Having finished the last sword, Zaran stood up, picked up three of the swords, stored the others and walked over to Neteri, Roku and Sandra. "Here, try using these swords. They should make everything a little easier for you and your ki usage won't be as high"

Roku quickly took the sword and utilized 'Velocity', the first skill he had started practicing but was still having some problem with. To his surprise the ki consumption had drastically changed and it was easier to move the ki along the sword. "What is this weapon? I have never seen anything like it. It is so easy to move the ki with this sword."

"I won't be too technical but basically it has a sword that is able to cultivate so it has a dantian and ki channels, which is why you find it so easy to move your ki within it. Once you are able to control the sword as if it were a part of yourself, you could utilize the ki within the sword itself." Zaran said. "However their cultivation level is really low at the moment and the sword itself is rather weak so it will not be able to progress all too much."

"Master these weapons must be terribly expensive... we cannot possibly use them." Neteri said as she held the sword with the handle to Zaran.

"Don't you recognize the swords... they are the ones we purchased earlier." Sandra mused. "As for the dantian... While you two were not watching master, I was. He was doing something with these swords so he must be the one who created the dantian within it."

"Eh... master did?" Neteri exclaimed.

"Yep." Zaran said with a smile on his face. "So don't worry and keep using the swords.. no scrap that. I am ordering you to use these swords until I get you better ones. As for the remaining ones... I will sell them. With that said, I still have to do the same for my own weapon, so do not disturb and just continue with these weapons. They should allow you to grasp the skills far easier."

With that being said, Zaran walked back to his original spot, sat down and took Gigenkai in his hands. He let out a deep, long sigh and started recovering his mental state. He was quite anxious about what he was going to do next.


In the meantime the forums and users in the game were in an uproar.

In the elemental country Elaria a party of ten golems and elementals alike was fighting while they noticed the message that an SS class skill had been created by Zaran.

"Zaran again!!! And this time with an SS skill?" Durak muttered.

"Hey, while that guy's busy creating skills we have been busy leveling." An earth golem that he was in a party with said.

A wind elemental sent a gigantic air slash towards a eight meter long and two meter tall lizard the group was hunting. "Yeah that's right. Let's keep going! We surely must have a huge advantage on him by now seeing as we're all together from the start and we have a nice mix of classes as well."

"Yeah we have to thank Akhuath for getting this merry band together." Durak said, while easily blocking a claw strike from the lizard the wind elemental had drawn in. "Still, that bastard gaining attention doesn't sit me quite right! He definitely planning something!"

The wind elemental chimed. "No use, all we can do is kill more!"

On the forums a topic had been created called 'What is the first SS class skill?' in which people discussed what type of technique "bestow cultivation" was.
-It might be a skill that allows you to give some of your cultivation to others?
-How could that be it! Wouldn't that be detrimental to himself?
-What if he could increase the cultivation level of the others and then I dunno, increases him own in one way or the other?
-He is a beast master, right, what about beasts? Could he not give beasts the ability to cultivate? It would increase the strength of his beasts by a lot.
-That might be it! However would that not be very dangerous to the beast's health? Like if he messes up and the ki runs rampant, would the beast not blow up and die?
-^the one above me has read to many Chinese light novels! Even if there would be something as ki running rampant, the beast would certainly not blow up and die! This is still a game remember. At most the animal would be in unbearable pain but it certainly would not blow up and die!

Even in the real world people were talking all about it and on the game's streaming service, the chat in Zaran's channel was buzzing with action. People were wondering how many more days it would be until Zaran streamed again.

In many gaming TV stations, the producers were doing their utmost to find out Zaran's in game location and get him to do an interview at all costs! If it were possible, find where he lives and interviewing him there was also an option!


After fifteen minutes his mental state had completely recovered and his anxiety had mostly settled down. He let out another sigh and activated the 'Bestow cultivation' skill on his greatsword, Gigenkai.

