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A foul stench started to permeate the air as the door of blood slowly opened and even the stench of the sewers was far from being able to be contend against it. Just a tiny whiff of it made one feel as if their whole body was covered with death. Luckily the group had Sylphie's blessing spells which reduced the effect the stench had on them by a large margin. Still, the whole group felt sick, with only Kirin and Cindarrah seemingly unaffected.

Black mist gushed from the door as a load roar was heard and the group started to hear loud steps followed by tremors which shook the entire platform. The majority of the undead had been cleared at this point, mainly due to Zaran's rampage with 'Flash Fire', but the remaining undead all dropped their weapons and started to limp away in all directions. The summoned skeletons on the other hand formed a line and simply stood guard next to it.

A skeletal hand shot out from the mist and grabbed the frame of the blood-soaked door and crushed a part of the door as it pulled the rest of its body through it. A gigantic five meter long thing that resembled a skeleton was revealed. Contrary to normal skeletons in the middle of this one's chest a humongous blood red heart was beating, parts of flesh still hung at its bones and from its back sprouted two meter long bone wings. In its left hand was a two meter long bone greatsword that he dragged over the stone floor.

After the Skeletal demon exited the gate, the blood that formed the gate fell down and a wave of blood gushed over everything within reach.

Seeing the skeletal demon Irina and Sylphie shivered in fear while Nuvahn and Zaran stood there with an unchanged expression.

"Who... who hath dared to awaken me from my slumber?" The skeleton asked with voice so full of anger that the air started to feel heavy.

"It was I, Quinn Arinveld!" Quinn said proudly and then he commanded "Now go forth and kill my enemies!"

"Thou darest give me orders!?" The skeletal demon said as he turned around to face Quinn. "Hmph! A tiny sorcerer as thou hath no right to command me. "

"I COMMAND YOU TO FIGHT MY ENEMIES!" Quinn roared with an extremely ugly to behold face. He had expended no small part of his mana to summon this demon and now it dared to refuse his orders?!? How could he not be angry. He had cast this spell many times over and the more mana he poured in the more powerfull the demon that emerged. Now he had poured almost half of his mana into the spell and had summoned a seemingly horrifyingly strong demon yet it was the first demon that had even dared to refuse to listen to his orders. Quinn ground his teeth and hoped that the demon would obey his orders.

An invisible force started to push down on the skeletal demon, forcing it to obey his summoner's orders. The skeletal demon roared and bellowed "I, Li'ar, shall not forget this embarrassment!" Turning to Zaran he pointed to him and said "You! If your group is successful at bringing that sorcerer down I shall bestow upon thee a tremendous reward!"

Level????RaceAncient Fallen Angel
An ancient being that had been asleep for eons, awaiting the day his strength would fully recover. However he did not get the chance to fully recover his strength as a foolish sorcerer awoke him from his slumber. Only time will tell if his coming will be a blessing or bring forth a calamity...

Shock filled his eyes when he saw that he had no way to see Li'ar's stats, however what was more shocking was Li'ar's race. It meant that he would by no means be a simple opponent. Zaran quickly recovered from the shock, switched to his greatsword and commanded. "All of you focus on the sorcerer!"

Turning to Li'ar, Zaran bowed and respectfully said: "Please exchange pointers with this junior!"

A smile appeared on Li'ar's face which only served to make his face look all the more grotesque. With a hearty laugh he lifted his greatsword from the ground and casually brought it down upon Zaran. A tremendous amount of pressure befell Zaran as the sword came his way. Yet the pressure did not cause Zaran to get nervous and he met the sword with a likewise casual swing. The two swords collided in the most casual way possible seeming as if neither side believed the opponent could do anything about their strike. As the swords met an incomparably loud explosion rang out.


Disbelief filled Sylphie's face as she noticed the explosion. She was to stand back and cast heals and buffs during the fight with the sorcerer so she had a clear view on what happened. She could not believe that two casual sword blows could produce such a loud explosion. Even more so after the explosion cleared up both sides were completely unharmed and both had a wicked smile on their face. Remembering the Goddess's appearance Sylphie frowned.

What secret did Zaran hide? She could not believe that her crippled brother had gained such great martial arts skills through gaming. Even though gaming nowadays bought you a lot of time, there was no way he had spent all his time refining his sword skills. A frown appeared on Sylphie's beautiful face while she pondered over all the questions that she now had regarding her brother. Blood started trickling down her lip as she had bit through it while in deep thought.

Unknowingly a dark orb flew towards Sylphie, seeing that she hadn't noticed it Irina ran towards her and tackled Sylphie to get her out of harms way. "Pay attention dummy!" Irina scolded as she got up and into the fight again. Sylphie slowly nodded and started to focus on her own fight again.

