The guild chat lit up with messages the moment Sylphie and Zaran logged on again.
"Welcome back Zaran, Sylphie!"
"Hey boss!"
"Shit the boss is back, everyone act normal! :> " One of the other players jokingly sent.
"What took you so long? I thought you'd only be gone for half an ingame day?" Another one asked.
"Well, journalists found out where we live. So we've been answering questions for like two hours straight." Sylphie calmly responded.
The guild chat lit up with even more messages than when the two got online.
"Which magazine? Which tv channels?"
"What did they ask you?"
"Oooh! Mr and Mr's famous!"
Zaran started building his response while grinning at all the messages the two of them received as there were quite a few funny ones among them. "We talked about how we got in games, our goals in myth online, custom skills, the guild and stuff like that. It was a huge chore and I hope I won't have to do it all too often. They were pretty invasive and annoying at times if I didn't want to answer certain stuff they would just kept prodding and digging. They should really get a clue."
"Ah boss, you're famous now but you complain about being famous?! You're like all the celebrities already!"
"Yeah I get what you mean, don't want to let them find out which girls you have a crush on huh? ;)"
The guild chat started moving at such a rapid pace that Zaran found it hard to keep up with it and messaged that he would close it, to allow him to focus on the game again as there were a few things to do. Before he could move on to the matters at hand, he first needed to talk to Florance. "Hey Florance, you there?" He sent her, while summoning his various beasts one by one.
Seeing that she had been summoned as one of the last beasts, Cindarrah pouted and shouted. "No fair! Why is everyone here before me!!!!! Daddy!!!"
"Well if I summoned you as first I wouldn't have much time to spend on you since I would still need to summon all the others. So I thought it would be better to summon you last, since that way I will be able to spoil you." Zaran said as he petted Cindarrah.
"mmuuhhh... It makes sense... but..." Cindarrah started before she was cut off by Zaran.
"No butts!" Spoiling her with some treats and petting, Zaran mentally thought about the game menu and a hud started to appear within his view. By merely thinking about the messages menu, it opened and showed that he had received a new message from Florance.
"Yeah I am here! :) Where are you at?" Florance sent.
"Meet me at the village. Has the mercenary guild leader arrived yet?"
Within a minute an answer arrived. "No, not yet, it has been three weeks though so he should arrive here sooner or later."
A few minutes later the two of them joined up and starting chatting, while trying to pay attention to Cindarrah's needs at the same time. Out of all his summons, this was the one Zaran liked and dislike the most a  the same time. While he loved her a lot, she could be quite needy and that was something he couldn't stand and he hoped that in time her neediness would lessen to a more bearable degree.

Eventually the two of them finally got a message from one of the members that the mercenary guild leader had arrived and was asking for Zaran.

With his beast horde in tow, Zaran walked over towards the mercenary guild leader, who had a strange look in his eyes as he saw Zaran's beast horde. As there was no longer an official beast master guild within Virul, he found it quite strange to find a beast master out and about. Then again he had gotten the report that moved to the old winery and coincidentally that was Zaran's mansion, so it was likely that Henry had found himself a disciple , still, it couldn't have been more than a month or two since Zaran had taken up the profession and he was already commanding more than twenty beasts, which showed that he had talent in this area.

On top of that he was also reported to be very skilled with the sword, which was why the guild leader had the strange look in his eyes. He felt as if he just couldn't get a grip on this Zuno. Thinking about the matter at hand, the strange look was briefly exchanged by a glare, which the guild leader quickly corrected by putting on his business smile.

If only the Tarra didn't go to war with us... I would've ended your guild! Alas... Virul is in need of some good C-ranked guilds... and with their rise to prominence they absolutely fit the requirements. If I allow his guild to grow, it should easily rise to B-rank in a few weeks if they keep getting the same calibre of personnel.

While apprehensive to do so, the guild leader warmly said: "I've had your guild's and the nayeran's movements strictly followed in the past few weeks and noticed that the nayeran have done nothing besides taking what they need from the lands. As this in lieu with our agreement, I hereby declare your quest completed. As a reward for completing this mission your guild is hence upgraded to become a C ranked guild and is now eligible to hold up to a thousand men. On top of that you also receive double the monetary reward, which amounts to twenty thousand coins."

Zaran was both surprised and overjoyed at hearing this as this would mean they would finally be able to recruit more troops. He had not expected a positive result for this quest and instead had expected for them to have failed the mission and to be punished. Seeing as there should be a reason to do so, Zaran spoke up with his most polite tone.  "If there is any mission you wish for us to take we will rush out and do it for you!"

"Actually there is and since you are already within the area, it's easier for your guild to take on the request. We have reports that there's activity within the vilewoods and that animals and people alike are disappearing, only to reappear later with an hazy expression, drained of blood while murmuring 'Hail the vilewood king!' over and over."

"While it seems like a huge joke, we had numerous reports over the past week and another mercenary guild that had taken up the mission when it was still a D ranked mission, were all found in the same state. The reward for this quest is 40.000 gold."

Quest: Find the' vile king'
Rank: D
Reward: 40.000 gold.
Description: Animals and people have gone missing the past few weeks when venturing in the vilewoods, only to return later with a hazy expression and muttering "Hail the vilewood king" over and over. Find out the cause and prevent it from happening!

"We will report back to you as soon as the quest is complete!" With a determined look in his eyes, Zaran looked at the guild leader and gave an affirmative nod.

"Good. I wish to hear from you soon!" The guild leader bellowed as he crushed a teleportation scroll and disappeared before their very eyes.

The hud appeared before Zaran's eyes and he organised the guild. He told five people to go back to the mansion and start recruiting people, while the others would all prepare themselves for the quest.

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