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GROOOOOWL. The four thousand nayeran at the front howled as they rushed forward, quickly closing the distance between themselves and the guild's forces.
The leader of the six commanders closely watched their progress and the moment they neared the halfway mark, he raised his greataxe and pointed towards the king. The forces of the six other commanders instantly moved. The new soldiers who had suddenly become part of the troops did not know what happened when swords suddenly pierced through their packs. In mere seconds they were slaughtered. The back stab damage combined with the three to one scenario, the strength of these nayeran and the damage the new ones had received from the rhinos meant that they were easy prey.
As for the six commanders, they slowly walked to their king who was too focused on the battle itself. When the six weapons pierced through his back, the king stared at his subordinates in disbelief.
"WHY?" the king asked, the rage he felt from this betrayal warping his voice in to something demonic.
"You need to ask? Look at our enemies. Do you really think they are the only ones they will send? Your madness is what brought this over us!" The leader of the six said.
The king grunted and pulled himself free from the six commander's weapons and created some distance between himself and the commanders. He roared "All troops to me!"
With the six commander's troops having finished of the nayeran that had joined them, they rushed over and met the honour guards in combat.
Seeing the approaching nayeran turn around and fight their own kin, each of the guild members just stood there, staring wide-eyed at the scene.
"What... what's going on?" One of the mages said with a baffled expression. "Why are they running back?"
One of the knights on the first line said. "Ladies and gentlemen... I think we are witnessing a civil war."
Zaran messaged Irina and told her to quickly report the situation. A minute later a report came in.
"The two sides are fighting, six commanders have rebelled and are currently fighting with the king. The rebelled soldiers look stronger then normal nayeran, but because their commanders are all busy with the king, the king's remaining commanders are able to somewhat keep the rebelling troops at bay."
"The fight between the king and the six commanders?" Zaran asked.
"Even thought the king has various wounds on his body, and six huge holes in his back... He's able to deal with the commanders and is even pushing them back."
"Thanks." Zaran replied. So there is a rebellion. Now I understand why the quest said to exterminate the king's troops. Still... we need to step in if the rebels will have a chance at winning. The moment even one of the rebels commanders falls is the moment this rebellion will most likely fail. "Everyone! Listen up!  Archers and assassins, disable the traps you have laid. We are going to help the rebelling nayeran by attacking the nayeran from their back. "
"How do we know which ones to hit? They all look the same to me. I really can't tell them apart." One of the archers asked.
"Hit the ones who try to kill us. Even if we accidentally kill a rebel, that's not our problem as long as they attacked us first." Zaran said. "We need to be quick about helping them so after disassembling the traps we will rush forward in formation!"
"Yes sir!" The archers and assassins yelled in unison.
Two minutes later all the traps in front of them had been removed and the guild's troops immediately marched forward, leaving only the archers and assassins with the highest dismantling skill behind to clean up the remaining traps.
Because the two nayeran armies were so busy fighting each other, the king's troops had not even noticed the guild's arrival. That is until magic and arrows started pouring down on them.
"My king! Enemies at our back!" One of the king's remaining commanders yelled.
"Take the wounded and hold them off! Once I deal with these six, I will join you and deliver them an ugly death!" The king said in a crazed voice before turning towards the six commanders. "As for you guys... your relatives will be mutilated, used in every hole and killed in the most savage way I can think of!"
The king's twin swords fluttered through the air at incredible speed as they met with the weapons of the six commanders, a dent or crack appearing on the six commanders' weapons with every clash.
"Damn those swords! And how can such a small body contain so much power!" One of the six cursed as he got pushed back yet again. Every time the tribe had razed a village in the past, the luxuries and weapons of the town were delivered in front of their king. While usually he only took a fair portion of gold and luxurious clothes... it was the first time the king had taken weapons as his prize. Since he had been king he had seen thousands of weapons and he had only ever taken two swords prior. Just from this one could get a clear idea as to the strength of these weapons.
"It's his ki." The leader of the six grunted. "He has been using it to strengthen his body and its the reason he got so strong."
