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Chapter 9: Meeting her Royal Highness!


AN: Make-up chapter for yesterday's horrible cliffhanger. I really wanted to get that chapter out yesterday, keeping the 1 chapter every 2 days pace going. But because of your responses I decided to squeeze a chapter out today as well. 
Have fun (you guys were close!)

The armour was a samurai style armour, it was made from scale plating linked with straps of leather. The scale plating covered up the most significant area's, while flexible dark red leather covered the joints and the inside of the arms. This made it a moderately light armour, but at the same time it still offered a lot of protection. He was happy with that part about it, but not with the condition it was in. The leather was tattered, some of the scales were missing and overall it looked very aged. 

Hellweaver king's armour(Tattered)
A previously mighty armour made from the Hellweaver king's leather and protective scales. The leather has become tattered and some of the scales are missing. A skilled craftsman should be able to repair it to its former glory.

Zaran was not sure what to think about it. It said it used to be mighty armour but he couldn't use until he had the ability to repair it or found someone with the ability to repair it. While that gave him hope, he had no idea how to even start fixing it. Would he even have the resources necessary to fix it?

Thinking that he could always worry about it later, he threw it in his storage ring. Along with the 2 skill books, one of the weapons, the green bead and the recommendation from the gallery of spears there were also the drops he had gotten from the Hellweavers on his way to the king. He had 2 Hellweaver teeth, 3 Hellweaver legs and 5 patches of Hellweaver leather, all which were of intermediate quality.  Killing the king had instantly let him jump 2 levels, letting him reach level 6, but yet again he did not bother investing attribute points. He could worry about those later and he did not need any immediate boost right away. 

Before continuing Zaran checked the streaming menu. He had been streaming for one and a half hour now, which should be enough to keep his sister occupied while making dinner. His jaw dropped and his eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw the viewer count. 12683 viewers? HOW? No more importantly... why? 

Zaran started reading some of the comments that were flooding the stream's chat channel. Most were cries of astonishment. Most of the reactions were the same.

-How did he do that?!?

-Is he even an user?

-Holy **** did you see that just now the way he moved and evaded that? He's a god!

Zaran read through some more while biting his lip... He turned the stream off and then quickly went into the mail settings and friend request settings. He had to turn them off presto! When he tried to open his mailbox the area around him even warped for a second because of the massive amount of mails people had already send him. Upon seeing the astonishing number of 51689 mails he quickly disabled the option that made it so only friends could send him mails. He had quickly checked the first few mail topics and all were about how to make a custom s-rank skill or how to move about like him.

He snorted at those people's idiocy. As if it was that easy to do! He had experienced an innumerable amount of battles before he came even close to be able to move about like this. After selecting 'delete all mails' and pressing the 'ok' button, he went into the friend request menu. Yet again there were a large amount of friend request, but he selected to ignore all of them and turn them off for everyone but his friends yet again. Finally he disabled it so that only friends could whisper to him, so he couldn't be bothered by people while he was walking about in town. After quickly checking some more options and not seeing the need to disable or change anything else he quit the menu. 


In a dark room, a lonely girl was staring at a computer screen. On that screen she was watching Zaran's game play. She was about twenty years old and had beautiful golden hair that reached her behind. Her perfect green eyes had a special sheen to them and she had a luscious body, which she had covered up with a long white dress that had a deep cut and a bare back. Even though she looked like a seductress, the aura she gave off was refined and elegant. 
"Fuuu... seems like he's rusty... Improve quickly little Zaran, I need you to play well in this little "game" of ours.* The beauty whispered with a seductive voice while she put one of her fingers on her lip, slightly pulling it down. 
"I wonder which route you will take." She whispered as a somewhat wicked smile appeared on her face, one which did not quite match her beauty. 

Zaran switched to the longsword again and searched for the cavern's exit. After searching half the outer edge of the cavern he finally found a barely visible hallway. He entered the hallway and after a few turns, he entered a small cavern. In this cavern, many beautifully woven cobwebs adorned the walls and ceiling, making Zaran feel like they were made to decorate the place. Egg sacs surrounded the lower parts of the walls, where no cobwebs were, and two golden colored eggs along with one dark-pink colored egg were placed in the middle of the room.

After looking around in amazement at the cobwebs a sweet voice entered his head.

"Greetings two-legs, I have been waiting for you to arrive."

"I guess I should call you Royal Highness?" Zaran said loud, making sure his voice could be heard by what he supposed was the Hellweaver queen.

"Fufufu, it has a way with words. Yes, that is what the others call me, but you may call me Cindarrah. Very few are worthy to call me this name, but for you I shall make an exception. I know you have killed many of my kind but, that's not everything there is to you now is it?"

"What do you mean by that?" Zaran asked, not sure what the queen was hinting at.

"Even though my kind tried to kill you, you didn't kill them out of rage, or spite... but out of pity. Even though they attacked you... you didn't feel right about killing them. Instead you wished there was another way to deal with us. Am i right to assume this?" the sweet voice whispered.

"Yes, they did not have to die, but... you cannot stay here. Seeing as to how her Royal Highness is talking to me politely, I should be safe to assume you are here to offer me another solution to this problem?"

