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Chapter 21: Creating spells and skills


Author's note: Someone actually guessed one of the harder to guess spells. I'll be damned.

There's 6 more skills in this chapter with a few more to come in the next. That chapter SHOULD be out today as well and then we can finally move out of that damned clearing. :) 



Currently a large amount of mist swiveled around in the large clearing at the waterfall, making it so one cannot see within. Zaran stood in the mist and had a pleasant expression on his face. It was the first time he had cast the spell and the effect was far better than what he had expected. While seeing anything was impossible in this mist, though his connection with the elements he could still feel every movement within the mist. With a thought Zaran opened a corridor to the outside and wandered through it to exit the mist, the corridor quickly filling with mist again behind him.

You have discovered the D-rank spell 'mist'! Through your understanding of the spell it has immediately advanced to the advanced level!

Mist (Advanced)
Range25 meter radius around the casterMana consumption100
You cover a large area around you in a shrouding mist.
One cannot see anything within from the outside and the visibility within is severely limited.
The caster is able to create corridors to escape from the mist.
The range and density of the mist increase with each consecutive level.

A smile emerged on Zaran's face as he unlocked the spell as immediately getting to advanced level was far better then he had expected. He knew the system took in to account how good your knowledge was of the spell you were creating which showed when he created 'gravity' and 'earth lance'. While he could be considered as being quite good in the spells he had never bothered to understand them fully. Thus this caused 'gravity' and 'earth lance' to be at the beginner level. What Zaran didn't know what that getting from beginner to intermediate needed a higher understanding of the spell itself. Even if the experience reached 100% at beginner level 10 one would not get to the intermediate level without gaining a greater understanding of the spell.

Letting the mist dissipate Zaran started to work on the next spell. This one required a larger amount of effort as it was a spell that required fire and wind elemental particles. As fire elemental particles usually weren't as abundant as earth or wind, it would require a large amount of mana to execute. Zaran had told Kirin to hide far away. This spell would have a large area of effect and if he succeeded it would be a devastatingly strong spell. While Kirin was quite a lot stronger than him currently, he would rather not hurt her.

Some time later a fiery aura started to emanate from Zaran, slowly pulsing as it grew in size. Once it reached a sufficient size Zaran stretched out his hands and the fire aura caused flames to shoot forth in all directions, using the air as fuel for the flames and burning everything in its way. The fire covered an astonishing large circle of 30 meters diameter with him as the epicenter. Zaran looked around and saw that everything near him was reduced to ashes. This spell used the principles of flash fires, where the air itself gets combusted, causing the fire to instantly cover a large area.

Sweat poured of Zaran as if he were a waterfall. He was heavily panting after releasing the spell as using it once used up all the mana he had. "Finally... it... worked." Zaran let out. He had tried to use this spell a few times but hadn't been able to produce the flash fire itself. The spell still took a long time to cast but the area of effect was more than enough to make Zaran happy, as well as the damage it did. His efforts were rewarded with a message box that told him the skill had been succesfully registered as a self-made skill.

You have created a S-rank skill! Please name it!

Flash fire (beginner)
Range15 meter radius around the casterMana consumption300
Damage200-250cast time5 seconds
You cause a flash fire to surge forth from you, reducing everything along its path to ashes.
The range and damage increase with every level while the cast time reduces with each level.

Zaran frowned as he checked the skillbox. He thought he would get the skill to advanced immediately. A smile soon formed as he saw the damage and range, yet that smile turned ugly once he saw the cast time. The cast time was far too long to be used in an actual fight. While he knew the cast time wasn't going to be small this was far larger than he had anticipated.

I will need to get the cast time down to at least two seconds for it to be relevant in battle! Anyway this was the last spell I was going to create so I could train in this spell while I am working on creating the other skills. 

Suddenly Zaran got private messages from Sylphie and Irina. "Way to go Zaran!" Irina sent, while Sylphie sent "Tell me how!!!!"

He quickly told Sylphie that he read the mana and ki books and that though understanding both the books he had developed a good idea as to how the skills work. From that point he tried to create a few skills and once he created one, he could rapidly create another one since it always was the same principle. Sylphie seemed please with that answer as she sent a simple "okay..." back.

He sat down, ate and played with Kirin and Cindarrah before creating the next set of skills.

Walking over to the nearby forest Zaran chopped down a large tree. After creating 8 large wooden stumps out of them, Zaran stood in front of one and gathered ki in his fist. After he gathered the ki in his fist he dispersed it and gathered it again to make his body feel used to the feeling. When he finally got used to the feeling Zaran gathered it once more and lightly tapped the log with his fist and made the ki explode within the log.

A thunderous sound was emitted from the log as large chunks of wood exploded forth from the back of the log. Zaran moved on to the next log and used the same move against this one. This time no wood exploded forth from the log but the same thunderous sound was heard from the log. Zaran cut the log open and checked the insides to reveal that the inner part of the log was charred while the outside was perfectly clean. Only now did a message box appear confirming that he had created a skill.

