Reading the scroll over and over until every letter was ingrained in his mind, another hour swiftly passed. Making sure he had not missed anything, Zaran read the scroll a final time before finally daring to use the skill in the most simplistic way possible. He muttered the incantation under his breath and with a bright flash the colour of his hair changed to be just a slight shade lighter.

Metamorphosis Beginner lvl 1
Mana cost: 50
Time active: 1 hour.

Happy with the effect, Zaran cast the spell again to return to his previous colour. The next hour Zaran meticulously tested and improved the extent to which he could control the skill. After an hour he could control his complete looks and his height and the skill had increased to beginner level 3.

To his side Florance was engrossed in the demon summoning tome.  While she initially did not plan to study it and was just going to sell it off again, she glanced at the first few pages and it had captured her interest so she decided to learn it regardless. Still after about an hour of reading her head was spinning as even the beginning spells had been extremely complicated.

With a sigh she slammed the tome shut and rubbed her temples. She let herself fall on her back and sighed deeply again. "It's so complicated... but so interesting! Ugh!" She said. After taking a small break she opened the tome again and continued reading, something muttering a small "oh." or "eh?".

A minute later Nuvahn came online and Zaran instantly walked over to Florance and said: "He's on, time to go."

"Eh, already? Just one more page!" Florance pouted.

"No can do, must move now. You say just one more page now but after that page you will say one more... and then one more and one more and one more until you finish the darn thing."

"Muuh... Okay!" Florance muttered, a dissatisfied expression on her face. Zaran took her hand and dragged her along, making sure to pick up Kirin and Cindarrah who were soundly sleeping on the way out. They quickly ran to a clothing store to pick up some clothes for Florance and a few minutes later the four of them met up with Nuvahn.

"Oh, master who is this?" Nuvahn asked upon seeing Florance. As she and Zaran held hands and that he had no lover prior, he was sure she was someone from a previous life.

"Nuvahn, this is Florance, Florance this is Nuvahn." Zaran said as he scratched his head with his free hand. Now how was he going to explain who the two of them were to him. "Eh... well both of you are like me, reincarnators and uhm.. yeah, Nuvahn was one of my disciples in one of my lifetimes and Florance is the greatest love of my life.

"Isis?" Nuvahn and Florance asked at the same time to which the both of them instantly chuckled.

"Let us not dilly-dally for too much longer, here Nuvahn take this set of armour and a new sword." Zaran said as he took out the armour and the blade and handed them to Nuvahn who equipped them right away. With the armour equipped the only difference between the two of them was the fact that Nuvahn's armour had two holes at the back of his armour that he had put his wings through. Seeing that Nuvahn was fully equipped Zaran threw him a guild invite.

"Oh? You have set up a mercenary guild?" Nuvahn asked with a surprised tone.

"Yup! I thought it would be a good way to prepare for the Battlefield of the Gods as it would allow us to both pool our resources together, allow us to create a base of power " Florance said.

Nuvahn nodded and accepted the guild invite. "That is an extremely good idea and plan."

"Right, let's go, let's go we can talk along the way!" Zaran urged. He really wanted to get the quest concerning the sewers to be completed as soon as possible. The party left for the sewers and a few minutes later they already entered them.

Compared to before the sewers looked slightly different as the rotting corpses had disappeared and the stench of death had already dissipated to a small extent, causing it to be far more bearable in the sewers.

The five of them, Nuvahn, Zaran, Florance, Kirin and Cindarrah, soon found themselves in the middle of the sewers even though they met some small resistance in the form of rats. However the rats were just level 10-20 and were no threat to them and whole packs of them had been slaughtered by Florance's magic in a mere second.

Suddenly Nuvahn spoke up. "How are you going to explain your relationship with Florance to your sister and her friend?"

Zaran stared at Nuvahn wide-eyed, feeling as if he had been struck by a missile. "I completely forgot about that. Damn. Uh... there's no way we could know each other so well after a few days and she would definitely not believe me if I told her we knew each other prior..."

"How about we just act as if we have a crush on each other?" Florance said. "That should work right... as for how we met... couldn't you just tell them that I am the buyer of the demon summoning tome and that I asked to meet with you and that we 'connected' right then and there? That is not all too much of a lie..."

"That should work, we only need to act for the in game day or two they're online each real day as both of them work." Zaran said, keeping quiet about the fact that the money earned from selling the tomes would allow the girls to take an unpaid leave, something which he was initially planning to ask the girls. Now he was not so sure about asking it any more. He was unwilling to keep up the act with Florance 24/7. Acting like that would definitely not be a good thing for their relationship.

Florance went over to Zaran and snuggled up to him, letting out a discontent moan "Muuuh..."

Kissing her for a while, Zaran whispered "I know... I do not want to act either. We will see how my sister reacts to our flirting and take it from there okay?"

"Okay..." Florance said somewhat dejectedly, causing Zaran's heart to ache.

Cindarrah, who had taken her favourite spot on Zaran's head again glared fiercely at Florance. Since the two had met, her daddy had barely taken notice of her! She was unwilling to share him too! Yet she did not dare to act up as she would surely be punished.

Seeing Cindarrah's expression, Nuvahn could no longer contain himself and laughed out loud.

Zaran raised an eyebrow while looking at Nuvahn. "What is so funny?"

"Well, I think you might have been forgetting about someone." Nuvahn said as he pointed upwards.

"Oh." Zaran said as he realized what Nuvahn meant. The lack of attention she got herself was most likely causing her to be jealous of Florance. Now as for how to handle this situation... he had no idea. He reached up and gently patted Cindarrah.

Women... Zaran cursed in his mind. Then again I would act the same if Flo was spending more time with someone else than me... He rolled his eyes and chuckled as he thought. Men...

"Right... let us see if we can find out where all these rats keep coming from." Zaran said as he started to inspect every nook and cranny of the middle part of the sewers. He was sure there had to be something here as all of the sewage water gathered here. After searching for a few minutes Zaran found a hidden staircase, neatly hidden inside a pillar. If he had not inspected closely he would have missed it as it did not really stand out.

Going down the staircase a notice appeared in front of the party.

You have entered the dungeon 'Depth of Virul's sewers'. The depths of Virul's sewers have not been touched in a hundred years. The dangers within can not be underestimated. If you feel you are not up to the task turn back while you still can!
Recommended level55

The party looked at each other and nodded. They had no qualms with taking on something above their level. After a full three minutes of descending the staircase the party finally arrived into a small square cobblestone room. There was no furniture in the room but next to the stone door hung a variety of mouldy signs. Due to their age the signs had grown to be ineligible and most of the words could not even be made out any longer. The party read them nonetheless.

"--ware t-- -ia- -ats!"

"B-w-re --- --sec-s!"

"Wat-- th- ----ings!"

"--tch the -at--!"

"Tu-- --ck w--le y-u --e --ill i- o-- p--ce!"

They could decipher some of the signs but the rest they just had to guess as to what it was trying to say. As there was no other option as to just head in the depths of the sewers and find out for themselves, Zaran pushed the stone door open and the party headed into the depths...

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