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A terrifyingly strong light green sword ki started to gather around Nuvahn's greatsword.

"Oh, a new skill?" Zaran said surprised when he saw the power Nuvahn's sword was emitting. Compared to 'wind blade' the energy was more concentrated, a few times more powerful and the energy felt far more ferocious as well.

"TEMPEST BLADE!" Nuvahn roared, while slashing towards the Rotters, unleashing the light green energy towards them.

The light green sword energy slashed through the first Rotter and wind heavily started to spiral around it, pulling other Rotters closer and tearing their skin apart in the process, dealing absolutely monstrous aoe damage. 10 rotters were affected by the skill and all of them lost between 400 to 500 hp.

"Step back Nuvahn!"

"FLASH FIRE!" Zaran roared as the air in front of him, heavily damaging the 10 Rotters further.

"ARURURUUUUU!" Kirin howled as she fired purplish-black fireballs and depleted the rest of those 10 Rotters' health.

With a mere three attacks they had utterly obliterated 10 enemies that they couldn't have handled before. However the group had no time to celebrate as a hundred Rotters were still surrounding them. While they were training the horde of Rotters had waited for them to exit the barrier.

A cold and ruthless smile formed on Zaran's face. "Pull back! to the end of the corridor! Only haras them a bit so they keep being grouped up! We'll deal with all of them at once!"

Nuvahn and Kirin immediately started running towards the back of the room but still kept sending out wind blades and purplish-black fireballs at the enemy. The Rotters crawled and shuffled into the room, tightly packed together, forming one dense clump of rotten meat.

Two fiery red aura's started to pulsate around Zaran's body. After gaining more mana there was now no problem with casting 'flash fire' twice at the same time. Because it had was a skill that could be charged he could stockpile charges and unleash them at the same time greatly increasing his possible burst damage.

Zaran waited until the Rotters were all packed up, the aura constantly pulsating and growing larger. Every single point of mana that he regenerated was poured into the aura. When the Rotters' aura nearly touched him, the fiery red aura's exploded forward, heavily damage all the rotters in his way. Zaran immediately took a few steps back after unleashing the skill on the Rotters and a light green sword energy passed him as he was turning back.

The light green sword energy instantly swept up forty Rotters and deplenished their health and a two golden rays of light spiraled down upon Nuvahn, who had a huge smile on his face.

"Devouring chaos blade!" Zaran roared as a platinum coloured sword energy shot forward and split a dozen rotters in half. Right afterwards Zaran unleashed two more devouring chaos blades and another Two dozen rotters bit the dust. Three golden lights hit Zaran in quick succession as he instantly hit level 23.

"Kirin now!" Zaran said as he ran past her. Kirin slighty lowered her head and purplish-black flames sprouted from her maw. After gathering fire for a few seconds she opened her maw and a giant purplish-black fireball shot at remainder the Rotters with tremendous speed, instantly turning Rotters to dust upon touching them. After the attack had swept through the remainder of the Rotters the floor was littered with small brown pouches.

Zaran quickly brought up the party menu and changed the drops to be distributed evenly with all the participating members. After sweeping up the drops, the money and items were evenly split among Nuvahn and Zaran. While the vast majority of the pouches only held some coin, there had been 10 which held an peculiar item.

Rotter's Soul
Upon using the soul on a piece of equipment there is a 1% chance that the piece of equiment will be given a soul. After a piece of equipment receives a soul it gets a unique skill that belonged to the owner of the soul before its death. The equipment is destroyed if the action fails.

"Hey Zaran. You got some of these souls too right?" Nuvahn asked.

"Yeah, what about it?"

"How about trying to fuse them later on?"

Zaran stared at Nuvahn with a blank expression. That was a surprisingly good idea, in many games things could be fused into something more powerful so why not these souls. "That's a good idea! We should research it later on! It'd be amazing if we could get the aura ability. It's so retardedly overpowered. Just imagine using this aura in fights against other players. We would not even need to try at all. A lot of mages and most, if not all, melee and ranged classes would be worthless against us."

"Depending on how strong it is we would be virtually unbeatable. We should grab as many of these souls while we're down here as we can! Even if we don't get the aura, as long as we get the ranged ability instead it would still be more than worth it."

"More coming." Kirin sent mentally to Zaran.

"Where from Kirin?" Zaran asked.


Zaran took out his longbow and quiver, his mana not having recovered enough to allow the usage of 'flash fire'. With longbow in hand he walked forward towards the direction the Rotters came from. Moments later a group of 4 Rotters showed themselves but Zaran just snorted and used 'Buzzard shot' a few times to kill them with ease.

"Let's go to corridor we first saw the Rotters come from, there's bound to be more there." Zaran said as he continued on, as none of the party were afraid of running into a large horde of Rotters.

They swiftly came upon the corridor and entered it. Every Rotter that they met, met a swift demise as they were simply no longer their opponent. In a mere hour Zaran and Nuvahn had leveled to level 30 and level 31 respectively.

The layout of the sewers was fairly simple and only existed of a large square outer ring, divided into smaller square areas through the corridors. Corridors that ran into a dead end actually ran under the wall and were built in a such a way that they would be easy to extend in the future.  

The party had cleared the outer corridors of rotters along with the first inner square.

Moving towards the next square area, Zaran suddenly noticed a new type of Rotter. This one still wore the Virul guard armour and after inspecting it, he knew it would be an extremely challenging opponent if fought one on one.

Rotter knight
Rot (passive)The Rotter knight is surrounded by an aura which decays everything the aura touches.
Shield wall lvl 5The Rotter knight slams his shield in the ground, heavily increasing its defense for a couple of seconds.
Slash of decayThe Rotter knight's aura is compressed into its blade before being unleased unto the enemy in one swift slash. Deals enormous damage and heavily decays equipment.
After countless attempts to create an undying warrior, the sorcerer finally made a breakthrough. This Rotter is the first result of that research. He still wears the Virul guard armour, Virul sword and Virul shield. Unlike its other brethren, this one still possesses most of his speed and battle skills. The aura makes it a particularly troublesome foe.

"Leave this one to me." Zaran coldly said while covering himself with 'Devouring Chaos'.

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