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Sorry this is so full of info. I wanted to get some of how the dungeon works down. I will be putting less of the boxes and notifications in the future. Just wanted everyone to see what they see for this power level. 

“We hit the surface and there are so many boxes!”

“Try to just stay calm. You are in control here. So organize the boxes how you want and we will go through them one at a time.” The authority in her voice was reassuring.

I nodded to her again trying to get my bearings. After a bit of struggle with all the pop ups I was able to make them all minimize. “Ok. I have them under control. Let’s start with the first one that popped up.”

Blueprint unlocked: Common clay

Common Clay: Malleable earth that can be made into many different objects. Not very useful on its own but has great potential.

“Our assumption was right!” I told Arizo excitedly. “When I unlocked clay my memories of what to do with it weren’t blocked. I can tell there are a few things still blocked but that those uses for clay need other ingredients I don’t have yet.”

She did a little happy dance. “That’s wonderful! What else is there?”

Open Sesame!

Finish building your first floor

Unlock Random common plant

There was a sound like a roulette wheel spinning and then an icon popped up. It was the shape of a mushroom. Focusing on it I was given the information.

Blueprint unlocked: Skullcap

Skullcap: Common mushroom found in most parts of the world. Produces deadly toxins and is often called the Deadly Skullcap.

“Wow, another blueprint. This one I have very few memories of.”

“That makes sense. It’s not expected that you know everything you’re going to find in this world. It is also a deadly mushroom. Just knowing to avoid it would have been enough.”

“I understand that. It’s just this is the first thing we unlocked that I haven’t had several memories of. Now onto the next one.”

You have gained 561 experience

I just moved onto the next box

You have reached Level 1

Choose starting race

Another set of boxes popped up.



Kobolds are often dismissed as cowardly, foolish, and weak, but these little reptilian creatures actually have a strong social structure that stresses devotion to the tribe, are clever with their hands, and viciously work together in order to overcome their physical limitations.



Slimes are amorphous creatures whose origin is unknown. They have great potential and the chance of taking on traits of objects they dissolve. While they are extremely weak and easy to destroy they multiply and mutate quickly.



Panthers are large felines that blend in well to their forest homes. There are many varieties of panthers but most keep the same body shape so there are few evolutionary options available. These creatures are naturally shy and will avoid confrontation when possible.



Fungaloids are giant mushrooms with teeth. They are not mobile but can stretch themselves to reach opponents. They are aggressive and territorial. Fungaloids will attack anything that comes within reach, including other dungeon creatures. Mushrooms are very diverse and therefore these creatures have many evolutionary options, rarely do any of those gain mobility.

We looked over the options. “What do you think Arizo?”

“Well slimes are very common and depending on where we are there may be some you can find outside. Fungaloids are not as common but having a creature that can walk on this large floor, would be more helpful.”

I smiled at her. “I was thinking the same thing. There is a part of me screaming for slimes because I think they are cute. But logic has really made the choice. I need a creature that has some speed and hands that can grab stuff is the winner.”

Kobold is selected as your starting creature

Blueprint unlocked: Kobold Hide

Blueprint unlocked: Kobold Claw

Blueprint unlocked: Leather scraps

Leather Scraps: Very few uses other than as bindings in lower quality weapons and armor

Kobold Claw: A sharp talon that can be used as a cutting tool. These are used in beginner leather work and linen making. They can also be used in potion and charm making.

Kobold Hide: Can be turned into leather scraps or average leather. The small size means they have little use other than for beginners in leather work.

“Before I open the next one. Can my creatures leave the dungeon?”

“Yes and no.” Arizo replied. “Normal creatures like the kobold can leave but as soon as they exit they start losing mana. Once their mana is 0 they begin losing health. Once you advance farther there is the option to make beast cores which allow the creature to gather mana themselves and store it. Those creatures can leave the dungeon for extended time. Though they will be weaker and not heal or generate mana as quickly as inside the dungeon.”

“You know. I think whoever made the rules and restrictions for dungeons were paranoid we would take over the world. Or maybe some tried that and the restrictions were placed after.”

“I don’t know. But I can ask the other fairies once you have a boss protecting you.”

“Sounds like a plan. We still have several boxes to go.”

You have reached Level 2

Choose a starting material based on location: Lost Forest





“Good I know where we are now.” Arizo informed me. “The Lost Forest is at the base of the Mount Peleter, to the North of the Dead Swamp and South of the Bay of Hen’zti. There aren’t many towns or cities near here so it should be a while before sentients find us due to the difficulty crossing the mountain or the swamp. I was a bit worried about that with the large expulsion of pure mana that happened when you hit the surface.”

