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"Well--" you begin as you take the level out of Kate's backpack, "I need to find out how much Brainsate this can get me. It's... not good level, but it was grown in the Spooky House."

"...Brah, really?" He immediately goes from mildly disinterested to curiously taking the level from your hand. "THE Spooky House?"

You tentatively nod? "I... can't guarantee that it's HAUNTED or anything, but--"

"Brah." He digs an unmarked bottle of pills out of his pocket and tosses it to you. "I think that's like eight. You get me more haunted level, I'll hook you up."

You have acquired Brainsate x 8.

"Oh, shit?," Kate blurts out. "I didn't think you were superstitious, my dude."

"I'm not," he says, "but I sell to a lot of peeps that are hella into ghost stories. I don't lie, though, so I'm not about to just make shit up. You're not just makin' shit up, are you?"

You shake your head; Kate backs you up. "Nah, I saw it myself. It's legit."

"Damn," he replies. "Damn. Yeah, you bring me that weird, I'll hook you up with some Brainsate."

...There was something else you wanted to ask about--

"Somniplan," you mutter.

"Oh, yeah," says Kate with a point. "That was on the brochure or whatever, right?"

"How much do you know about Somniplan?," you ask Lagi.

He gives a subtle shrug. "Not much. Alpha-blocker, mostly used for like... PTSD and shit. It's s'posed to keep you from dreaming--best pill on the market for that, though it's still kinda hit-or-miss. Used to go by Apidone, and they marketed it for high blood pressure... but the world's fucked up and I guess anti-nightmare pills are the better sell. Named changed to Somniplan a couple years ago, I think? I don't carry it, but I could get some easy enough."

. . .

"I've gotta say," you begin, "I'm... kind of impressed with how many details about these drugs you can remember. Like, that's all off the top of your head? For a pill you don't even carry?"

He gives a slight shrug. "I got ways."

. . .


Given how brief his answer is, you're not sure you should press much further on that particular subject.

"What other kinds of drugs do you carry?"

"Aww shit," Lagi chuckles, motioning to the open trunk of his car, "I got the works. Steroids, hormones, stimulants, painkillers, level-- ...Okay that's actually all I got, I just basically listed everything in my trunk, but that's a lot of drugs brah. If there's anything else you're lookin' for, I usually know somebody. I'm actually lookin' to get into cybernetic implants an' shit here pretty quick, I just got a few more calls I'm waitin' on."

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