Power Overwhelming

Power Overwhelming

by Vihyungrang

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

A particular soul has gone through more reincarnations than it can remember. Used to living quiet and simple lives, the soul is told that the next life would likely be the last one and that it would have to go back home, to the universe where it was first born to live it. A universe that also happens to be the gathering place of other reincarnators and some of the most powerful beings in the multiverse. What can a soul do when thrust in the middle of an emerging conflict? Why would this be the last life the soul can live? And who orchestrated all of this?

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Table of Contents
137 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 - Heavensfall ago
Chapter 2 - The belle of the ball ago
Chapter 3 - Spiritual awakening ago
Chapter 4 - Introductions and hasty exits ago
Chapter 5 - Choosing a path ago
Chapter 6 - Training ago
Chapter 7 - Burn baby, burn! ago
Chapter 8 - The Academy ago
Chapter 9 - Tests ago
Chapter 10 - Rememberance and potential ago
Chapter 11 - Celebration ago
Chapter 12 - Rivalries ago
Chapter 13 - Friends ago
Chapter 14 - Friendly competition ago
Chapter 15 - Some things... ago
Chapter 16 - Self improvement ago
Chapter 17 - The basics of performance enhancing drugs ago
Chapter 18 - Pillows! ago
Chapter 19 - We all have our kinks ago
Chapter 20 - Thunder and Lightning ago
Chapter 21 - Bras and warnings ago
Chapter 22 - Secrets revealed ago
Chapter 23 - Judgment ago
Chapter 24 - Domination ago
Chapter 25 - Tournament arc? ago
Chapter 26 - Dance for your supper ago
Chapter 27 - Smackdown! ago
Chapter 28 - Various kinds of lessons ago
Chapter 29 - Peaceful resolution ago
Chapter 30 - The Emissary ago
Chapter 31+ - Onsen episode? ago
Chapter 32 - The start of a journey ago
Chapter 33 - Girl Talk ago
Chapter 34 - Divergent objectives? ago
Chapter 35 - Deals and gift horses ago
Chapter 36 - Masquerade ago
Chapter 37 - Festival of Life ago
Chapter 38+++ - One night stand ago
Chapter 39 - The morning after ago
Chapter 40 - Rememberance ago
Chapter 41 - What goes around... ago
Chapter 42 - ...comes around. ago
Chapter 43 - Roses are red ago
Chapter 44 - The talk ago
Chapter 45 - Singing up a Storm ago
Chapter 46 - Search and Rescue ago
Chapter 47 - Shipwrecked ago
Chapter 48 - Omens of the future ago
Chapter 49 - Lost and Found ago
Chapter 50 - Decision, decisions ago
Chapter 51 - Whiskers ago
Chapter 52 - Fires of War ago
Chapter 53 - Miracle ago
Chapter 54 - Suspicion ago
Chapter 55 - Home ago
Chapter 56 - Good news and... ago
Chapter 57 - Memories ago
Chapter 58 - Change of perspective ago
Chapter 59 - Gemini ago
Chapter 60 - To nudge or not to nudge ago
Chapter 61 - Weather report predicts strong winds and looting. ago
Chapter 62 - Loot and plunder! ago
Chapter 63 - Arrows ago
Chapter 64 - Eye for an eye... ago
Chapter 65 - Well that didn't work as planned ago
Chapter 66 - A cat fight? ago
Chapter 67 - Facing yourself ago
Chapter 68 - Bets ago
Chapter 69+++ -A different type of revenge. ago
Chapter 70 - Escalation ago
Chapter 71 - Questioning/Interrogation? ago
Chapter 72 - One woman construction crew ago
Chapter 73 - Tower Spirit ago
Chapter 74 - Fire ze cannon! ago
Chapter 75 - Complications ago
Chapter 76 - Inferno ago
Chapter 77 - Through fire and flames ago
Chapter 78 - The Reaper ago
Chapter 79 - Talks ago
Chapter 80 - Sentinels ago
Chapter 81 - Winter ago
Chapter 82 - Monsoon ago
Chapter 83 - Of sin and virtue ago
Chapter 84 - History ago
Chapter 85 - Show and tell ago
Chapter 86 - Layers ago
Chapter 87 - That hardly seems fair ago
Chapter 88 - Aftermath ago
Chapter 89 - Deals of all kinds ago
Chapter 90 - Gateway ago
Chapter 91 - Divinity is bullshit ago
Chapter 92 - No more hiding ago
Chapter 93 - Counter offer ago
Chapter 94 - Exposed ago
Chapter 95 - Stirring Monsters ago
Chapter 96 - Of Sins and Virtues 2 (electric boogaloo) ago
Chapter 97 - Sonic Insect Annihilator ago
Chapter 98 - So that happened... ago
Chapter 99 - Kidnapping 101 ago
Chapter 100 - Hope born of Wrath ago
Chapter 101 - Valor and Envy ago
Chapter 102 - The River ago
Chapter 103 - Goodbyes ago
Chapter 104 - Messenger ago
Chapter 105 - Starlight Tower ago
Chapter 106 - Operation Warp Storm ago
Chapter 107 - Commence hostilities ago
Chapter 108 - Serpent vs. Dragon ago
Chapter 109 - Domination ago
Chapter 110 - Imperial ambitions ago
Chapter 111 - Divine Planes ahoy! ago
Chapter 112 - You could've told me! ago
Chapter 113 - That sounds nice ago
Chapter 114 - Of realms and afterlives ago
Chapter 115 - Party all the time ago
Chapter 116 - Daddy issues ago
Chapter 117 - Debut ago
Chapter 118 - Murderpuppies? ago
Chapter 119 - First contact ago
Chapter 120 - Old acquaintances ago
Chapter 121 - Baywatch ago
Chapter 122 - Meeting of fates ago
Chapter 123 - Tests ago
Chapter 124 - Dramatis Personae ago
Chapter 125 - Corps ago
Chapter 126 - Creation ago
Chapter 127 - Team Omega ago
Chapter 128 - Aquarius ago
Chapter 129 - Sources ago
Chapter 130 - Caution versus risk ago
Chapter 131 - Resolution ago
Chapter 132 - Sparks ago
Chapter 133 - Defense ago
Chapter 134 - The Bachelor ago
Chapter 135 - Wrath ago
Chapter 136 - Progress ago

