and was already starting to celebrate his victory.

While the fight was going on, Zaran was sitting on the sidelines and watching the fight from a safe spot. He had already been watching for two minutes and had stealthily directed the strongest of the

Five more minutes passed and twenty mosquitoes still remained. The king increasingly felt as if something were off. First all types of strong and weak mosquitoes attacked him... then only the weakest so he thought their strength had been depleted and that he would soon be able to kill them off. But he soon found himself to be very wrong. Instead of the battle getting easier near the end it suddenly started to become incredibly hard!

The strongest of his progeny suddenly revealed themselves at the end of the fight. Normally they would not be all too hard to beat as they were not able to coordinate their attacks... But currently his enemies were coordinating their attacks. This was very strange! As a precaution he had never thought a single of his progeny to do so, as he had feared that if he did that sooner or later his progeny would revolt, but now they were suddenly able to coordinate their attacks? With their limited brain capacity there was no way for any of his progeny to figure this out. The only reason this could happen was that they had a leader, one that was not a mosquito!

All though the king and the queen had already started to drift towards a new evolutionary path, his current progeny had not yet embarked on it. Only in a few days would the first few evolved mosquitoes start being born and even then they would not be able to make others coordinate attacks. It was for this reason that the king knew that their leader could not be a mosquito! This also explained why his kin attacked him and why his queen had not saved him. She had been taken by the enemy, or worse... killed!

With this realization in mind, the king could no longer hold back. He had to kill of all these mosquitoes as quickly as possible. A faint milky white glow wherein coiled thin red lines appeared around him. The air whistled upon its appearance and the mosquitoes suddenly let out blood curdling cries.

Zaran noticed that something was going to change in their fight fast and that he had no a single moment left to waste. He quickly took out the bow from his storage ring and stabbed a few arrows in the ground. He nocked an arrow and immediately fired a buzzard shot at the king's wings.

The arrow whistled through the air and rapidly closed in on the mosquito king, who was too occupied to notice the arrow. A small jab of pain overcame the king as the arrow bore itself a way through the top of his wing and created a finger-long tear on it. The king furiously roared and the glow that was surrounded him became thicker and more red lines that coiled around like snakes appeared within.

Blood curdling cries continued to be heard from the mosquitoes as they lifelessly dropped to the ground one by one. Through his connection Zaran felt that they had not been killed but that their blood had been set ablaze and that the pain it caused had made them pass out.

Zaran had shot another two buzzard shots at the king and two more holes had opened up on the king's wings. The first two had done nothing to the king's ability to fly, but with the third hole a large part of one of his wings was now destroyed, hampering his ability to fly.

The king softly landed on the ground and momentarily looked at the direction the arrows had come from and scoffed. If my opponent does not have the courage to face me he should not send others to do it in his stead. Watch me kill your little helpers!

Zaran could no longer stand idle. He did not mind if his mosquitoes died, but he still could not watch them being slaughtered helplessly. Hurriedly, he rushed forward with Gigenkai in his hands.

Seeing Zaran rush forward, the king was taken aback and instantly backed off from the fallen mosquitoes.

Activating 'Swiftness' Zaran sped up and closed the distance between himself and the king in the blink of an eye. With a flick of his hand, 'intent' burst from his sword and flew after the mosquito king. Zaran had aimed it to be headed towards the area above the king and just barely hit his head in the process. That way the king really only had one way to quickly avoid it and that was down.

The boundless pressure of 'intent' startled the king and he hurriedly threw himself on the ground to dodge the rampaging ki.

Right as the rampant ki passed over him, the king got back up his feet and launched himself towards Zaran. His fingers formed into a sword and the king's unprotected hand struck out. 

Zaran was taken aback from the king's actions, but did not dare to underestimate his opponent. He had tried inspecting him before and had only gotten a bunch of question marks as a result. His opponent was far stronger than him and he needed his full strength if he were able to get a chance to beat him. "Tempered body" Zaran murmured as he activated the second reinforcing skill that he had.

He had leveled it quite a bit over the past few weeks and as a result his defense now increased by a staggering 150%. After reaching the intermediate level, the skill also raised his attack. At intermediate level five, which he was at right now, it already raised his strength by 15%. While it may not sound like much, it was no small increase in strength in reality. 

He swung towards the king's hand and a split second later blade and flesh met!

BANG! An explosion rang out as blade and flesh made and much to Zaran's surprise the mosquito king's hand was unscathed! How... Even if his body was abnormally strong this was a full strength hit from a seventy kilogram greatsword. Even if the sword did not cut, I should've at least send him flying from the sheer power behind the blow. 

The king smirked and thrust out with his other hand. With an instantaneous back step, Zaran was able to barely dodge the king's thrust. Before Zaran was able to even raise his blade, the king had struck out another time. Aghast, Zaran could only swiftly take another step back. However his step back was already too late!  

Splish! A stream of blood flew from Zaran's shoulder. Zaran hadn't had the time to fix his broken shoulder pad and the king's attack was aimed precisely at this unprotected piece of skin. 

As soon as Zaran's blood started flowing, a swirl of white energy shot from the king's hand into Zaran's blood stream. The king took a few steps back and watched as the white energy did it's work. 

Quietly the white energy toured around in Zaran's body, until the moment it found its way into Zaran's head. VOOM! The energy went wild and swiftly spread to every cell within his head. A fuzzy feeling overcame Zaran and the forest vanished before his eyes...

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