You have created a S-rank skill! Please name it!

Thunderous fist (advanced)
Damage100-125Ki consumption100
You cover your first with ki and strike your opponent with it.
Once the fist makes contact with your target the ki bursts forward and explodes within the target, causing a large amount of internal damage.
The damage increases with each level.

Smiling as yet another S-rank skill was made public with his name, he took out the longbow and equipped the quiver. He took one of the arrows and slowly started to infuse it with ki. He carefully kept the amount of ki the arrow had within in check and slowly kept on raising the amount of ki within it. After 26 ki had been used up the arrow shattered and quickly turned to dust. This time Zaran quickly filled another arrow with 25 ki and forced the ki to slowly swivel around the arrowhead.

He started to increase the speed at which the ki swiveled around the arrowhead and after a few seconds a small cyclone was forming on the arrowhead due to the speed at which the ki moved. After this happened Zaran dispersed the ki in the arrow and started all over again. After an hour of continuously imbuing the arrowhead with ki, making it swivel around the arrowhead until it formed a cyclone and dispersing it, was he finally able to pull this off within a second. Zaran quickly nocked the arrow, pulled the bowstring all the way back while aiming at the third log of wood and released the arrow.

The arrow burst forward with incredible speed and pierced straight through the log, causing large chunks of wood to explode from the log. After firing nine more arrows at the same log there was barely anything left to even be able to call it a log. Zaran had inspected the arrows after firing them and with each subsequent shot the damage to the arrowhead itself had decreased. It was only after the fifth arrow that the arrowhead barely took anymore damage. When he fired the last arrow the arrowhead had not even taken damage, as the small cyclone and the ki had done the job of absorbing the impact. It was at this tenth arrow that Zaran received confirmation that a skill was created yet again.

You have created an A-rank skill! Please name it!

Buzzard shot (intermediate)
DamageArrow damage + 40-60Ki consumption25
An arrow is imbued with ki and the ki is forced to swivel around the arrowhead at rapid speeds afterwards, the arrow is fired at a target with a highly penetrative effect.
The damage increases with each level.

After creating this skill Zaran used flash fire once more and rested for a bit as to allow his ki to replenish itself. Once his ki was back at the maximum value Zaran started working on a bodily skill. While most of his skills thus far had an impact on his enemies, the next one would have one on himself. What he still lacked was a skill that allowed him to increase both his damage and his actual speed.

Thus Zaran had two choices. He could use a magic spell to increase his speed, or use ki to have the same effect. Zaran had decided to use ki for this beforehand as it was easier to do so. Yet in the future when the ki demands for his skills would become higher he would switch to a spell as he could shave off some of his ki expenditure during fights that way. Strengthening his physical attacks was also possible with both a spell and ki, but yet again using ki would be far easier than using a spell. Likewise in the future he would switch to spells once his ki expenditure grew.

Even now his ki expenditure wasn't necessarily low, but he still deemed it a better choice. For one he was not as proficient in magic as he was in using ki, and due to that he could use ki far faster than mana. Secondly the cast time for spells was a problem for him as well as the duration. Ki could easily be gathered in whatever body part was necessary in a split second and the same was not necessarily the same for mana.

Spells usually covered the whole body as magicians mostly weren't particularly proficient in close quarters combat and for them covering the whole body was the most efficient way. Covering a small part quickly with a defensive spell was something Zaran had never seen any magician do in any of his lives. Even after extensive research himself he found that it was near impossible to do so. The game might allow him to do this later on, so if he deemed that he had enough time to research it he would most likely spend some time to see if he could benefit from it. Meanwhile if his ki expenditure grew too big he would switch to a body covering defensive spell even though that would rapidly drain his mana.  

After using Flash fire once more Zaran started gathering ki in different parts of his body before dispersing it. Meticulously raising the amount of ki a body part held, he kept prodding it with his fingers. Only until that part of his body felt like steel did he stop. He took notice of the amount of ki that took him and thereafter dispersed the gathered ki. He then started the same process all over his body until he could effortlessly gather it in a split second at the desired location. Finally to end the practice Zaran used ki his whole body. Subsequently another skill created.

You have created an A-rank skill! Please name it!

Tempered body (beginner)
Defense increase100%Ki consumption10-100
One imbues his cells with ki effectively raising the defensive of their body by a large amount. 
The ki consumption varies depending on the amount of the body that is covered.
Every level the defensive capabilities of tempered body raise. After a threshold is reached, lower leveled weapons may no longer harm the user.

Zaran smiled as this skill was created. Next he worked on a skill that increased his speed. This was not all too difficult and a low ranking skill was soon created. 

You have created an D-rank skill! Please name it!

Swiftness (Advanced)
Speed increase300%Ki consumption10-20 per minute
One imbues his feet or arms with ki effectively, dramatically increasing one's speed. 
Speed increases with every level.

Zaran took a quick break after creating this skill as the continuous creation of skills had worn him out both mentally and physically.

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