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Side story 1: Council of the Gods part 1


Author's note: I think explaining the origins of it all is a little overdue so the first side story (of the four I have line up for now) explains more about how Myth Online came into being and goes deeper in depth in the workings of godhood.


In a large square marble room completely devoid of furniture sat a maiden so perfect that not even one imperfection in her could be found. She had a slender figure, a heart shaped bottom and a d-cup. A loosely see through white dress clung tightly to her seductive body. Long golden hair formed a braid on the top of her head while the rest drooped over her shoulders and stretched all the way down to her bottom.

She emitted a serene and calm aura as she sat there with her eyes closed, focusing on collecting the energy of faith and absorbing it in her body, a process which could be clearly seen as thick golden strands of energy rushed towards her and swirled around her body. With every second the strands of faith grew ever so slightly thicker, indicating that her followers were increasing in number.

A gentle and warm smile appeared on her absolutely stunning face as a surge of power rang through her body and a re-energized feeling washed over her.

Swooooosh! The space in the room warped and a light-green portal made out of vines, bushes and flowers appeared. A barefooted muscular man stepped out of the portal, his body naked, safe shorts created out of leaves. On top of his head sat a crown made of twigs. Plants started to burst through the cold marble floor as the man's foot touched it, swiftly spreading out in every direction around him. The handsome man walked forward, each step causing plants to burst from the marble behind him which swayed left as he raised his left foot and right as he raised his right foot. He stopped in front of the Goddess and prostrated himself before her. "Milady... it is nearly time for the Council of the Gods."

The golden glow the energy of faith emitted slowly started to dim as the man spoke. The goddess opened her mouth and the dissipating energy of faith swiftly condensed into a sphere and flew into her mouth. She closed her mouth and her eyes snapped open, a formidable amount of power rippling through the room as she did so. She let her gaze wander through the room before looking at the man in front of her.

"How many times?" The Goddess coldly said.

"How many times what?" The man asked, cold shivers running through his spine at the coldness of her voice.

"How many times... have I told you..." She coldly said before stopping and coldly looking at the man in front of her. She opened her mouth again and this time her voice rang out, filled to the brim with power "TO NOT RUIN MY FLOOR!"

A sound wave shot forward and crashed into the man, sending him flying through the room. BOOM!!!!! An explosion rang out as the man collided with a wall, instantly penetrating multiple layers deep into it. With a wave of her hand a golden wave gushed forward and landed on the plants the man had caused to appear. The plants withered in a mere second and turned to dust moments thereafter. The golden wave landed on the floor and the cold cracked marble floor instantly repaired itself.

The man shot forward from the hole in the wall and with a wave of his hand a see-through green wave of power gushed towards the hole, instantly repairing the broken wall. He was visibly weakened and stood on air, not allowing his feet to touch the ground any more. "My apologies, milady Isis."

Isis's cold voice rang out. "Enoar... you better not let it happen again. Or we will lose a god of flora."

"Yes milady!" Enoar said, completely scared out of his wits. If Isis wished she could obliterate him like it was nothing. What was a minor god versus a major god? Nothing! Even though both of them are gods, compared to Isis he was as much as an ant. Moreover Isis had full control over all the aspects of the life domain and that obviously included control over flora. With a mere thought she could exterminate Enoar's control over his domain, causing him to instantly lose his status as a god. To minor gods this was a far worse fate than death and the thing they feared the most.

It was not a major god alone that could cause this. For minor gods the struggle to remain a god was the greatest as huge influence battles existed between different gods of the same subdomain existed. Enoar was far from the only god of flora. This caused a rivalry to exist between every god of the same subdomain as they often had to compete for followers. Once one no longer had followers or scions, the god would lose their status as a god and would be reduced to a main mortal, forever unable to ascend to being a god again.

On top of when one became a minor god one had every little insight in their domain and could control very little power in their domain thus they had to continuously increase their insight in their respective subdomain as that would let them increase in power and moreover once they had full control of their subdomain they could start gaining insights into a complete new subdomain allowing them to increase their power even more!

Taking Enoar for example, he was a very clear case of a minor god who was close to gaining full control over the flora domain. Enoar had a large amount of followers and as a result he had a lot of energy of faith, but because he hadn't gained enough insight into the flora domain yet, he continuously leaked out faith energy that caused plants to grow all around him. If not for his great amount of insights in the flora domain, he wouldn't be able to control the leakage of power to be so small.

