A Mediocre Supreme Cultivator

by Litrpg101

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Magic Martial Arts Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

A man gets yeeted into a cultivation world.

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The author must smoke crack and drink weed smoothies or something. She's got real funky writing style.

But if you can get through the weird style, it's actually a really good story. A consistent world with good characters.

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Reviewed at: Day in the Lives

TL;DR: Starting with dumb going dumber, first city is the place where this one finally finds itself and pulls it's feet from the septic tank. After that it's not about OP MC censored by a system with narrator trying to break the fourth wall, but about (insert gasp) the power of friendship. And - wonder of wonders - it kinda works.

Well, It's still pretty far from the next best thing since sliced bread (sorry other reviewers, not happening), but that's just my jaded cynicism shining from the depths of existencial middle class hell of first world problems.

I've probably read more of cultivation novels then any reasonable adult that is not secretly harbouring the dream of once living through them themselves has any right to, and as such have seen the depths of the abyssmality (pun intended) they can get to. And then the depths blinked back.

Well, brain damage aside, my largest hurdle to overcome (overlooking everything else expected, this is still a cultivation novel) was, that the start seems to be the quick and dirty (and - unfortunately - unoriginally snarky) isekai into cultivation novel by culture shocked blank slate.

Then comes the first and only saving grace - the system censoring the MC.

That grace is shortly after this revelation put down by the thing it itself is meant to put down - the tournament. It wasn't bad but the whole thing just put it more firmly into the "trying to entertain by stupidity" drawer. And that particular drawer is pretty fucking shallow.

I was preparing to put it down myself (you know, "bollocks to it" and something else to read) but I was sitting in a train and my station was coming up and I had a few minutes and didn't want to start something new so I stuck with it.

And then came the stati... and then came the disciple, time skip and and first city and the whole story finally gave me a reason to stay with it. Even if the reason is counterbalance by the power of friendship and family. As long as the MC doesn't have bald head and penchant for loud cars and doesn't plan on eight movies with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in the last two...

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Quality Depends on your Opinion of the Comedy

Reviewed at: Stopping Point

I normally prefer to write long detailed reviews but I couldn't make it that far into the story. What other people seem to have found funny, I found tiresome. The focus of this story seems to be an attempt at a lot of 4th wall breaking and meta humor but if that is not your thing or it doesn't land, avoid this story. 

My experience with the 4th wall breaks were that they broke the flow of the story and just weren't funny to me. They came across more as an attempt at humor than something actually witty. With that failure fame feelings of annoyance as I wanted to focus on the actual story while the narrator did not. And with that clash of style came my desire to avoid this story as I am obviously not the target audience. Interesting concept, style that drives me away.

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A medicore supreme story

Reviewed at: Deals and Jobs

Believable characters and humor are the main strengths of this story, the author's visible improvement makes me hopeful.

I like to see improved more:
less breaking the fourth wall, things like: "then our hero...". should serve a clear purpose, like a zoom out function in a film that used haphazardly it beaks the immersion and often confusing.
The switches between what fang saying and what comes out are great. After 30 chapters I believe it's redundant to write both all the time.

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Very bad style of writing dialogue, in a surprisingly fun story

Reviewed at: On the Road Again

Ok first of all, I am giving the overall score 4.5 stars because for some strange reason I like this story.

But oh god the style is so bad....

There is a constant change in pov, among the author, mc, side characters, the narrator etc.

A lot of 4th wall breaking. The narrator is more like a narrator of a tv show than a book.

And the mc has this weird dual way of speaking.

Dialogue is like this, first there is the modern 21st century way of speaking for the mc whcih the author writes out between **, then that gets translated into fancy wuxia lingo in normal quotations.

So basically we have to read the same thing twice as long as it is the mc speaking, and that wastes a LOT of time and will to read....

In any case, I can't really force myself to read on any longer. As fun as the story is, it isn't good enough to make be ignore the flaws. Heck i can ignore most of them OTHER than the dialogue... it's plain bad. Was amusing the first few times but then it just got bad...

Edit : the author changes his style later on. But man those earlier chapters were a pain.

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Reviewed at: Spectator's Seat

Good start so far, very early stages of world and plot building but it only took an hour or so to read and I got some good laughs, give it a shot.

 Style is good

Story is just getting started

Grammar is fine

Characters have some depth and have motivations/reactions to situations so not one track cardbord cut outs so thats nice. 

Realy only thing holding this back is the lack of chapters

Good for some light reading

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Came for junk food stayed for a decent meal

Reviewed at: Disciple's Journey

The story is entertaining not in a junk food kind of way but it feels as though you ate a home cooked meal.


The style of the story is minimalistic and with the it, the opinions of the author. The author has commentary about the main character, and that often leads to an added flavor to the story, usually comedy. More importantly, the style smoothly delivers the story and the suspention of disbelief is not broken



The story itself is nothing new, as almost every story is already thought of but what makes this one great is the completeness of the world. Though only glimpses are shown in the story so far, the world feels as if there is more to it than what I normally find here. The world seems alive, moving, dynamic and just for that I think the story deserves recognintion.


Great grammar. Nothing to say except excellent job


The characters are flawed. That is a good thing but most importantly they are Likeable. As you delve into the story the characters becomes more defined, showing more layers of their personality in each interaction. The best part.

Tl;dr I came for some trashy, easy to digest and quick fun. I got a good story instead.

  • Overall Score

Good potential but extremely unpolished...

Reviewed at: Spellbound


- fun characters and interactions

- interesting situations

- interesting cultivation mechanics



- extremely unpolished, switches from tenses back and forth

- transition between scenes sometimes good sometimes very jarring

- confusing progression at time due to this.


This story has the potential to be epic, 5/5, among the best on the site, but as it is, a frustrating read. Sometimes a slog to go through, sometimes funny and easy.

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The author is fairly new but it's an amazing reincarnation in a wuxia with no complete idiots that are common.

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Fun cultivation romp

Reviewed at: Amicable

This is a little gem. Fun and relatable main character. Interesting style and narrative. Cool and well thought out cultivation powers. Chapters are alittle short but with the release schedule that doesn't seem to be a issue. I laughed out loud at "Releasing your inner danger noodle" I'm glad this made it to the trending page give it a read.