Three weeks had passed since the guild had taken up the task of watching the nayeran's movements and the guild's strength had grown by leaps and bounds. The average level had increased to an astonishing level 70, Zaran being the highest at 75, which was three levels higher than the next highest leveled person.

The reason for this was entirely due to his sub-profession of hellbeast master. In the past two weeks he had contracted another nineteen beasts, which caused him and his to be an army of his own. While the experience that he had gained had dropped by 80% due to the sheer amount of beasts he had at his command. With all his beasts being past level 70, it was no wonder that he leveled far faster than others.

Out of the beasts that he had contracted, twelve were normal beasts and seven were hellbeasts. The normal beasts consisted out of, four blue gale falcons who served as scout and light harassers, two greenline boa's who had incredibly strong crowd-control skills, two vilewood bears that completely destroyed anything of a similar level, three spearhead lizards and finally one razortail ox.

The hellbeasts he had contracted were five skull ant workers and one skull ant queen. The ant's bites delivered a toxin in the victim's body that activated all the pain sensors in one's body... at the same time. That combined with the sharpness or their mandibles and the sheer strength that they had, made them extremely powerful foes and the guild had suffered no small amount of losses to be able to get the six of them.

As for the last beast, it was a tiger-like being, fully constructed from strong, thick vilewood with a demonic orb as its core. Its individual strength wasn't as high as the ants, but as long as its core remained undamaged, it would continuously rejuvenate during fights. This rejuvenation ability coupled with its strong body made it quite an annoying foe to fight against and those that lacked the intelligence to figure out what was going on, would meet a timely death.

However, even with the help of his beasts, Zaran was still quite a bit away from being the highest leveled person as there were already multiple people past level 80 at this point in time and he had spent quite a fair amount of time on training his body, something which the skull ants had proved to be quite helpful with. He had allowed them to bite him and as a result his hit point statistic had rapidly increased.

Currently Zaran was seated down in a lotus position with his greatsword on his lap, a golden cloud completely enveloping him. Sylphie carefully walked over to Zaran and reached out to touch him. Her hand slowly crept closer to him, but before she was able to touch Zaran, he opened his eyes and rapidly sucked in the golden cloud.

Seeing that Sylphie had been about to disturb him, Zaran's expression turned dark. "Do you want me dead? I have told you before that you ABSOLUTELY cannot disturb me during cultivation!"

A downcast expression appeared on Sylphie's face. "I'm sorry! I thought you forgot about our plans for today..."

"Ah... I have not, I was about to finish up." Zaran said as he quickly revolved the ki within his body, dealing with the remainder of the golden-coloured cloud. He opened the guild chat and quickly said his goodbye's to the guild members, telling them to be nice to each other while he was gone before logging off.

The familiar vision of the wide plains disappeared from his sight and was replaced by that of the gaming pod. Zaran stretched his upper body and opened up the pod.  As the pod opened, Zaran noticed that Sylphie was waiting for his pod to open up.

Zaran looked at the wheelchair that stood ready next to the pod and sighed. After having spent so much time running around lately, he had started to dread the moment that he had to quit the game as this meant that he would no longer be able to do so. The more he played the greater he felt like so, and the stupider he found himself for saying no to Isis's proposition.

"Let me help you." With her hands already reaching out for him, there wasn't much Zaran could say. On any other day he would have told her that it was unnecessary to help him but today... he just couldn't do it. Half a minute later, he sat in his wheelchair and Sylphie quickly ran off to get Zaran a coat. It was quite chilly today, so it would come in quite handy as they would spend quite some time outside.

Minutes later, Sylphie closed the door behind the two of them and pushed Zaran's wheelchair, quietly making some small talk with him. After a short stop at a flower shop, they resumed their way and soon found themselves at the cemetery. Sylphie stopped shortly before entering it and bit her lip while she fought back the tears.

Reaching out with his left hand over his right shoulder, Zaran grabbed Sylphie's hand and gently squeezed it. He opened his mouth to say something but couldn't find the right words right away so he closed his mouth again. He thought for a few moments before finally saying. "Sis, you know mom and dad would be really proud of you right? Even though life was really hard after they died, you pushed forward and made something of yourself."

Sylphie smiled. "And then I dropped all my accomplishments to earn money through a game."

"Well... yeah, but it's just a temporary leave right? You'll still be able to go back."

"That's true..." She looked at Zaran and then back to the cemetery's entrance. Without saying much, he had been able to shift her thoughts away from the matter at hand. She slowly bent over and pecked him on his cheek. "Thanks little brother."

A little later the two arrived at their parent's grave and tears quickly started to pour from Sylphie's face as she put down the flowers on the grave. 

Zaran kept holding Sylphie's hand and kept staring numbly at the name of the graves. He knew he should feel something but... he couldn't. Over all his lifetimes he had witnessed more deaths than there were people on the world so any death just passed him by. Still, seeing the graves of his parents made him feel... numb, mostly because of just not being able to feel what he should feel. It was the only part about being reborn that made him feel like he stopped being normal. 

Zaran muttered some words to the grave and waited for Sylphie to calm down. After she finally calmed down the two of them slowly headed back home. 

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