"Mmhmm, originally I told my kind to guide you to this room... but they did not listen. Their pain and rage made them attack everything on sight." the queen said with in a sad tone. "At first I planned to make this our temporary home, until my kind recovered its strength and could move elsewhere. However once I checked my kind's wounds I noticed that the wasps poison made it so that my kind couldn't possibly recover anymore. Hence I was forced to use my own vitality to create more of my kind, which made me result into this."

A small Hellweaver crawled on top of the dark-pink egg, barely bigger than Zaran's hand. 

"But once I started creating eggs, the different kind of two-legs appeared in this cave. With the state we were in we were lucky to drive them off once. Luckily they sealed the cave off from the outside buying us precious time. At that time i already decided that if there was any other two-legs that entered the cave... I would try to converse with them, making them understand that we don't mean any harm. We just need our next generation to be born and we will move out. But my kind was already too far gone. Their vitality and sanity had already hit rock bottom. They would no longer heed my commands. Luckily it was you who came here. So please two-legs, hear my plea."

"I promise to listen. If it's in my ability to do... I shall consider it." Zaran replied honestly.

"After my kind's vitality hit rock bottom, so did mine soon. I no longer have much time on this world, so I wish for you to take my children away with you. Including these special ones." The queen said as she pointed towards the two golden eggs and the dark-pink one. "The main part about my request is that you need to establish two colonies elsewhere. The place should match our needs and plenty of prey should be nearby. At the same time there should be little to none predators in the area. I cannot offer you a great reward for this ordeal, but I can offer you but one, should you so wish to take it. These three eggs in the middle are all Hellweaver queen eggs. Special about these eggs is that they are imprinted with my knowledge. It's a privilege to us queens. Normally it causes the new queens to exhibit similar behavior to the old one... but... I modified this one. You should take it, it should be of great benefit to you." The queen said in a mysterious tone as she nodded towards the one she sat on.

"What's so special about that one?" Zaran asked, intrigued by the queen's mysterious behavior. 

"Fufufu, it caught your attention did it not? Well this one, young two-legs, is special because, it does not instantly gain the knowledge. Causing this one to be able to create her own identity, contrary to the other ones. I want you to take it as a companion as a reward."

"But it is a queen's egg. Will she even bother to listen to me?" Zaran looked at the dark-pink egg as he asked this. He was really interested in getting a companion. Even more so because it was a Hellbeast. Barely anyone would have the requirements to get it. Making it unique. Even counting all the unique moments of every of his reincarnations he could still count the truly unique experiences on one hand. Thus if anything was even remotely close to unique, he always had a craving towards it.   

"Ah... I forgot." Zaran thought he saw the queen's black cheeks turn a little paler while she said this in her ever so sweet voice.

"We imprint on the first... living thing we see. To us that becomes our parent. In the past there have already been cases where the parent turned out to be something rather... awkward." The queen said while she giggled. While the queen was talking, the dark-pink egg started to visibly move under her.

"You have to decide quickly two-legs! Do you wish to heed to my request or will you end us?" she hurriedly said.
"I accept your request, your Royal Highness." Zaran responded immediately after the queen hurriedly asked. 

Quest: Saving the Hellweavers
Quest difficulty: Unknown.
You have accepted the Hellweaver queen's plea to take her eggs away with you. She asked you to find two new locations with plentiful prey and scarce predators so her kind can start anew.
Currently established Hellweaver colonies: 0/2

"I am sorry for the burden but nevertheless thank you. I pray you may become the savior my kind needs." The queen said, her sweet voice growing weaker. "Quick, take this one." she said as she jumped off the dark-pink egg and started rolling it towards Zaran.  "She will hatch soon." 

As Zaran picked the dark-pink egg up, the queen drew her last breath. As one life had been given birth to, another drew its last breath. Cracks quickly started appearing on the dark-pink egg and soon after a beautiful dark-red Hellweaver queen climbed out of the broken shells. She was bigger than the previous queen, covering both his palms with her body and legs.

Congratulations on getting a companion! How would you like to name it?

Zaran quickly typed "Cindarrah", after confirming a familiar sweet voice entered his head "Daddy?". 

Zaran's heart melted as the cute little Cindarrah said this. Zaran nodded and then the queen quickly, climbed to Zaran's chest, over his face and laid herself down on his head. Zaran grinned as he saw this. Soon after she mounted Zaran's head Cindarrah entered a deep sleep.

Time to clean out these eggs then. Zaran said as he started moving the egg-sacs and golden eggs into his storage ring. Besides the golden eggs Zaran picked up 10 egg-sacs. He had taken the time to count the amount of eggs one of the sacs had and it reached nearly a hundred. 

Hmm, I guess I should pay Henry a visit. Surely he knows something about Hellweaver.. Wait. First i need to get the reward for clearing the caves!

A whisper popped up in front of him as he was preparing to leave.

"Zaran dinner!"

"Coming!" Zaran replied as he started logging out.

"See you soon Cindarrah!" Zaran said as his character vanished from the cave, along with Cindarrah. 

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