Fifteen minutes later, his greatsword had been successfully given a cultivation level, but it was still an initial cultivation level and he needed it to be much higher if he wanted it to be useful. He had tried using the skill more than once on the same weapon before and it had worked... to some extent. There was a limit to how much ki the cheap weapons he had bought earlier could hold and if he filled it up with more than it could hold the weapon would shatter into pieces. The maximum for one of those normal swords had been using the skill twice. On his third attempt, the sword had shattered as it was unable to contain the additional ki.

Only after he had used the skill an additional nine times did he feel as if the weapon had currently reached a limit and was unable to grow any further. He opened his inventory, checked the weapon's new stats and had a content look as he stared at the new stats.

Gigenkai (Masterpiece)
Requirement: level 45, can only be equipped by Zaran.
Durability: 150/150
Ki: 500/500
Attack: 350-400
Weight: 70 kilograms
Additional effect: Causes anything hit to suffer a slight knock back.

With this much ki, the sword should be able to withstand the usage of 'Intent'. Zaran thought as he stood up, preparing himself to utilize the skill. 

Grumble Grumble. Just as he started moving his ki, his stomach started to growl. Zaran sighed and muttered to himself. "Time to eat then." 

"Sandra, Neteri, Roku, you may momentarily rest. It is about time to eat. Neteri, go tell Dietrich to prepare a meal." Zaran said. 

Neteri bowed and quickly left to notify Dietrich. 

After Zaran had eaten, he once again walked to the training field. He brandished Gigenkai with one hand and gathered a small part of his ki, guiding it into the greatsword. Instead of growing its cultivation level, this time Zaran provoked part of the ki within the blade itself!

The ki within grew rampant and instinctively sought to expel this intruder from within itself. The ki billowed throughout the vessels within the blade and sought out the intruder's. Of course all of this was what Zaran wanted to happen all along. His ki had gathered near the channel at the tip of the blade and the greatsword's ki swiftly rushed towards it. 

Zaran smirked and his ki exited the channel near the tip of the sword and split themselves in three separate parts, each along the same path but apart by a small margin. The greatsword's ki soon followed and chased Zaran's ki. A shock wave resounded through the air in front of Zaran as the greatsword's ki raged throughout the air. As soon as parts of the two sources of ki met another shock wave resounded through, followed by two more as the remaining parts were quickly devoured by the sword's ki. After the last remaining part was destroyed, the sword energy left the air as if it had not been there in the first place.

If the blade had a soul he would not need to provoke the ki and could just convey his intent unto the sword, which would be a far easier way to utilize the skill. Another way would be to mark the sword's ki, which would allow him to use the ki as if it were his own but that had terrible side effects and it would forever make the sword unable to improve its cultivation and that was the last thing that Zaran wanted. If the greatsword had hit its cultivation limit he wouldn't mind doing so but he had no intention for this sword to hit its limit in the near future. 

"That's as good as it'll get. I won't be able to make the sword's ki act completely as I wish just yet but... this is good enough. For now." Zaran muttered, his ki prepared to utilize the same skill another time. Soon more shock waves rang through the air and a content expression appeared on Zaran's face as a skill confirmation window appeared.

You have created an S class skill! Please name it!

Intent (Beginner)
DamageWeapon damage * 2 per 100 ki usedKi consumptionMin 100 of the sword's ki
DamageWeapon damage + 100-150Ki consumption50
There is no other explanation for this skill than the following, your sword's ki follows your intent.

As for most other skills Zaran chose to publicize his name. 

Right at this moment, Annika walked over, bowed and said. "Master, you have a visitor."

"A visitor? Who is it?" Zaran asked

"He told me that his name was Nekorath, sir."

Has he come to challenge me? Or has he some other purpose to seek me out by himself?  Might as well figure out his purpose. If he really comes to challenge me, he shall have a taste of intent. Zaran nodded to Annika and said. "Please bring him over right away." 

"Yes master!" Annika said as she left to fetch Nekorath.

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