I nodded wondering about the place we ended up. “I assume it did that because I made the floor so large and it took so long that there was a ton of purified mana and it basted out.”

“Exactly. There is always a gust of mana when a dungeon opens but usually not so vast.”

“This decision is even easier than the last. Copper and pewter are too flexible and amethyst to rigid. Iron has the most uses and is the one I choose.”

Blueprint unlocked: Iron

Iron: A common metal. Has many uses. It is durable yet flexible which is why it is used in many weapons and everyday items.

“Now your knowledge of items is coming in handy.” She said happily.

“Yes I don’t recall which life, but I know in at least one I made jewelry. Next box.”

Double Trouble

Increase 2 levels at once.

Unlock Common Beast

There was the sound of the roulette wheel again before another popup.

Blueprint Unlock: Cave Bat

Blueprint unlocked: Bat Wing

Blueprint unlocked: Bat Fang

Bat Fang: Taken from several species of bats. Can be used in potions making and charm crafting. Also used in beginners alchemy.

Bat Wing: Taken from several species of bats. Can be used in potions making and charm crafting.

“Even more advantages to taking it slow!” Arizo cheered.

“Why didn’t the bat and kobold show info like the other blueprints did?”

“Creatures are more complex and have more information so after unlocking one you have to manually go look at the blueprints.”

“Alright. Let’s finish this first though.”

You have reached level 3

Choose a starting item (You will not unlock the items components)

Brass Scale

Iron Sword

Copper Lantern

Wooden chest

I selected the lantern before saying anything.

Blueprint Unlocked: Copper Lantern

Copper Lantern: A common sight in most mines and caves. These lanterns use common oil and usually burn for 4 hours.

“Why didn’t you choose the wooden chest?” Arizo asked, curiously.

“Well, we are in a forest. I figure there will be lots of wood and it won’t take long to make the blueprint on our own. But there are few towns so less chance we will get a lantern.”

“I understand. That was good thinking. Your high Wisdom is coming into play again.”

I beamed at her. “I think this is the last box.”

Triple Play

Increase 3 levels at once

Unlock Unique Beast

Roulette sound again.

Blueprint Unlocked: Rainbow Chicken

Blueprint Unlocked: Rainbow Feather

Blueprint Unlocked: Rainbow Egg

Blueprint Unlocked: Rainbow Chicken Meat

Rainbow Chicken Meat: When cooked it boosts healing and mana regeneration. If eaten raw will cause mana sickness.

Rainbow Egg: Due to their high magical content these eggs can only hatch in highly magical areas. When they are cooked they boost healing. If eaten raw they cause mana sickness. When they hatch there is a small magical explosion which can cause mana burns.

Rainbow Feather: Magical feathers used in potions charm making. due to the scarcity they are also used as status symbols in some cultures.

“I have so many questions now that the boxes are done.”

Arizo chuckled. “What’s first?”

“Will I get a bonus like that for every level?”

“No. There are set bonus for the first 5 levels then one each multiple of 10. Level 4 you get 50% to use on any blueprints. Level 5 you choose another creature. Then at level 10 and up you will get 4 choices, a creature, item, material or blueprint percentage points.”

“What about Double Trouble, Triple Play and Open Sesame? Those seem different than the other boxes.”

“I know Open Sesame is an achievement. I would assume the other 2 are as well. If you open Achievements you’ll see that only the ones you have done are there. No clues as to what will unlock more.”

“I’m guessing the fairies have made a list of all the known achievements?”

“Yes but we don’t reveal that list until you reach level 5. That way you can get all the beginner level bonuses and try things out on your own before worrying about them.”

I sent her another nod and opened the page

Open Sesame

Finish the first floor

Common plant

Double Trouble

Increase 2 levels at once

common beast

Triple Play

Increase 3 levels at once

Unique beast


Open Achievements page

1% 5XP

“I’ll have to tell the other fairies about Double Trouble and Triple Play. Though I’m not sure how higher level dungeons would go up multiple levels at one time. It may be something to tell young dungeons though.”

“Glad I could help my new race.” I replied.

Arizo gave me a winning smile. “Now we need to look at your blueprints and start using those dungeon points.”

A note from Astiar

This is a day early but I won't be home tomorrow. Hope I can keep the chaspters coming on Thursdays. 

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