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Days passed by as Mubar kept doing the same basic sword moves over and over and over. Endlessly and tirelessly he swung his greatsword, much to his own annoyance. He didn't really know what the use of this was anymore. Everything combined, he had already performed the same moves over thirty thousand times. 


Yet... he did not dare complain to Zaran. He had opened his mouth on the second day and the amount of swings he had to do had doubled once more. Swinging his sword in an honest way four thousand times was a lot more than he had ever done and on the morning of the third day his arms had felt as if they were going to fall of any second. He hoped that Zaran would forgive him and lessen his training on the third day, but unlike what he hoped, Zaran had made him swing another four thousand times.


Thus Mubar could only grit his teeth and slowly keep going, just barely being able to swing his sword four thousand times within the third day. The days thereafter, Zaran had not increased the count any further, which made Mubar sure that as long as he did what was asked his training would no longer increase. Still, he wondered... what was the use of all this swinging?


The fourth day, Mubar's body and mind were so exhausted that he was only barely able to think about it any longer. He just swung and swung and swung his sword without rest, without thinking. Just him and the sword. It was a feeling like none other he had ever had. 


The fifth day, Mubar didn't really think at all anymore and it started to feel as if the sword just moved on its own, moving in the same trajectory over and over. Mubar started to feel strange. 


As for the next days, Mubar kept feeling strange but couldn't quite put his finger on it. Slowly but surely his feeling started to return and his mind was no longer too exhausted to think. This allowed Mubar to think things over again and the more he thought, the more the strange feeling he had disappeared. Only when it was finally gone for two days did Mubar finally get bothered by the feeling of having it slowly disappear. He figured that Zaran might know the answer and sought him out. 


"Master... I have a question. After the fourth day of training my mind and body were so tired that I could no longer think. A bit after I became like that, I started to have this very strange feeling that I could not quite put my finger on. The more tired I became the stronger the feeling got. However two days later my mind and body started to recover from the fatigue and I started to lose grasp of the feeling. Do you know anything about this?" Mubar respectfully asked. 


Zaran quickly stepped forward and grabbed Mubar by his shoulders. "Do you still have this feeling? Please tell me you do and haven't let it slip away completely!"


Surprised about suddenly being grabbed so fiercely, Mubar winced in pain for a moment before saying. "Sorry, I only started to feel bothered about it once the feeling was no longer there. Did I do something wrong?"


Zaran released Mubar and let out a deep sigh. "Damnit! This could've possibly saved you months or even years of your training if you had told me about it! Fuck!"


"Master, I ... I don't understand?" Mubar quietly said.


"Uhh... even if I tried to explain, you would just not understand what I will be trying to tell you. So I won't bother." Zaran sighed once more. "I know saying this will only make you want to know it more but if I tell you before you at least understand the feeling even a little, it will only set you back. The only thing I can say is to not search for that feeling. It's a feeling that is acquired over time. Not one you can get by force or by your own design. Every single person has gotten it on many different times and many different ways. For some... it will takes decades and they will still not quite be there. For others it might take a few days." 


"One more thing. While understanding the feeling will help you in your pursuit unto the way of the sword, it is in no way necessary to become a master of the greatsword and grasping the feeling does not mean you will necessarily be faster than anyone else. However... hmm, no I won't say anything else. Just keep these things in mind, but if you ever feel that feeling again, contact me immediately, no matter how tired your brain is, at least make sure to remember that."


Mubar started to feel dizzy as he couldn't even understand what his master was trying to tell him anymore. "Uh, sure, if I get the feeling again I tell you, but I shouldn't bother looking for it?"


"That about sums it up." Chuckling, Zaran turned around and walked off. "Make sure to swing another two thousand times today and if you finish, come look for me. We'll start a different part of your training tomorrow."


"ugh.. yes master." Mubar said as he grit his teeth and returned to his training. 


After Mubar had sought him out, Zaran decided that he should check out the city's development. Over the past few days a lot of work had already been done. With the guild and the help of the nayeran, the beginning of a channel had been dug, one which would span nearly the entire area that would belong to the city.  As for the dirt that was dug up, it would be poured between two layers of palisades, forming a solid and thick wall, with the last amount of resources possible.


After the channel and wall were completed, the channel would be connected to one of the nearby rivers, so the whole channel surrounding the city would eventually be filled with water. Zaran had planned it so that the channel would loop back into the river, thus not damaging the fauna and flora in the river all too much. It would still end up being damaged for a while, but in the long run, it would eventually recover. 


The various carpenters and blacksmiths along with a small construction crew, were busy constructing the first few houses. While they weren't all too big, they were big enough to hold a few of the smaller nayeran household as well as house several guild members. 


Zaran talked with the various carpenters, blacksmiths and captains, asking them how long they thought it would take to finish construction of the basic city and necessary buildings and found out that in approximately two months time they should be able to finish the most necessary buildings, houses along with the walls and channel.


The reason the guild could work so fast was that they actually got experience by digging and building vastly increased the speed at which they did so and even the nayeran were visibly improving day by day as they too seemed to be stuck in the same system. 


"Two months huh...  better find something to do in the meantime." Zaran mumbled as his mind worked overtime thinking about everything that needed to be done.


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