Hello, dear readers. As you all know, I've completed volume 1 of "Reincarnated as a potato. Yes this is not a joke". I am thankful for those who've read my work, reviewed, and even commented on my admittedly mediocre series. The concept was a something I never imagined writing, yet I did. I wrote the entirety of volume 1 out of fun. Unlike my other works which, when I continued writing, became more and more work for me to continue, this series had me thinking of ideas even if some were not the most original. Regardless, I'm happy to know that some people did enjoy the series. Regardless, I must inform that there will be a gap between volume 1 and volume 2 of the story mainly so I can sort out my ideas and edit some key flaws I've noticed. I hope you all stick with me till then. Anyway, so long dear readers and I hope you all wonderful days!


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