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Zaran stood in front of Eoric's smithy and found it locked. Even when he knocked on the front door, nobody answered which made Zaran conclude that Eoric was currently out. With a loud thump Zaran landed on the ground with his bottom. "Sigh... well I can do something for the time being while I wait for Eoric to return... I just hope that he returns shortly." Zaran muttered.

He took out all of his normal Hellweaver fangs and laid them down in rows in front of him. At the moment the fangs could already serve as daggers, but they were not particularly easy to wield in their current shape. Taking out his bone sculpting equipment, Zaran slowly shaved away a handle shape on the daggers. He made sure to extremely careful as he could not afford to touch the tip of the fangs. While the poison on the normal fangs was not that potent, it would still cause him a great deal of trouble if he was to be poisoned.

With every movement of his hands, bone chips flew away from the fang Zaran was handling. Sweat poured from his head. He had made a few mistake at the start of the process, causing the bone to slightly crack. If he was not extremely careful he would shatter the fang. A few drops of sweat fell down from his head and landed on the bone, which caused him to mess up and shatter the bone.

"Fuck!" Zaran cursed. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and picked up another fang. "I should have wiped the sweat... such a stupid mistake."

An hour passed as he slowly chipped away at the remaining fangs and created a handle for each and every one for them. With that done, only the first step of creating the handle was truly done. Next, Zaran took out some leather straps and fitted them around the handle that he had created, creating a handle which was both comfortable and strong, making it both easy to use and dependable.

With each dagger that he completed his mastery in bone shaping and leather crafting increased by quite a significant amount and he soon reached beginner level 5 and beginner level 9 respectively. The best dagger he could make with his current skill and with the normal Hellweaver fang as crafting material, was quite an amazing piece of equipment as the options on the weapon were simply godlike for any assassin. Still, even though the materials were quite good in quality, he could easily craft a good shape in them with his current skill level, indicating that there would most likely be even stronger weapons of the same level. 

Hellweaver dagger (fine).
- Level: 50
- Flexibility: 200

Dual wield requirement:
- None

Damage: 175-200
Flexibility: 10
Agility: 20

50% chance on hit that the target suffers from one of the following toxins:
- Neurotoxin: Paralyses the target (5% chance of triggering)
- Anticoagulant: Stops the blood from clotting, which increases the damage a bleed effect causes by 100% (95% chance of triggering)
10% increased damage against poisoned targets
5% increased chance to cause a target to bleed (deals 100% of the damage the hit has caused over time)

A dagger created by Zaran Karaz. Through careful shaping of the material a fine weapon was created. The handle has been carefully laid with leather, making the dagger extremely easy to use. The poison of the Hellweaver's still linger in this dagger, making it a perfect weapon for any assassin. Not only that but due to its shape, it has a high chance to cause the target to continuously bleed from the wounds this dagger gave the target.

Besides the initial few daggers, which through some minor faults in Zaran's crafting, turned out to be level 45, the rest were all level 50. All in all, Zaran had created 20 Hellweavers daggers in the past two hours. He had crafted 10 normal daggers, 5 fine, 1 mastercraft and 4 bad ones. He decided to sell the bunch of them at the auction house as he was sure to get a decent amount of money for them. While it would definitely not be anywhere near the amount he received from the tomes, if he could get around a thousand gold for all of them, it still would be quite a good amount of money for him. He would exchange the gold for real money afterwards as the value of gold compared to real money would continue to drop. While 1 gold was worth 1 euro a few days ago, it was no longer the case as every 1.2 gold was now worth one euro. With the passage of time the value would continue to drop so it was in his best interest to sell of any gold he did not particularly need at the moment. If he was in need of money later, he could use the money he earned by selling it now, to buy a greater amount of in game gold in the future. Even if he had to pay taxes to do so, he would always receive a larger amount of gold later than what he would be selling now.

With the normal Hellweaver daggers done and the increase in his bone shaping and leather working skill it was time to start working on the pair of Hellweaver queen daggers. While normal Hellweaver fangs could be found around the continent, the Hellweaver queen daggers were extremely rare and precious materials. Not only was the quality of the material a lot better than its normal counterpart, the toxin in the fangs was far more potent. Moreover the toxin in the Hellweaver queen's fangs was known to have the ability to evolve and so Zaran speculated that it would be one of the characteristics of the daggers he would be able to create with it.

He picked up the Hellweaver queen's fangs even more carefully than he did with its normal counterpart and meticulously started to shave away at it to create the basic form of a handle.

Tch...... Tch...... Tch! Bone shard after bone sliver after bone sliver flew from the fang as Zaran Slowly shaved and chipped away at the gone. Compared to the normal Hellweaver fangs, this time Zaran took ten times as long. Every single one of his actions was done extremely carefully and he meticulously checked every single one of his actions to make sure not even a single fault slipped in.

Halfway through the first Hellweaver queen's dagger, Eoric arrived. "Hey Zaran what you doing sitting over there?" Eoric said as he walked over and prepared to give Zaran a hearty pat on his back, his arm already in the swinging motion. Just as his hand was about the slap Zaran's back, Eoric noticed that Zaran was working on a piece of bone. At the last possible moment he pulled back his arm. If he had hit Zaran just now he would've caused him to crush the fang. Based from the color of the tip of the fang it was a highly toxic one.

