Author's note; Slightly shorter chapter than the ones before it (about 2.2k words instead of 3k?) but i'm still sick and it's been affecting my vigor to... do anything really. I cut it a little short since I really wanted to bring out a chapter today, but it leaves you at a pretty bad cliffhanger. 

idk if cliffhangers are ever a good thing... probably are, since they keep my readers interested... I hope.

It was also really fun to see your speculations on the Hellweaver queen :). 

As always have fun with the chapter!

Edit: forgot to update title name once i posted. Woops.


A domineering aura shot forth as the colossal Hellweaver king stood up, causing Zaran to immediately take a step back. Zaran tried to inspect the Hellweaver king, but failed. This meant that the Hellweaver king was at the lowest level 10 and possibly even higher.

Damnit. This is going to be troublesome, he's at least level 10 and he might have abilities that the other Hellweavers did not have. I guess I could use the theory I confirmed earlier... if I do an attack near one of the puncture wounds, it will start to heavily bleed from it and if I can just wait it out I should be able to kill it... but that depends on this thing's HP... how high would it be? It's level 10 at least so that would mean about 1000 HP minimum going from the other Hellweavers.. More because it's a boss monster?

These thoughts took just a split-second to take place but in that split-second the colossal already made it's first move. It shot out one of the web-balls at him. Like the others Zaran just slashed it apart, causing it to split up and miss him.

Show me something new. If there's nothing new it is going to be an easy fight and I would have been worrying for nothing. 

The next moment the Hellweaver king raised one of his legs, ready to impale Zaran. Seeing this move Zaran could only snort and he swiftly ran forward, arriving under the king's abdomen. In the time it took for the King to realise where Zaran had gone, Zaran could quickly stab the abdomen twice. Although the bleed status wasn't confirmed he could see the king's HP.

-16 (1984/10000)

Zaran's face turned ugly to behold as he saw the abominable number turn up. He had expected it to have more than a 1000 hp but 2000 HP was just too huge of a number. Even if he could cause a bleed status, would the hp drop fast enough for him to hold out?

The Hellweaver king lowered it's abdomen, ready to shoot a web-ball at Zaran, seeing the king lower its abdomen instantly made him return to his senses and think of a nasty plan. He positioned himself in such a way so that he would not get hit by the ball but could still cut it. As the web-ball was shot out from the abdomen slashed diagonally, causing half of the web-ball to hit the king's abdomen near the left third leg, while the other half beautifully hit the second right leg and the ground.

Zaran quickly ran towards the king's lowered abdomen, stabbed his longsword in it deeply and then slashed downwards with all his strength, straight towards the hole where the web-balls came out from. As he slashed it open, a web-ball rolled out but did not explode. Having an idea, Zaran quickly ran from under the king's abdomen, to the opposite site of where its head was.

-50 (1934/10000)[Bleeding]

"Hey, I'm over here!" He shouted towards the Hellweaver King, who was shrieking in pain. As he heard the abominable two-leg's voice, the Hellweaver king turned its body towards the sound, without noticing that one of his legs couldn't move. This caused him to rip his own leg out, heavily injuring him.

-512 (1424/10000)

The Hellweaver shrieked and his voice resounded once more in Zaran's head.


A red aura began to ooze out from the boss, slightly enveloping the position of its lost leg. Soon, the leg began recovering at high speed. Seeing this Zaran's eyes widened as he could not let this happen. He quickly exchanged his longsword for the spear and ran towards the web-ball that had not exploded. Seeing Zaran move towards him again, the king tried to impale him with one of his legs but Zaran jumped over the web-ball, then curled up into a ball and let himself roll from under the abdomen, removing himself from the web-ball. The king's leg hit this web-ball and it exploded upwards, firmly enveloping his leg, making it unable to be moved.

"NOOOO." The king roared in Zaran's mind as he noticed what happened. The king was forced to rip this leg from himself as well.

