Star Wars Imperial Warlord

by pipn123

Fan Fiction ONGOING Action Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Gender Bender Male Lead Reincarnation Ruling Class Strategy War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

A businessman on earth, who also happened to be a Star Wars fan, died during a business trip and was reborn into the Star Wars Universe as Padme's younger sister. There isn't time for her to change the result of the Clone Wars or the fate of the Jedis, but she could try to save Padme and perhaps build a legacy for herself in the new imperial order.

(Empire-building-centric and character-centric)

Star Wars is the property of Disney and Lucas Films

The cover is an art in one of the star wars art books

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Loads of grammar mistakes but quite good story.

Reviewed at: Padme I

Would have given this story a much higher rating if not for the many upon many grammar mistakes. Author if you read this. I would recommend getting Grammarly. It helps with sentence structuring, spelling mistakes and formulation mistakes. In which are the main 3 ones you are having trouble with.

Apart from that for now I quite like this story and hope the author doesn't drop it. Thank you for writing a good story for now.

  • Overall Score

Good but a little flawed

Reviewed at: Chapter 5

Love the story, great potential, and bad, but tolerable, grammar. This last part is noticeable but forgivable as it is relatively easy to understand and correct in my head. The best advice I can give is to focus on having the release rate be relatively consistent and to let the grammar improve naturally over time, though reading well edited literature in English might also help the author develop a better intuitive understanding of the language. Edit: Having read the latest chapter (#5 of the main chapters) I can say there has been a marked grammatical improvement, good job.

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The quality of the story far outweighs the demerits ascribed to it by poor grammar. I understand that English isn't your first language and that makes it even easier for me to give you that 5 star rating you truly deserve. I look forward to the future when you become proficient enough in the English language that grammatical errors become few and far between. Thank you for entertaining me good sir. :)