The McKenzie Files Books 1 and 2

by permanentlyExhaustedPigeon

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strong Lead Super Heroes Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Ever wondered what would happen if a sarcastic, foul-mouthed supervillain found himself zapped across space and time to a world of swords and sorcery? So did I. Contains approx 5% swearing by volume.

(Books one and two are finished; book three is coming soon. Long chapters: average chapter length is 6000 words).

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Book 1, Chapter 1: I thought you lot were supposed to shamble? ago
Book 1, Chapter 2: Will you please stop the decapitated head humour? ago
Book 1, Chapter 3: Might I ask where the hell we are? ago
Book 1, Chapter 4: Don't blame me if you finish the day off inside a troll ago
Book 1, Chapter 5: You see me again, you'd best hope it's from a distance ago
Book 1, Chapter 6: Operating at the economical end of the mercy spectrum ago
Book 1, Chapter 7: I hate responsibility – I'm more of a live-in-the-moment type bloke ago
Book 1, Chapter 8: Unless you make some kind of massive douche move, you are so getting laid tonight ago
Book 1, Chapter 9: An extreme case study in not a good time to talk ago
Book 1, Chapter 10: Him and me don't exactly get on ago
Book 1, Chapter 11: Apologising really isn't your strong suit, is it? ago
Book 1, Chapter 12: You are looking at the single most powerful individual alive ago
Book 1, Chapter 13: I wish to register a complaint ago
Book 1, Chapter 14: They could've shouted an apology ago
Book 1, Chapter 15: The castle rooftop mutual appreciation society ago
Book 1, Chapter 16: It's about to kick off big style here ago
Book 2, Chapter 1: It's not exactly what one could call subtle, is it? ago
Book 2, Chapter 2: The platonic ideal of unstealthy ago
Book 2, Chapter 3: Stroppy elfbint ago
Book 2, Chapter 4: I doubt the snake feels the same way about us ago
Book 2, Chapter 5: What do you mean, claim to have killed him? ago
Book 2, Chapter 6: I've just remembered that there's a troll I urgently need to shoot ago
Book 2, Chapter 7: Let me guess - this isn't a welcome to the office party ago
Book 2, Chapter 8: What just happened and who is this? ago
Book 2, Chapter 9: I'm reliably informed it's extremely dangerous ago
Book 2, Chapter 10: I'm working on my interpersonal skills ago
Book 2, Chapter 11: This is going to complicate things ago
Book 2: Chapter 12: What could possibly make today worse? ago
Book 2, Chapter 13: I didn't say about the curse? ago
Book 2, Chapter 14: You do have something of a reputation for sudden violence, you see ago
Book 2, Chapter 15: When I was your age muskets were considered high tech ago
Book 2, Chapter 16: 'Don't worry' is not an option for someone with you in their life ago
Book 2, Chapter 17: You'll never see me again, I promise ago
Book 2, Chapter 18: I've always wanted to say this: form an orderly queue, ladies ago
Book 2, Chapter 19: You get a better class of nemesis when you're me ago
Book 2, Chapter 20: As if today wasn't frantic enough ago
Book 2, Chapter 21: I see you have guests - we'll let ourselves out ago
Book 2, Chapter 22: You are invited to a private performance ago
Book 2, Chapter 23: I've got a sudden need to go kick a god really hard in the bollocks ago

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I can almost guarantee that you'll open up the first chapter and notice you've stumbled upon an absolute gem, it's well written, exciting, a main plot clearly in sight from the very start, and some intriguing characters to boot. I definitely recommend you do give the story a try despite what I'm about to say about it.

You may find it odd that fantasy trolls and elves are speaking and cursing like they're full on british, but whatever, odd as it is it's not so bad, a welcome break even from the generic writing style we've gotten used to from other authors.

Despite my disappointment in the story I find it hard not to praise it. The protagonist is a pretty cool dude, calling him a supervillain is a stretch though, he's an anti-hero at the very start of the story but it becomes clear as you get to know him better that he's really a hero deep down and he can't help himself when it comes to saving people. It's just that he can be a bit of a dick while he's doing it, but in a sense besides his occasional thievery he's quite clearly more hero than just about any other character in the stories, including actual heroes. Which means the entire premise of the story is not at all what was promised in the synopsis, especially since the guy is bound by a slave contract style curse to follow the bidding of a hero that has a hardon for saving the world, e.g. even if he's mentally not more superhero than deadpool is, he's still forced into it so we don't get our "supervillain in fantasy world" plot at all.

Be that as it may though, there's clearly still an intriguing plot and some decent characters. The problem is that it fails to deliver on plot development properly. 