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The Almighty Lord of Rodents

LIke I said in the title: it's good, and has some real potential, but needs some serious editing. My main gripe is that the dialogue seems to switch between only two modes: exposition and snarky/sarcastic/witty exchanges.

The overuse of exposition in dialogue is a very common issue among lay writers, and has been pointed out several times in other reviews, so I'll assume you understand the basic problem (too much lecturing, needs to be broken up and introduced outside of long paragraphs, blah blah blah).

The greater problem that needs to addressed, in my opinion, is the way in which every character seems to communicate exclusively with that knowing/snarky/sarcastic/joking tone. It's frankly annoying, and makes everbody sound like an insecure twelve year old. If nothing else, try to diversify so that not every character basically sounds the same. Ideally, every character (along with their tone and meaning) should be identifiable by their voice alone, making the "said"s and other qualifiers unnecessary (obviously an ambitious goal. But for one that follows the dao of the novel? An obvious ideal.)

There are some other things that I find irritating (especially how mundane Karma's personallity is), but fundamentally the bottleneck for this story achieving some measure of greatness is the dialogue, so I beg of you to do some research on how to structure it well.


It's interesting but not well written enough

Reviewed at: Chapter 86 - Layers

This is a really interesting read among the rest of those same old same old novels people write in RR. Wish it has a bit more content describing what the characters are doing in their day to day live as there is too much time skip and scene change. There are basically no real scenes written (besides lewd), just the next one and the next and the one after that.


This story makes good on its promise of lighthearted, overpowered xianxia action with everything you would expect from one, though that includes the usual flaws they tend to have. If you're looking for an overpowered mc who dominates the playing field and accumulates a harem a long the way to overthrow Gods and all that, without the burden of too much emotional investment then this is the story for you. And while this story does all that perfectly, I find myself thinking the story has a lot of potential to be great.

Style: most of the dialogue is basically exposition or sarcastic clapbacks, and that goes for all characters. The story often halts so the author can explain some fact or useless tid-bit of information which sometimes is never used in the story.

Story: I believe it's still too early to say what I think about the story, but so far, I'd say it's pretty damn good, if not quite expected and generic. Like I said earlier, the story is good at what it tries to do, but it doesn't take any risks. It lacks tension since you know the mc will come out on top either effortlessly or with the help of others, though this is a personal gripe. The world the story takes place in is original and lively, though I think the scale is too large to put much detail in. After all, the world is a universe with multiple planes and planets, nevermind countries and sects.

Grammar: the grammar is near-perfect, with few weirdly worded sentences and typos slipping through.

Character: the characters are, in my opinion, stiff and lack life. The main character suffers from overcompetence, which is normal for a xianxia, and the rest of the cast seem to exist only to smother the protagonist in praise or be shocked about their prowess. The cast is diverse and the main circle around our mc each have their own personalities, but something feels lacking, or maybe it's just me.


The skill is there, the purpose is not. The mc seems to feel no challenge. Add to it ass kissing sprinkled on everything, and you have a story that tends on the wish  fullfilement side. You will find some fillers too that ad nothing to the story excpet fan service or rise mc`s nose even higher.


It's just been perfect so far! The style has been great, the story is keeping me very interested and characters make sense. I've read some of the others reviews and I can't help but disagree with most of them. I like it a lot since it's hitting a lot of the points I enjoy reading about in stories. Keep it up!!!


Vihyungrang does it again! Looks like OP Xianxia Fun!

Reviewed at: Chapter 24 - Domination

And yet another fresh story by Vihyungrang, this time Xianxia!