-546 (878/10000)

Quickly the red aura oozed towards the newly lost leg and now both legs were healing at an astoundingly fast rate. Seeing as the king couldn't possibly move with 2 lost legs, Zaran took the opportunity to stab his abdomen with 5 hits of the spear and causing another bleed effect.

-50 (828/10000)[Bleed effect]

-42 (786/10000)

Zaran quickly ran towards some nearby rocks for cover, seeing that the King's legs had almost fully healed. Zaran was sure that the king had another move besides the self-healing that he had not used yet. A split-second after Zaran took cover behidn the rocks, the king's legs finished regrowing. At the same time the Hellweaver king spat out some blood and another huge damage number popped up.

-393 (393/10000)

Half his hp for healing? That's a pretty hefty price to pay. But it's a gift from the gods though. Same with dismembering his legs, I didn't think it would turn out that well. Now i can sit and wait for him to bleed out... hopefully.

Zaran had a smile on his face after seeing the large damage number pop up. The Hellweaver king shrieked loudly one last time and then lifted his abdomen up in the air, spraying spider-silk everywhere, luckily because he was hidden near an outcrop barely any made its way out there. Zaran's smile instantly dissipated and his face turned ugly to behold. The situation was instantly reversed. He was in a bad position now while the Hellweaver king was in a really, really good position. He quickly ran over the possibilities. Only seeing one real option to victory he remained hidden for a while, hearing the Hellweaver king run around the whole cavern trying to find him. 

-50 (343/10000)[Bleed effect]

-50 (343/10000)[Bleed effect]

It took about 30 seconds, and two giant drops of blood to drop from the Hellweaver king's abdomen to finally arrive near the place Zaran was hiding at. Already having switched his spear for the greatsword he sat there waiting patiently. 

Drip... Drip... Drip... Saliva fell on the rock behind him. Zaran immediately trusted his greatsword upwards smashing directly into the Hellweaver king's jaw, stunning him for a moment. Zaran took this time to jump towards the highest rock, onto one of the Hellweaver's legs and then stabbed his greatsword into the colossal Hellweaver king's body, creating a footstep that allowed him to get onto the king's back. Then he quickly took out the longsword and planting it deep into the king's back, holding onto it firmly for the king's violent shaking that was to follow. 

-45 (298/10000)

Feeling the sharp pain in its back the Hellweaver king started shaking his body violently, trying to get the pest of his back. The king tried everything possible to get Zaran of his back but to no avail. While he spent great effort to be able to hold on, both Zaran and the king were visibly getting closer to exhaustion. It was only a matter of time until one of the two could no longer move. All the while the king kept bleeding. After a full three minutes the Hellweaver king's stamina neared its limit and its legs were shaking with every step. The bleed effect stopped after the first two minutes of the hellish ride on the Hellweaver king's back, leaving him with very little hp left. Even though the king was nearly dead, Zaran was still on his guard because the next few minutes would be the trickiest. 

-250 (48/10000)[Bleed effect]

Calming down the Hellweaver king noticed an area where he could hit the sealing with its back if it jumped... it would take some damage but if the two-legged thing stayed on his back... the impact should crush it to death. Coincidentally it was an area that barely any of the spider silk had gotten too. If he went there and the two-legs could escape he would possibly die. If it didn't go there it would die for sure. Seeing as it didn't have another option, it made its way over to the area, once it was in position it summoned all it strength and jumped up high.

Already noticing what the Hellweaver king was planning to do, Zaran calculated where he should drop to instantly be able to attack. As the Hellweaver king was making its way to the place with the lowered ceiling, Zaran started to pull out his longsword with the utmost care. The king absolutely couldn't feel it or it would shake him off and death would be almost certain. As the king arrived there Zaran immediately pulled out the rest of his longsword and jumped off the king's back. Through controlling the landing he made sure that he wouldn't take any damage. 

