Author's note: I planned to stuff more in this chapter, but then decided that the last part of the chapter would be able to be skipped if people didn't want to read it. You'll see what i'm talking about at the end of this chapter.

Anyways have fun with chapter 4.1 Regret.

Chapter 4.1: Regret

Zaran entered the sword school and reported the result of his quest.

“While we must thank you for the service you have given our sword school, we cannot take you in a disciple.” The NPC said.

“What? Why not?” Zaran asked utterly taken aback.

“From your display in the market square earlier there is no doubt that you’re already an outstanding swordsman. We do not know your reasons for trying to enlist in our sword school but unfortunately we have to refuse you. Rather instead of us giving you points you might have to be the one to give us pointers. I hope you do not blame us for our refusal, but… we simply cannot take you in.”

Zaran was flabbergasted. His actions in the market square made him unable to join the sword school? Didn’t that mean as much as that he wouldn’t be able to get the basic swordsman skills?!? He would also suffer from a lack of quests. While he could technically apply at the other guilds and he really wanted to display his own swordsmanship but… his purpose was to also use the skills that the game provided. It would be a waste for him not to use them.

“I’m sure there must be some kind off mistake, you can’t just deny me can you?” Zaran asked nervously, afraid to lose out on the skills, quests, exp and other advantages

“Apologies, but we really can’t allow you to become our disciple.”

“Thanks regardless…” Zaran’s shoulders dropped as he said this. It was utterly devastating news to him. No new skills for the time being… maybe I will be able to join a sword school at the capital or at the military city of Deneg? Let’s hope I can.

He turned around and walked away from the sword school. Now what to do... I guess I could go to the archer’s guild or apply to the gallery of spears…

Zaran walked made his way towards the gallery of spears and informed if he could enter as he disciple at the guard. After the guard went to get the master of the gallery of spears he was rejected yet again.

“I’m sorry sir but our gallery of spears is just beneath you. I am sure such an accomplished swordsman as you have some skill with the spear already? No need to join our lowly gallery of spears. However i could give you a letter of recommendation for the other galleries if you wish?”

“I’ll take that recommendation then, but may i ask you one more question? Will the other guilds deny me entrance too? I was planning to polish my skills some here but if no one will grant me entry it would not be in my best interest to walk around the whole town now would it?”

“Hmm, I am pretty sure that the other martial arts guilds will deny you for the same reason. You are simply too skillful for a small place such as Virul. You really should check out the guilds in the other cities, I’m certain there’s more to learn for you there than there is here. As for the crafting guilds i see no reason for them to deny you.” The master respectfully replied. He really believed that Zaran was a very accomplished master swordsman. “Now give me a moment to get the recommendation for you.”

The master left for a while and then came back with a small scroll and a ring. “Here is the recommendation letter and consider this ring a gift from our gallery of spears. It is a storage ring which we usually give out to our initiates. I noticed you didn’t have one so i decided to grant you it.”

Zaran respectfully accepted the storage ring and the recommendation letter. After equipping the storage ring he noticed that it only had a meager 25 slots. I guess I can upgrade it or get a better one later. Zaran thought. He politely cupped his hands as he bade the spear master farewell.

“Good luck on your adventure esteemed master. Let’s have a cup of tea next time you visit here.” The spear master said as he bade Zaran farewell.

So… off to the crafting district it is. I really regret making that custom skill so early now. Never imagined it would become that much of an issue for me. Will I be stuck making custom skills for the early levels now? Wait… isn’t there still a place i need to go? Zaran checked his character info and face palmed. How could i forget! I have no mana and no ki! They can’t deny me from getting those skills right?!?

With renewed vigor Zaran ran off to the mystic arts guilds and the wizard guild. While he still did get denied entry to both guilds, through using the status of a “master swordsman” he was able to get the books that explained the basics of ki and mana, along with the basic spell book fireball.

Phew, luckily they believed my story that I have a disciple that i can’t be with all the time and that a basic book on mana and ki would really help him out while i am gone. If I couldn’t even obtain mana or ki I would be better of starting over. But I don’t know if I could get that custom skill again. Or that it could be used at all on another player. I should confirm that sooner or later.

Zaran marched towards the training field. If he didn’t remember that he should try and get mana and ki he would’ve forgotten to go to the training field. I hope they’re not waiting for me…

Sylphie and Irina were both waiting in front of the training field for Zaran. When they arrived there they hoped he would be there already but… he wasn’t. A few minutes after they got there they saw Zaran running towards the training field. He ran right up to them and heavily panted as he asked “I… hope you haven’t been waiting for too long?”

Sylphie replied cheekily “Not really but… are you going to make us girls wait for you every time? Don’t you know that girls REALLY don’t like to be kept waiting? If you ever want to get yourself a girlfriend you need to learn to be on time Zaran.”

“Ouch… sis that’s no fair! There’s a very good reason for me to be late. When I went to deliver in the quest, I didn’t get taken in as a disciple because of the fight in the market square. For some reason the guild masters here all believe i’m some all encompassing martial arts master. So I ran to the gallery of spears to see if they could accept me but i got denied entry there too, although they did give me a storage ring and a recommendation letter, then I remembered i don’t have ki or mana yet, so i went to the mystical arts guild and the wizard guild and although I got denied entry there I was able to get some skill books from them!”

Irina’s and Sylphie’s eyes widened “WHAT? You got denied? How is that even possible?”

“I know, but somehow they all believe that i’m some super overpowered martial arts master and that they can’t possibly give me pointers anymore.” Zaran grumbled.

“Well, we got another quest from our guilds, so what are you going to do in the meantime?” Sylphie asked.

“I was thinking of going over to the craftsmen district and get me some other crafts that I deem necessary. There’s also the two advanced skill that I should go obtain soon. If you girls don’t have any business in the craftsmen district maybe it’d be better for us to split up for a while. I don’t wish to keep you two waiting for an hour or so every time…” Zaran said dejectedly. “There’s also the part where I will not easily obtain new skills for the time being… at least I think. Unless i’m some god in creating custom skills.”

Sylphie’s shoulders dropped “Are you sure brother?”

Zaran nodded. “I think it’d be better that way. I’ll be holding you back a lot early anyway since i want to join so many craftsmen guilds. I can always catch up to you later though, seeing as i don’t have to work and you do.”

“Then Irina and me will be going now Zaran. We’ll carry you later though!” Sylphie said as she hugged her brother.

“Geez get a room you two, you’re almost drooling over each other!” Irina remarked as she separated Sylphie and Zaran. “Well Zaran your sister and me will be going now, if we would pick up some skill books or something for swordsmen we’ll keep them for you okay?” Irina hugged Zaran too and cheekily kissed his cheek before she took Sylphie’s hand and left.

“Girls… really… they like to toy around too much” Zaran said as he touched his cheek, unable to suppress a smile.

“Now then, shall we go and run around the craftsmen district for a while?” Zaran mumbled to himself.

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