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"Florance, Nuvahn, Nekorath, Sylphie and Irena, could you guys stay with me? I need you guys to work on your skills too and I hope you guys will bring Sylphie and Irina up to speed as quickly as possible." Zaran said, taking his greatsword Gigenkai from his back and turning to Mubar. "Now show me what you have learned Mubar."


Mubar's expression turned very serious as he took out his greatsword from his storage ring. The greatsword was extremely large, even bigger than the three meter tall Mubar by quite a bit and the thickness and width of the sword was no joke either. At its thickest point the sword looked to be about twenty centimeters thick and sixty centimeters wide. From the size, length and thickness, Zaran guessed that the blade had to weigh almost twice as much as his own sword. 


"Can't let my sword receive a direct strike from Mubar's." He thought as he readied himself and quietly activated [Swiftness] in advance. As for [Tempered body]... Zaran was rather sure he would not be needing it. The sheer size and weight of the sword would make it almost unable to be moved around quickly and there was a huge chance that the blade wasn't balanced properly. 


So far he had seen very little greatswords for sale in Virul to the point that Zaran even doubted there were any besides monster drops or user-made ones. It made sense though. Properly balanced and good greatswords were far harder to make than regular swords. It also took far longer to create one and thus would take far longer to master the craft.


From the standpoint of a martial artist... It was hard to find a good weapon and then there was still the matter of mastering the greatsword, something which was tremendously more difficult than becoming a master swordsman.


Two of Zaran's own sayings went 'A master of the greatsword can be considered a great master of the sword but a master of the sword cannot be considered a master of the greatsword.' and the other one went "If it takes you a year to master the sword, it will take you ten years to master the greatsword."


Thus there was good reason that there were very, very few blacksmiths in their right mind who would willingly master the art, as there were simply too few people to sell your products at and there was barely anyone around who would do your work honour in the first place. This explained why there were very few greatswords around. 


Mubar slowly brandished his greatsword and took his sweet time to get used to the weight of it once more. Only after a minute did he finally dare to swing his greatsword around, much to Zaran's annoyance. 


"Are you finally going to attack me?" Zaran impatiently said. "With how long it takes for you to ready yourself to battle the battle will be over before you are ready to participate in it."


"Sorry master!" Mubar said as he launched a heavy sideways swoop towards Zaran. The swoop was slow, not at the correct height and Mubar was off balance during the swing itself. This alone made Zaran sight as he just back stepped the swing and watched Mubar slightly stumble forward, causing Zaran to frown once more. 


Mubar used his stumbling as momentum and swooped in the opposite direction. This caused Zaran to be a bit surprised as this was a pretty decent idea. However it posed no threat to him as he back stepped once more, easily avoiding any damage, causing Mubar to stumble yet again. Mubar prepared to attack once more but Zaran disappointingly shook his head. "Stop, I don't need to see anything else."


Quickly storing his greatsword, Mubar heavily panted. "How was it?"


"Do you need to ask? Your sword is too heavy for you making you unable to truly wield it. Why told you to get such a heavy greatsword?" Zaran said as he shook his head. 


"My previous masters always said that the heavier the sword the better it was. Even if I stumbled I just had to abuse it to my advantage."


Zaran loudly sighed. "While using stumbling to your advantage is not a stupid idea, using a sword to heavy for yourself to wield however is the most retarded idea I have ever heard of. Not only does it set you back in learning the sword it's also detrimental for your body. It's a miracle you can even walk, your back could've broken, you could've had a hernia or worse, you could have been paralyzed! The first thing we are going to do is get you a low weight greatsword, get you used to that and then slowly work your way up to weight that fits you."


Taking out the first greatsword he had gotten, Zaran threw it at Mubar and quietly said. "Use this one for your training. It'll be way too light for you, but I only have my own one left besides this ones. When I have the time I will make you a better one. For the time being however, it will suffice as your training weapon. I want you to swing it at least a thousand times today."


Mubar picked up the greatsword and easily swung it around a few times. "Swing it a thousand times? That will be easy!"


"Oh if it will be easy for you, you may do another thousand swings right from the bat. Make sure every swing is honest and correct like this one." Zaran said, holding his greatsword with both hands, raised it above his head and swung it down until it nearly hit the grown before moving it all the way up again. 


Groaning, Mubar quickly shut up and started to swing the sword honestly before he got himself into more trouble, preventing the amount of swings to be increased further.


Chuckling at the sight, Zaran walked over to Florance and the others who were practicing on the side and gently wrapped his arms around Florance, who was talking to Sylphie and Irina, and gently planted a kiss in her neck, much to Sylphie and Irina's surprise. 


Before this the two of them had always made sure that neither Sylphie nor Irina had seen the two of them acting lovey dovey with another. Sylphie and Irina both gasped and cried out in surprise. "What! Zaran, y-y-you and Florance?" Sylphie uttered in surprise, her eyes and mouth wide open. 


"Hmm, sorry sis', Florance and me might or might not have been in love for quite a while by now." Zaran said, I wanted to find a good time to tell you but... I couldn't find one and honestly I am sick and tired of acting behind your back. 


"But. You've only know each other for such a short time!" Sylphie uttered. 


"Things happen, people fall in love, I can't explain it. We just... connected." Zaran said in a feigned weak voice. 


"I don't condone of this. She'll have to prove to me that she's worth my little brother. HUMPH!" Sylphie angrily said before she turned around and stomped off. Irina on the other hand just stood there, dazed, confused and a glimmer of tears could be seen in her eyes. A few seconds after Sylphie left, she too turned around and ran after Sylphie. 


Florance too stood there dazed for a bit before she quietly muttered. "You're a fool you know. You've just broken one girl's heart and big time upset your sister by breaking it to her this way."


"I know." Zaran quietly said before turning Florance around and gently pressing his lips against hers. 


Nekorath stopped swinging his greatsword and walked over to Nuvahn. "Psst. Nuvahn. Why am I feeling like I just watched a sloppy romance novel unfold before me?"


"I don't even man." Nuvahn said, continuously swinging his sword as a bright green glow surrounded it. "Just let it pass and don't pay attention to it. Go back to training too and don't bother me anymore if you don't want to be punished by Zaran!"


"Uh... wha?" Nekorath whispered to Nuvahn, before quickly resuming his training. 


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