The king noticed that the two-legs was trying to get the sword loose and kept walking forward. It formed plans of its own to kill the stupid two-legs when it thought he would jump. As he prepared to jump the two-legs finally got off him and the king shrieked in pleasure, while turning his body towards the thing.

I was had! Zaran instantly noticed something was wrong once he got off the king's body. He didn't jump! Instantly preparing himself for a counter attack, Zaran suddenly noticed something appearing from his side. He can sweep, that guy still had something hidden! Zaran quickly shifted his longsword to the side, and tried to back step before he was hit. However Zaran was too slow this time and got hit by the powerful leg sweep of the king. The sweep was so powerful that he flew 20 meters away and he hit the cavern's wall, almost completely draining his hp in one hit.

-96 (24/120)

Oh ****. This was one hit!

"Foolish two-leg, you are finished!" the king roared happily in his head seeing that the damage Zaran had taken couldn't possibly be little. Zaran gave a wry smile to the Hellweaver king. Its sweep was way faster than one of those impales. It went so freaking well that I let my guard down just a tiny bit, causing this mess. Damnit! How do I win now... 

Zaran had an idea that could work but... he wasn't certain if the king would be stupid enough to take the bait. he took out the spear as well and dropped his longsword in front of him. Holding the spear valiantly in front of him as the Hellweaver king approached, the king started to laugh in his head again. "Ah ha ha ha ha ha you think that silly little stick will be able to kill me! Two-legs i will break your stick!"

As he saw the king laughing Zaran couldn't pass up on the opportunity and let the spear loose with his left hand, then pulled his right arm back and threw the spear right towards the Hellweaver king's head. The Hellweaver king's eyes visibly widened as it saw the spear approaching. It quickly shut its mouth, causing the spear to weakly crash into his lips breaking apart almost instantly. It's frontal defense was just too great. 

Zaran smirked as he saw the king react towards the spear. It had taken the bait! He instantly rolled towards his sword, immediately stood up and did an overhead slash into its abdomen followed by two stabs. Zaran noticed another sweep coming and dropped to the floor, then had to roll to the side to avoid getting impaled by one of the Hellweaver king's legs, then having to roll to the side yet another time to avoid getting hit by another impale. The king was clearly pulling out all stops to kill him. 

-24 (24/10000)

Just a few more hits... just a few more!

Zaran quickly jumped up after the king took a small break from trying to impale him. But before he was able to attack another sweeping leg swung towards him. He fully bent backwards, causing him to be in a spider-walk position. The King's leg barely grazed his chest, making Zaran sigh in relief. He really had dodged that one by a hair! Zaran raised himself again and did an overhead slash but was yet again assaulted by a sweep. This sweep was pretty low so he jumped over it head first and then rolled to the ground beautifully avoiding 2 impales at the same time. Raising himself one more time he did a quick succession of stabs towards the Hellweaver king's body, ending its life.

-24 (0/10000)

Congratulations you have beaten the legendary boss Hellweaver king! You are the first to kill one of the Hellweaver kings. Do you wish to publicize your name?

Zaran quickly removed the notification from his eyes, not wishing to share his name. He didn't want a "yay, you did it!" for this. It was in a weakened state from the start and he had been very, very lucky throughout his fight. At the same time he knew what had happened to the Hellweaver King and all the other Hellweavers. He would really feel bad if he would publicize his name for this. Zaran sighed and looked towards the corpse, checking if there was any good loot.

Because the corpse was massive and hadn't disappeared yet, which he guessed was probably because the miners needed to see some evidence, he had to walk around the entire corpse to be able to locate the loot. He first looked around the area near his greatsword, then proceeded to pull it out and searched the entire corpse. After walking around the whole corpse twice and still not having found anything he started walking away from it, until he noticed a weird shape near the corpse. As he approached he noticed that it was a samurai-style chest armor, Zaran went over and picked it up, believing it would be something amazing from a legendary boss.

But looking at the item info Zaran's face revealed a complex expression...

This is?

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