Through Cindarrah, Kirin and Nuvahn's efforts the group had been able to seal the sorcerer's vision, which caused him to randomly fire spells around him. It had been through sheer luck that one of his orbs flew towards Sylphie and if not for Irina's alertness they would be without their healer.

While the sorcerer hadn't been that hard to fight after he lost his vision, his spells still dealt a tremendous amount of damage so the group still had to vigilant. Even the weakest two of his spells easily chunked the party down to low health, causing them to be very vigilant.

Nuvahn circled around the mage, continuously dodging spells, silently delivering sword blow after sword blow on the barrier when possible.

For the first time in the fight Kirin decided to use 'Dark Rush' and loudly crashed into the barrier. The barrier visibly weakened for a second, but Kirin was stunned at the same time.

The sorcerer instantly fired of a 'Ray of Decay' at Kirin's position.

"Noo!! Kirin!" Nuvahn yelled as he rushed over to her. Seeing that he could not possibly make it in time to shove her from harms way, Nuvahn grit his teeth and pushed his body to the max, jumped and simultaneously released his left hand from his greatsword.

This allowed him to increase his reach and he used the broad side of the greatsword to deliver a blow to Kirin, succesfully sending her flying a few meters back. "Forgive me Kirin!" Nuvahn yelled as he crashed into the ground and screamed his pain as his shoulder got dislocated. Gritting his teeth he pushed it back into place and quickly got up, only barely dodging yet another 'Ray of Decay'.

The fight continued and no more accidents like that happened. However during the course of the fight Nuvahn's, Irina's, Kirin's, Cindarrah's and Sylphie's resources had been steadily depleting.

"I am almost unable to cast more web-shots!" Cindarrah suddenly yelled while she kept scurrying along the ceiling as spells crashed into it around her.

"Here take this and drink it!" Irina said as she threw a mana potion towards Cindarrah. Both Irina and Sylphie had a few potions but they had been really expensive to acquire so they were reluctant to use them. However if they did not use them to replenish Cindarrah's mana they would not be able to keep the sorcerer down for all too much longer.


Meanwhile Zaran was exchanging blow after blow with Li'ar and was starting to get pushed back. Zaran knew Li'ar was just playing with him but he did not care about that. With a loud bang the swords collided yet again and Zaran was sent flying into a nearby pillar. Coughing up some blood, he grit his teeth and dashed forward again, not giving Li'ar a chance to fight someone else. In Zaran's eyes winning or losing this fight depended on his ability to deal with Li'ar. Seeing as he could no longer match blow for blow he decided that it was time to deal with Li'ar with superior footwork.

Seeing Zaran dash towards him again after having crashed into a pillar Li'ar laughed and said "Good! I like thine attitude! Come at me with everything thou hath haha!"

Li'ar thrust forward with his sword, intending on flinging Zaran into another pillar again and seeing if he would continue to stand up over and over again.

Zaran sneered and with the smallest possible movement he evaded the sword. If one hadn't taken a good look at Zaran's movement just now they would certainly feel like he hadn't moved at all and that it was instead Li'ar who had not aimed his blow properly.

A pleased expression appeared on Li'ar's face, turning it gruesome to behold again. I wonder how much more of my power this one will be able to take on. With a flick of his wrist Li'ar's sword changed direction in midair, viciously carving a path towards Zaran.

Sliding his left foot behind his right foot Zaran which turned him towards Li'ar's sword, brought him closer to li'ar. Simultaneously he brought his sword up so the demon's greatsword would crash into the broad side of his sword.

When the two swords met Zaran lifted both his feet of the ground and allowed the momentum of the strike to carry himself backwards. This brought Zaran behind Li'ar, who had no time to turn around in time and Zaran delivered a powerful blow to Li'ar's left leg.

For the first time in their fight Li'ar had been hit! Even something as ancient as himself hadn't expected Zaran's move! A violent light flickered in his eye sockets for a moment before disappearing as quickly as it appeared. He quickly switched his sword to his right hand and without turning around slashed behind him right at the spot where Zaran previously was!

While previously he was slowly increasing the power he outputted to match what Zaran could bring out, now the demon instantly brought out twice as much power as before! Zaran had no way to dodge this strike and was only able to raise up his sword to somewhat block most of the power behind the strike.

Still Zaran got flung back through the sheer force of the strike and crashed into a pillar again. Blood trickled from his mouth and his face was pale but he still had the same smile on his face. He was going all out in a fight for the first time in many, many years. Reincarnating into this life wasn't that boring anymore for him! How long had it been since he last went all out? Even he himself had lost track of how long it had been since he last had an entertaining fight.

He forcibly coughed up blood to clear his lungs and with a faint red sheen in his eyes he rushed towards Li'ar.

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