While it is rather early to judge and review the story, since there is only the prologue right now, this story already got my interest, as it seems like it will be quite fun, the usual Vihyungrang way, with all kinds of OP hyinks! I look forward to what will come, as this premise certainly sounds like it will get crazy, even for a Xianxia.


And of course, since its from Vihyungrang, those who already have read his other stories, quite know what to expect: all kinds of OP MC craziness, lots of action and adventure, an author who will complete their stories, and has already done that three times so far without letting them fall apart like some other stories usually tend to do in the long run, and theres no incidation that this one will be any different in that aspect, though if someone who has read any of the author's stories and didnt like them, it is rather unlikely they will like this one, though i still would say to give it a try, maybe it will be this one that does it?


So if you are new to this author, id certainly suggest to read their other stories first in the order that they were written in, with each of them being of better quality than the previous one, as the author improved his writing skills over time, and theres also the author's stories taking place in a shared multiverse, and thus at times characters from the author's previous stories appear, though dont force yourself to go through them as especially the earlier ones tend to have some problems, though when you are finally done with reading them all, there will be likely more content to read for this story, which i consider a win-win! 

And if you already have read their other stories, welcome to the ride, it will be all kinds of Xianxia craziness this time, so have fun!


A fun, rather lighthearted power fantasy.

Reviewed at: Chapter 111 - Divine Planes ahoy!

Before I go any farther I feel the need to point something out... THIS STORY IS A POWER FANTASY.  The Mc is incredibly OP and is constantly reminded of it by the adoring people around her.  If that's not your thing, then don't bother reading it.

This style of Mc is pretty much a staple for this author, as shown by the other stories they have posted on this site. That said, I find this one to be my favorite of his stories character wise.

Speaking of their other stories, it seems that this one is set in the same universe... well, "universe" is the wrong term considering that the setting seems made up of a massive multiverse where the different universes are all slightly different. Some have magic and swords, some are high-tech and have jedi-esk powers. The common elements that tie this story to the others are small, but there, but are little more than Easter eggs for people who have read some of the earlier pieces.  Its entirely possible that will change in the future, but who knows.

Back to the characters... Our Mc has knowledge from multiple lives. In fact, the word "multiple" doesn't even do the number justice. She knows the best ways to do virtually everything.  She is also astonishingly beautiful, possesses natural tallent and afinities beyond imagination, and is a wonderful person to her friends. However, the most interesting thing about her is her embodiment of both sides of virtually any ideal or stance.

The side characters, and there are quite a few, are varried and interesting but all share one trait... their admiration of the Mc.  That last part gets sort of old, but otherwise the array of characters makes for an interesting counterpoint to the Mc and act as a good canvas for her to display how amazing she is. 

As far as the setting goes, I find it quite interesting and one of the high points of the story. The universe that most of the story takes place in is tiered with people of different power levels living on different planes, sort of. There is a lower limit requires to asend to a higher tier, but being born on a higher tier doesn't make you automatically stronger than anyone from a lower tier.  The "space" between worlds is also interesting in that it is more like something from D&D than what we know of as space.

The magic systems (for lack of a better phrase) are also quite interesting and extremely varried.  There is the standard fantasy magic and mystica ki powers, along with ratial abilities and divinely granted abilities. Unlike the earlier stories from this author, psychic abilities don't really show up at all even though they are briefly mentioned here and there. 

The power scaling is rather straightforward, and a bit more streamlined than in some of the earlier stories from the author.  Honestly, this part seems to vary from story to story. In one other story the ranks are very obvious for the mc but the meaning of the ranks seems rather vague, while in others the scaleing seems almost non-existent.


Anyway, the setting and abilites are definitely the highlights for me, although I do love me some power fantasy, the characters constantly praising an mc who can seemingly do anything gets sort of dull quickly.  As of writing this review the story has only just reached an important milestone, and I hope that the author can keep up their interest and not allow it to become rushed.  It feels like the story has been speeding up pacing wise recently while also feeling like it should be at a sort of halfway point.

Generally speaking, this is an intersting and worthwhile story to read, and one I highly recomend for anyone interested in fantasy stories with ridiculous powers and perfect mcs.


I enjoy the premise,but... This sentence sums up how i feel about this book. I have read the authors previous works and i think i figured out what it is that bugs me about his books. He ALWAYS uses phrases like"she made a lot of money she wasn't rich but wasn't poor." Or" she wasnt great fighter but she wasn't bad either"

I don't know why this bugs me ,but it does.love the world though.



A fun premise, and decent writing.  The pace and drama are kind of ruined by the authors tendency toward long asides though.  Every paragraph seems to be double the length they ought to be because the author drones on about things that never matter to the story, or repeats themselves about the details of the MC.   And as usual with overpowered/mary sue MCs, the world seems to conform to thier stupidity and plot logic , rather than work with good world building that the MC then deals with.


Simply superb, 6/5 stars. The author's writing and story telling abilities took a leap from book 1 to 2 and continue to improve. This is an awesome multiverse which has been created. Karna is such an interesting character and she has a wonderful cast of characters. There are characters from the other books and it should good an interesting meet and greet.