The chat in his stream was going wild when the fight began. They had been waiting a few days for Zaran to start streaming it but they had would have never expected that he would be coming back with a full out war!

- This is what i've been waiting for every day!

- Look at the formation, they are like trained soldiers!

- I wish I was there, I am going to apply for that guild now!

- Great idea, I am going to apply too!

- Me too!

- Me three!

- Hah those who apply are idiots. Do you think you can fight like those people? Be serious. I am a level 50 archer and even with such a dense mob my arrows would not hit their marks every time!

- It's not because YOU suck that we also suck!


clang! clang! hoaaaa!! Clang! uuuaaaghhh! The ear deafening sounds of war rang out from all around of Zaran and the nayeran commander.

The commanders of both sides exchanged a few normal blows, mainly due to Zaran testing the waters, before he activated "swiftness" which caused his speed to suddenly soar. During their first few exchanges he had noticed that the knock back effect was just barely affecting the nayeran, but even this took away a huge amount of pressure from Zaran and allowed Zaran to continuously be on the offensive as soon as he landed one hit. The nayeran commander just couldn't keep up. Every time the two sides clashed, the nayeran commander had to recover from the knock back effect and even though it only slightly affected him, the split seconds extra that he needed with every clash, caused him to keep being on the defensive.

Nevertheless, Zaran still lost 25 health every time the two clashed. Through the defensive buffs and his own defense he was able to ignore 37.5% of the damage the nayeran commander would deal if he would've had no defense at all. While 25 health did not seem like much, every clash still cost Zaran nearly 1% of his max health.

Zaran used 'Mountain strike' to cause the nayeran commander to suffer an additional knock back and then did a sideways slash, signaling the start of using 'Flutter'. The moment the last hit of 'Flutter' hit his enemy, Zaran used 'Intent' and burnt 200 out of the remaining 400 ki in his sword. Over the course of the battle he had already used up 100 of his sword's ki and five hundred of his own. If it weren't for the last 3 days of cultivation, he would only have half his ki left, but now he still had three fourths left!

The combination of these two skills caused a critical strike to occur and the sheer force had blown the nayeran commander back and had caused him to lose more than 2000 hp in a single exchange. Of course Zaran had no intention to let the commander recover. The commander suddenly felt himself being pulled towards Zaran, who had a wicked smile on his face. Even though the nayeran commander was large, his weight was still low enough to be affected by gravity. After the nayeran commander was within his range, Zaran threw down another gravity field and overlapped the nayeran commander with it. Now the nayeran commander started to juggled between the two fields. After ten seconds and twenty sword strikes later the two gravity fields finally ceased to affect the commander.

After the barrage of hits, which each did around 400 damage, the nayeran's commander's health dropped to 40.000.

Zaran used another mountain strike, reducing his remaining ki to 1200 and chugged a health potion to regain the health he had lost due to the 'whirlwind' passive. Unable to spend ki as he likes, he started using 'swiftness' to his advantage and circled around his opponent, dealing blow after blow to him.

However, due to being pushed back for the first time since he had gained the commander position, the nayeran's battle sense started to show signs of improving! With every hit he took, the nayeran felt as if he could grasp Zaran's movements a bit better. After thirty strikes and paying a price of 12.000 health he finally felt confident enough to strike out! His blade flew to Zaran's next position and... it connected! The nayeran commander had finally been able to hit Zaran and a huge chunk of Zaran's health disappeared!

Zaran chugged a health potion and the priests and paladins who noticed what happened threw their heals at Zaran and seconds later the majority of his health had returned. And this was a hit without frenzy. If the nayeran commander used frenzy, Zaran could not afford to be hit head on by any of his strikes! He clicked his tongue and used 'gravity' again and kept striking the commander with normal strikes, dropping its health even further.

The commander's expression was incredibly ugly to behold. During the whole fight he had not been able to show his skills. His opponent had continuously locked his movements down with his stupid magic and ki skills and he had no way to fight back. This alone sent the commander into a frenzy! His health decreased by 10.000 and his strength increased by half, which allowed him to negate the effects of gravity!

But Zaran only coldly smiled. Ki and some additional stats was not the only thing he gained in the past few days. After fighting in five versus one battles against new recruits, the racial stat that had always been a question mark had been revealed. Battle blood!

During fights the battle blood stat would automatically start to rise, depending on the difficulty on the fight and the amount of nearby enemies. The stat on itself could be used the activate the racial skill battle might which increased the strength of battle-related stats and passive skills by 50%.

While the commander's skill solely increased his strength by half for a large health, Zaran's skill increased multiple stats with no cost attached. With his speed and flexibility growing even more, the battle grew quite boring and it was not what Zaran had expected at all. Not even a minute later Zaran cut off the head of the commander. Picking up the steel greatsword that the commander had dropped, Zaran moved on to deal with the remaining nayeran.

Because there was no magic or ki damage, Kru absolutely shone on this battlefield and as a result he had plunged himself in the midst of the battle. He was like death incarnate! The attacks by the nayeran was mere tickling to him and his mandibles brought havoc upon any nayeran that was foolish enough to cross his path. All around Kru were dismembered bodies and his whole body was soaked with blood. Among all the troops on the battlefield, the death count of this beetle was the highest and even Florance, Nuvahn, Nekorath or Zaran came close to his kill count. So far he had killed 20 nayeran and the battle was far from over.

At this point the numbers of nayeran finally reached the total of warriors that Zaran had brought over, but the remaining nayeran were all in a bad state, with not a single one left unharmed. Because their commander had just died, their morale had dropped to zero and many had thoughts of running, but if they ran assassins would instantly rip them apart! All the nayeran had the same feeling... despair!

Minutes later the battlefield was littered with the drops of the nayeran and not a single one had survived. The previous colorful field now had a part of it dyed in a single colour, blood red.

Because they were in the same guild, every member could pick up the drops of another and so Zaran tasked the blacksmiths and merchants to pick up the various drops.  Zaran tossed the steel greatsword to one of the merchants and then gathered earth mages, water mages, the archers and assassins.

Even though most magic spells did not have any lasting effects, like Zaran's earth lance for example, there were still some earth and fire spells that did have lasting effects. Three of the water mages cast 'rain' continuously, which caused rain to fall in a large area, and quickly the small valleys in the plains started to become filled with water. The earth was swiftly saturated and the plains became a swamp land.

The earth mages cast the most popular earth spell world wide, an earth spell called 'irrigate', which was used to aid farmers in the creation of irrigation channels on their fields. Unlike normal, now it was used to further change the plains into a swamp.

Swiftly, a great crescent around the guild's troops was converted into a swamp. The Archers and assassin created a minefield of traps  all around the swamp area. While the amount of traps they could make were limited and the damage would not be able to kill even a single nayeran, the traps combined with the swamp would be able to reduce the advancement speed of the nayeran.

Ten minutes later the guild was finished with the preparation and everyone sat down to regain their stamina, mana and ki.

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