Dig a Little Deeper

Dig a Little Deeper

by Astiar

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

Being a dungeon isn't easy. Past memories just out of reach, not wanting to be a murder pit and trying to find a prupose are just the beginning. It takes time and several hiccups to transition from being a mobile being to being a stationary rock that changes the word with its mind. 

What is the miasma right outside the door? What monsters does it hide? Can the people that have found me really be trusted?

The plan is for weekly updates.

Cover art commissioned from Rachel Paizs through Upwork.com

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magical heart

a good light Amusing adventure

Reviewed at: 28 Grug in the Garden

This story isn't anything special but it is a lot of fun and I enjoyed myself a lot while reading it. The  dungeon core sweet but not I want to be everyone's friend sweet which in most worlds doesn't really make much sense it's more of its fun laughing at you so I won't kill you I'll just humiliate you while protecting myself which is enjoyable. I would recommend this storage to anyone who likes classic dungeon story.

John Dovey

Good traditional Dungeon story

Reviewed at: 23 Know Thyself

Really well visualized world and great character development make this story a great read and compensate somewhat for the various errors- especially the homophones. With some decent editing this could be a fantastic story! What is particularly interesting is the emotional content; the development of the main character as well as that of the secondary characters, which is very unusual in this genre.


I'll say it isn't terrible. If dungeon core stories are your thing, then give it a read.

As usual for dungeon core stories, the plot is pretty basic. Make floors, gain levels, collect blueprints, kill things. There isn't any tension in the story and the characters are nothing special. The author mixes it up a bit by showing a lot of adventurer points of view or other people out in the world.

Unfortunately, there are way to many POV characters. I found myself uninterested in many of the side characters because they only existed to show the world and the dungeon's impact on it. I'd prefer if the story had only one or two adventurer view points with their own interesting storys. 


I wanted to wait until I hit chapter three but I couldn't make it that far. Prose, sentence structure, grammar, and inflection all have issues and I'm barely started with the second chapter. Secondly, there's already some cringe and its about as generic as a start as you can get. Not an enjoyable start, I won't be sticking around

Mister Bill

This is a good and fun dungeoncore story. It's more like that No Epic Loot story in that it's not a murder pit so far. It's well written, has only a few errors, and tells a good story. There's some focus on the adventurers but lots more on the dungeon. 
Give it a shot!

Goodboy Jchrist
Spoiler: Spoiler


Very good and it's very interesting and amazing 


Nothing terribly groundbreaking, and grammar has occasional issues, but it's a good story. Some of the pacing seems fast, but that's not too much an issue. For a dungeon core fiction, it's pretty heavy on the adventurers 

There's really not much else to say other than to get up to the fifty word count. The other reviews didn't quite match my thoughts so here they are. This is less constructive criticism and more an FYI to potential readers. 

Irah Ryphson

I really enjoy this story. Its a fun dungeon core story that has a cool world. One where I actually care about characters that aren't the core lol. I look forward to following this story and elsnring more about the world and its characters. I'm excited to see what the core gets up to and what the larger forces have ins tore for her.


I enjoyed this little gem. 

This dungeon is friendly without being a pushover. Helpers are welcomed, abominations are killed, and it is assumed anyone else will be dealt with fairly.

This dungeon is slowly cleansing dense miasma with purified mana and would probably have an epic showdown with its evil neighbor sometime in the future if this story ever comes back from hiatus.