"You also strengthened your body with ki, so why is he stronger than you?" Another asked, furiously swinging his mace at the king, whom met the mace with his sword, the blow between the two weapons shoving the commander back.
"His cultivation is far higher than mine! We cannot even be compared any longer... I had not thought he had already reached such a level." The leader of the six gnashed his teeth and said. "All we can do is fight and pray that we outlast him!"
Meanwhile on the guild's end they collided with the weak and injured nayeran.
"The weak and injured? What do they take us for!" One of the knights roared as he cut down a nayeran that only had a sliver of health left.
"We get free experience and you complain?" The knight next to him remarked.
"Well... if you put it like that..." the knight that previously complained said as his eyes started shining with greed and rushed forward, leaving the first line of defence. "COME HERE FREE EXP! BRING A HUNDRED! BRING A THOUSAND! Hahahaha!"
The knight next to him shook his head and tried to fill in for the knight that had just left his position.
Zaran noticing what was going on fumed. "OI, free exp guy! Get your ass back in line. You're getting everyone else down with you!"
"Oh! Uh! Yes sir!" Free exp guy said as he quickly ran back to his original place.
"Welcome back free exp guy." The knight next to him said with a big smile on his face.
"Ugh... I'll never hear the end of this will I?"
The battle between the wounded nayeran and the guild quickly concluded with a land-slide victory for the guild and even with the previous battle included, they had not lost a single person.
Most members, safe the assassins, had gained nearly five levels through the battle. Zaran had already gotten three levels by this point, elevating his level to 56. This was mostly due to 'call of the beastmaster!' which gave him a small amount of experience with every nayeran that was killed. While he did not get the full experience for it, with more than a thousand dead, these little bits of experience he did get added up to a substantial amount and he gained two levels from that alone.
The commander appointed to the injured had ran back to his King halfway the battle and quickly brought out rapport. "Milord! They have killed all the injured!"
With only two minutes having passed the king cried out. "WHAT? Already? Take 200 more. Go!"
I need to finish this battle soon! A dangerous glint appeared in the king's eyes. His attacks grew more relentless and unlike before he allowed himself to be struck if it allowed a blow on one of the six commanders. Soon multiple shallow wounds appeared on the king's body... But in return each of the six commanders had at least two large cuts on their body.
Every cut on the commanders was deep enough to see the bone. Two commanders had an arm that was no longer fit for battle and the others had deep cuts all over their bodies.
Meanwhile on Zaran's side the guild had already started fighting with the two hundred additional warriors and they too quickly started falling. Their injuries left them unable to put up a decent fight and with the addition of the assassins that were killing unaware nayeran left, right and center, the two hundred were quickly dealt with.
The remaining loyal troops were starting to be pushed into a corner the moment Zaran and his guild members joined the fight. With an additional two hundred men gone, the balance completely shifted in the favour of the rebels.
Even if they wanted to do something about Zaran and the others, the loyalists could not. They would immediately lose the battle if they did so. Still, with the fight as it were, Zaran and his men cut down nayeran upon nayeran and soon they carved a path to the center of the battle.
"Those who are not in battle... Attack the small one with the twin swords!"  Zaran yelled. Arrows and magic instantly flew towards the king nayeran and hit him square in the back. He cried out in pain and stabilized himself become creating some distance between himself, the six commanders and Zaran's army.
"Tcheh." Zaran gnashed his teeth as he noticed the king create some distance.
"Irina, try to attack the small nayeran while in stealth. We absolutely need one of the effects from your daggers on him. Nekorath, Nuvahn, Florance, Sylphie, Kru, Kirin and Cindarrah, we will be fighting the king as soon as Irina's daggers connect with him! As for everyone else, deal with the loyalists and make sure none come help out the king!"
"Understood!" Irina said, instantly entering stealth. She slid past friends and enemies alike and carefully watched the king's movements while in stealth. The moment he stood in the same place for a mere moment, Irina drove her two daggers through the king's back and both necrosis and anticoagulant triggered almost simultaneously. Because her first dagger already triggered an effect, the second hit did 30% additional damage.
The instant Irina drover her daggers through the king's back... Zaran, Nekorath, Nuvahn, Florance and Sylphie entered the fight!

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