One of the minor of fire had a huge amount of followers but his insights were very very poor and increased incredibly slowly and as a result of that a huge inferno swirled around him wherever he went.

Still, it was not as if Isis could just end Enoar's life over something so insignificant without any harm coming to herself but luckily for her Enoar was not aware of that. Even though Isis was a major god she still wasn't one of the strongest beings around and still had superiors to listen to. Except that those superior beings rarely ever meddled into the affairs of the gods. However gods killing each other was still something they would make a move for.

Isis waved her hands and a myriad of portals made from all types of life were formed. One portal was created from bacteria, one was made from reptiles, one from fish, one from flowers, one from trees etcetera etcetera. Every type of distinction between life forms that could be made had his own portal. Gods in all shapes and sizes, surrounded by life forms from their domain stepped out of the portal, floating in the air, careful to not touch the cold marble floor.

After each god stepped through their portal, the respective portal collapsed, it's remaining energy returning to Isis. With all of them having arrived Isis focused and completed a set of complicated hand movements, causing the northern marble wall to crack open and reveal a massive 200 meter wide and 100 meter high portal. Isis commanded all the gods of the different life domains with a single word in her cold indifferent voice. "Go."

Each of the gods began to move, each almost instantly appearing in front of the portal and stepping in it. Seeing that every god or goddess had stepped through, Isis herself stepped through the portal. Behind her the portal closed and the marble wall restored itself to its previous unblemished state.

In a realm that mortals could not possibly enter, an enormous majestic castle, made out of the rarest materials from all the planes in existence, lonely stood, braving the ends of time. A few miles away from the castle there existed an enormous portal made from white crystal that at this very moment activated, a silvery liquid appearing between the frames of the portal.

Zip. Zip. Zip. God after god flashed through the portal and set foot on the rough rocky ground, instantly causing flames to burst forth, mud to appear on the rocks, moss to grow, beasts to burst through the ground, tremors to take place and other endless amounts of effects to take place. Each of the gods moved to the castle, the effects of their domain growing dimmer and dimmer as they neared it until it all but disappeared.

Mindlessly the gods and goddesses moved to the grand hall of the castle. A large dark wooden table with countless dark wooden chairs, numbering at least a few million, filled the entirety of the grand hall. Besides the table and chairs only extremely exquisite paintings hung on the wall, ones which caused minor gods insight to grow with a mere glance at them. Some of the minor gods instantly lost themselves to the painting, fully focusing on gaining whatever insight possible. When one of the major gods saw this they quickly pulled those gods back to reality. While the paintings had huge benefits for minor gods, the dangers within them were far too huge for them to brave. Even major gods did not dare to try gaining insights from these paintings. The whole hall was lighted by the bright yellow ceiling that was build from condensed sunlight crystals, making the inside as bright as if it were day.

Isis slowly stepped through the entire hall, her body swaying seductively and drawing the gaze of every god and goddess towards her with each step and took seat at one of the four seats at the head of the table. The other seats were taken by Evona, the goddess of fate, Akhuath the god of destruction and Yatir, god of justice. Next to the four of them, the closes hundred seats were taken by the other major gods, while the rest of seats were for the large majority filled by minor gods, with only 10 percent of the seats currently still available.

There were still new domains uncovered every so often. For example countless billions of years ago a god of technology existed but was rarely worshipped. It was only in the latest million years that more gods of technology started to appear, as more civilisations started to become very technologically advanced. With more civilisations becoming technologically advanced, more domains of technology got discovered which lead to new gods coming into existence which governed said domain.

There were also some domains that ceased to be worshipped at times, causing gods to disappears and there were also gods every now and then there were still gods that ceased to exist due to other reasons. Thus, the number of gods was ever fluctuating.

With every god and goddess accounted for a croaking ancient voice rang through the hall. "The millennial Council of the Gods is opened! Thou art now free to discuss important discoveries along with which plane thou shallt choose for the next Battlefield of the Gods! For this Council of the Gods, Yatir the god of justice shall preside over the meeting. Any objections?"

All the minor and major gods simultaneously called out. "No objections!"

While the ancient voice had asked if there were any objections, no god or goddess present would be stupid enough to object to its decision. It was a being far mightier than them, as it had the power to disable the full extent of power of any god present as was currently the case. Only the bare necessity of power was available to each god, just merely enough to qualify each and every one of them as a god or goddess.

The ancient croaking voice rang out one more time. "You have a week of time to discuss. BEGIN!"

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