A gust of wind flew past Zaran's back, created by Eoric's palm that was flying his way, yet Zaran did not feel that nor did he hear Eoric's voice. He was far too absorbed in his work, his full concentration poured into it. If somebody with malicious intentions was fixated on causing damage to Zaran, now would be the perfect time to do so.

Eoric sat down next to Zaran and carefully watched his process. He had dome some bone shaping in the past as it was a requirement for every master blacksmith to have a basic knowledge and grasp of it. It was not all too unusual for a request for a sword to include a bone handle of a beast of some sort, so he did need the knowledge to be able to shape various kinds of bones. While he was far from an expert himself, he could see that Zaran was rather gifted in this field as well, as he was expertly creating a handle on the fang. Still he was working very, very slowly but once he moved, his hands moved expertly and confidently. For half an hour he watched Zaran's progress, from shaving away at the fang to finishing the leather handle for the fang. All this time Zaran had not even spoke once, looked at him or had even drank a sip of water. The only thing he had done was shave away at the bone and wipe away his sweat every so often.

With the finished product in hand Zaran was very satisfied with the end result. If the previous master crafted dagger was a godlike piece for any assassin, then the dagger he had just created would be far above and beyond that.

Please select a name for your creation

Zaran whispered: "Illuminiel's gift."

Illuminiel's gift (Mastercraft).
- Level: 50
- Flexibility: 250
- Agility: 250

Dual wield requirement:
- None

Damage: 250-300
Flexibility: 40
Agility: 60

100% chance on hit that the target suffers from one of the following toxins:
- Necrosis: Reduces the targets stats. 10% of the stats targets are reduced up front with another 10% over a minute. (5% chance of triggering)
- Hallucination: The target suffers from hallucinations, incapable of telling whether someone is an ally or an enemy. (5% chance of triggering)
- Neurotoxin: Paralyses the target (10% chance of triggering)
- Anticoagulant: Stops the blood from clotting, which increases the damage a bleed effect causes by 100% (80% chance of triggering)
30% increased damage against poisoned targets
10% increased chance to cause a target to bleed (deals 100% of the damage the hit has caused over time)
- Making contact with poison or venom causes this weapon to grow stronger. This effect can only occur once per type of poison or venom.

A masterly crafted dagger by the bone shaper Zaran. Through utmost care and effort during the production process of this dagger, a masterwork has emerged upon the world. It was created with one of the Hellweaver queen Illuminiel's fangs and it bears the same trademark effects as her fangs. The poison is extremely potent and has a high capacity for adaptation. Every new poison that this weapon comes in contact with will cause it to grow stronger, no matter the strength of the poison. Because the poison of the Hellweaver queen is so potent, every hit of this dagger is guaranteed to inflict a poison state upon the target. Additionally this dagger has an increased chance to cause the bleed effect.

"That is a very nice dagger." Eoric remarked.

"Eh... Eoric? When did you get here I have not seen you arrive?" Zaran said.

The old dwarf laughed. "Of course you did not, you were too absorbed in your work that you did not even realize I have been here for the past hour. Now what brings you here?"

"I was hoping to use your smithy, but you were not home. Luckily I could still work on this dagger outside so I did not have to waste my time waiting here for you."

"Hah! Let's solve that problem immediately." Eoric said as he threw a key at Zaran. "That is the key to my smithy. I got a spare so do not worry. Now you do not have to sit here and wait for me the next time I am not home. However... I do need a favor in return. With my skill in sword making I can leave a hint of my soul inside each sword I make, allowing me to know whenever one of my swords gets used for evil deeds. A few years ago I made a soul sword on request for a wandering swordsman. A few days ago the sword was used for a heinous crime... in a matter of minutes, thousands were killed by it. I know you are currently too weak to face this swordsman but if by the time you gain the strength to compete with this man, my sword has not been returned to me... find the man and let the gods be the judge for his deeds. Return the sword to me once you are done with him. When you return the sword I will compensate you for your effort."

"The one meter long blade of the sword is as white as snow and the hilt is like the black of the night and shaped like a bat."

A notification for a quest that he could not reject popped up. 

The wandering swordsman
Quest Difficulty: SSS
Years ago Eoric crafted a sword with a soul for a lone swordsman. For years, this swordsman has only used this swords for just causes, however recently the swordsman has used the blade to kill thousands in mere minutes. Eoric cannot condone such an evil deed being done with one of his swords and thus he has asked to return his sword once you gain the power to do so. This quest will automatically fail if someone else returns the sword before you do.

"I will definitely return the sword to you if I ever have the power to do so."

Eoric grinned and tossed the key at Zaran. "I have more business to do. Feel free to use my smithy whenever. Seeing you so actively crafting, makes me want to rethink my retirement! Maybe you will have some fellow apprentices in the near future!"

Having said that, Eoric quickly went in and out of his house and left the premises.

Zaran unlocked the door to the smithy and went to work on Illuminiel's second fang. After two hours Zaran finished working on it and it was the same quality as the first fang and Zaran named it Illuminiel's Shadow.

Finally done with crafting all the daggers, Zaran could proceed on what he first intended to be making, a shield! 

Zaran fired up the forge and when it was hot enough melted the ore he had bought just a few hours earlier. After the ore had become liquid metal, Zaran cast it in a round shape to create a normal round shield. After hammering the shield to the exact specific thickness he wanted in each place, Zaran lit the forge again and melted another batch of ore to create a simple metal lance. 

With the two weapons created, Zaran had lunch before heading over to the employment agency.

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