Changing a few names in this chapter, but you guys will figure out which games i'm talking about right?


"Ah, might you two be miss Sylphie Karaz and mister Zaran Karaz?" The moment the two exited the cemetery, a balding man around fifty years old called out to them. The man was wearing a cheap suit and had a notebook and pencil in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

Startled as she didn't expect to be called out right when they exited the cemetery, Sylphie turned to the man with a confused expression. "Yes... who are you?"

"I'm Max Coldwell from the Imagine Games magazine and I'd like to ask you and your brother a few questions concerning Myth Online if that is okay with you?" The man said, while throwing his cigarette on the ground, putting it out with his shoe and opening his notebook.

Bending down, Sylphie quietly whispered into Zaran's ears. "What do you think?"

"I doubt this will be the only report that will get wind of us so... let's go along with it." Zaran quietly whispered, calmly letting his gaze wander over the man.

Max shuddered, feeling as if every fiber of his being was being exposed by the gaze of this young boy.

Of course, Zaran could not do such a thing, but it was quite easy to act as if he did. After he finished, Zaran stared into max's eyes and smirked. "Interesting." 

Thinking about the right way to continue, Max gulped a few times before he talked. "Well errr... when did you start playing games? And what was the first game you played?"

"The first game I was twelve and what I played was Era of Kingdoms, a real time strategy game. I got late into that game since the online community had already died of at that point so I had yet to experience my first online experience and I did not play that much as a result and didn't get really hooked into games but I still found the game itself quite interesting.

About a year later I played Era of Myths, a successor to the sequel of Era of Kingdoms. It was in that game that I received my first online experience and whenever I beat someone in a tough game or lose in a game I should've won, I vowed to get better and better, until I was able to get the number one spot in a mere three months. After that I kept playing the game for another month but there was no longer anyone who could give me a challenge.

I played a few more RTS games in the following months but I ascended to the throne swiftly after. All I needed to do was a simple research in unit strengths and weaknesses and remember the hotkeys for the game and I would soon be number one in them. So with those games no longer being fun for me, I tried my hand on Special Ops, a shooter game that I got into contact with due to a recommendation of a friend I met on Era of Myths.

Special Ops is a less known shooter game in these parts of the worlds, but it was far more famous in the east. Going from RTS to shooters was not the easiest transition, but still half a year after I started I was the undisputed number one player. My interest in other shooters wasn't that big as they just didn't offer any suspense either as they were all pretty much the same, except ... easier. After messing around with other types of games for about a year give or take, I finally started playing Virtual Reality games and only then did I find games that were actually interesting.

Not only could I momentarily forget that I can't walk, I could also do most of the things that I never had a chance to try before. I quickly noticed that I was really good at martial arts, but the games weren't realistic enough at that point, but I still kept playing them just because I could move around and slowly developed my own style of fighting."

Max furiously scribbled down what Zaran was saying and let out a few humming sounds and surprised noises. Whats more he had not expected to get such a thorough answer. "And what about you miss?"

Sylphie was baffled at Zaran's accurate description of his gaming history. She wouldn't have remembered the time spent on each game. "Oh me? Pretty much the same as Zaran, I just never was as good as him though as I couldn't spend as much time in games, due to school, college, weekend jobs and such."

"Hmm, very good very good. Now, as you have said, you gained the number one spot in nearly every game you played. Is the number one spot something you covet in Myth Online as well?" Max asked. 

"Yes! Even though I am not leveling as fast as the top players, in an mmorpg levels aren't everything. Even if you are the undisputed number one in levels...  you might not be in actual combat itself, something which I have proven to be true quite a few times in the past."

Unable to be pleased more by the crystal clear answers Zaran was giving, Max continued to furiously jot down notes. This was one of the best interviews Max had had in his entire life. The interview was basically writing itself and due to the crystal clear answers he could easily flow into the next question. "Previously you talked about developing your own style of fighting. Is this 'Dance of the Butterfly technique and the various other skills you created a result of that?" 

"Partially. The Dance of the Butterfly technique is a direct result from playing other games, while the other skills are those I thought of randomly after confirming how the mana/ki system in the game works on my part. As you may know mana and ki can work differently between two players so the way that I created my skills may not be the same for others. On top of that I do not wish to go further into the matter."

"Very well. One final and last question, concerning your guild. In Myth Online the maximum amount of people a guild can have is five thousand people. As you are well aware there a lot of people who are willing to join your guild, are you thinking of opening more branches to your guild to accommodate more people?" Max said. 

Zaran frowned,  "Oh, the last question already? Oh well, currently we're just looking to grow the main branch and for future plans of the guild we haven't really discussed it all too much. We're also currently facing a little problem in the game concerning the guild and we need all our focus with that before we're able to start thinking about growing again."

"Good that was everything. I have no more questions for the two of you." Max said with a big smile. "I shall let you resume with your plans for the day as you might be very busy today. I won't be the last journalist you are talking to today."

"Are you sure you have no other questions for Sylphie?" Zaran asked with a surprised tone. He thought that Max was just done asking him questions and that it now was Sylphie's turn to answer some more.

Max sighed, rubbed his temples and said. "No not at the moment, everyone is interested in you Zaran, not in your sister. Even though other journalists are going to ask her some more questions, it's not what I came here for. Now, here's my business card and if you ever have some scoop for me, please contact me whenever."

Accepting the business card, Zaran put it away in his jacket and nodded to Max, who quickly ran off. 

A bit later Zaran and Sylphie arrived back at their house, which was swarmed by journalists. Seeing this Sylphie stopped and muttered to Zaran. "Should we wait until they are gone?"

"No use, they will most likely stay until they get what they want... their scoop. Let's just deal with them and hopefully they have as little questions as that Max guy from earlier." Zaran whispered back. 

The two of them walked up to their house and were quickly swarmed by the journalists. After two hours of non-stop answering questions, the two of them were finally able to enter their home and enter the game. 


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