What do you want to happen?
Restart all over, keep the main story line, cut out the overhead,
74% 74% of votes
Rewrite older chapters
16% 16% of votes
Drop it and keep working on Strategy's Mistress.
10% 10% of votes
Total: 150 vote(s)

So... everyone realized that Myth Online has been on Hiatus. There's multiple reasons for this. 

1) I didn't really have a story worked out when I started, which made it hard to make a decent story in the first place as I should have planned things out before starting to write a story.

2) The system I tried to implement got way too complicated to keep track of.

3) Due to #1, I found out that there were a lot of things I ended up writing that I did not like or that served no purpose in the end, slowing down progress. 

4) I felt forced to write something I was just really unhappy with at the end and it has given me writer's block for months. 

Now I do still like a large part of the story and the world I was starting to set up but if I want to continue i'd have to restart completely or rewrite the older chapters. 

Now my focus is completely with Strategy's Mistress, so chapters would come out a very, very slow pace.


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