(Contains actual spoilers for the first book! You have been warned)

Spoiler: Spoiler

 So in the end, we have a well written story with unending amount of promise that fails to deliver on it, the last few chapters of the first volume were kinda drawn out and longer than what came prior to it, the quality started slipping (swear word count reducing too) and it reached what I find a disappointing conclusion (if not final conclusion since there's clearly a second volume) ultimately leading to it failing to live up to my built up expectations.

If my guess is right the entire second volume will go on a tangent and fail to further develop the plot as well, and we'll get a neverending, neverchanging story, which is just not what I'm looking for. 

I believe this author can do better, I want him to do better, and I hope the next time he writes a story I'll notice because I will absolutely check it out and read it, but this story, as nice of a ride as it was so far, seems to have died mid-flight.

 I must give the author special praise for his fast release schedule, because damn, 2 books worth of content in 1 month is a freaking 10/10 release rate, and I really love that.

PS: Author, you need to make a better title, and a better cover, 'The McKenzie Files' is just not cutting it, it doesn't sound like an interesting read at all based on the title alone, and neither does a picture of a crowbar on a white background! Do better! Title Lives Matter!

Pineapple N' Onions
  • Overall Score

First, I should point out that I read the completed novel at FictionPress. Its sequel, The Amateur Assassin, is also there. The sequel is as good as, if not better than, the first and hints at a third book in the works--I've got my fingers crossed. I'm happy to see that permanentlyExhaustedPigeon is putting this series up on more sites.

I don't want to give away too many details, but this story is hilarious. It’s got super powers, megalomania, magic and comedy in spades. The main character isn't afraid to fight a mofo or get laid when the moment arises. (This is done tactfully and within reason of course.) The supporting characters feel fleshed out and have personality flaws that make them interesting and adds realistic tension. The story universe spans two separate worlds and actually adds depth to the story rather than be a pointless anecdote. This aspect is exploited more in the second book. Chapters are meaty (~10k words) and are free of "info dumps" and pointless exposition as often seen in other novels on this website. Pacing feels on point, not too rushed or needlessly drawn out.

If you are looking for an enjoyable adult oriented fantasy/Sci-Fi story, look no further.

  • Overall Score

Ok I've found it really good Book tow is definitely better than Book one, where book one had a loose direction and plot Book two was able to give us clear goals and characters overall extremely enjoyable. Gonna be honest though there are times where their can be inconsistencies like how he hasnt managed to just tune out pain or how his super strength can cleave through a person but cant punch someone through armor. Then this which is a spoiler 

Spoiler: Spoiler


  • Overall Score

Well written, easy to read. This story’s strong point is its absurdist and often silly humor. Also this story is already 500% more completed than your usual RR story, so you’ll actually get to see more than 1 plot unfold!

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Loved it! Couldn't stop after I started.
Exceptional plotting. The characters are enjoyable and the story is well paced. MC is funny and engaging. Spelling and grammar are impeccable.

Don't assume it's a short read. Chapters are standard novel length, not webnovel length (by which I mean they are LONG).

The author has a professional level of writing skill. These books are QUALITY.

(Small side note: LOVE the treatment of super strength--not the comic book style of ignoring pesky things like basic physics. Always been a pet peeve of mine, lol)

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A thrilling ride so far!

Reviewed at: Chapter 16

Read to chapter 16 at time of review.


For me, I thought this was a fast paced, well written, interesting action-adventure. 

I didn't see any grammatical or spelling errors.  Sentence structure was fine.  

Plot has been easy to follow but complex.  Scene-setting and descriptions are good.  Author keeps focus on the mc throughout the novel, which is great because I hate having to slog through alternative POVs for characters I don't care about--none of that here.

Characters are well written.  While the main character is 3 dimensional and flushed out, some of the suppoimg characters are not.  Not a big deal, as I didn't care about the supporting characters, but noticeable.  

Looking forward to reading more!

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If you like smartass MCs, witty and raunchy banter, and a flowing story you've come to the right place. 















  • Overall Score

For a web novel this ranks up there in the bloody well done. Its solid on the grammer, has a clear plot progression, clear memorable characters, and consistent themes. 

The summary/premise is off though. Ain't no supervillain, more anti hero. Super villians don't do damsels in distress and concern about innocent casualties, well maybe minion casualties. Less Ains or Light more Deadpool or Wolverine. 

Anyway give it a read and look forward to the next book.

  • Overall Score

Read the first chapter. If you like it, you'll like the rest of the story. It's not the most amazing thing I've ever read, but it is one of the more amazing things I've read on RoyalRoad. Just genuinely a fun time with every chapter. Eagerly awaiting the third book.

  • Overall Score

A decent read overall but the tension is easily blunted by the power of the MC. That along with the fact that the MC is too much of an asshole for my likening makes it hard to pull for him. I stopped at the end of book one but I'd say give it a try.