The Selection

The Selection

by Skywind

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Former title: Lusarth Fauxun.

Roughly two millennia ago, Mana and monsters appeared in the world of Eiruta overnight, forcing all organisms to undergo a selection process; those who could not adapt to the Mana died while the remaining reproduced and lived on. This catastrophic event was recorded in every race living on the continent of Sholoth, a land mass covering half the planet, except the Humans, who seem to harbor a secret. Beyond Sholoth lay the 'Cursed Territory,' where anyone brave enough to venture has never returned...

In a safer part of the world, a young Kai recently turns 11 years old and can finally enroll at the Academy. It has been his life-long dream to become an adventurer, alongside friends, exploring the world and fighting monsters. How could this innocent boy end up abandoning his childhood ambitions and instead end up working for Cascabel, an infamous organization that commits the most atrocious crimes?  

DISCLAIMER: While there's a "Strong Lead" tag, this is not an "OP MC" story. Also, this is not wish fulfillment. 

Additional Genres/Tags: Romance, Adventure, Drama, Hard magic

Arc 1 (Trigger to the Past) : CH1 - CH40 ~186400 words

Arc 2 (Drosera Army) : CH41 - Current [Estimated 300k words] (Currently ~224800 words)

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79 Chapters
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Prologue ago
Chapter 1 - Princess Irene - Trigger ago
Chapter 2 - Academy Year 1 - The First Day ago
Chapter 3 - Academy Year 1 - Talentless?! ago
Chapter 4 - Academy Year 1 - Weakling ago
Chapter 5 - Academy Year 1 - Friends ago
Chapter 6 - Princess Irene - Scar ago
Chapter 7 - Princess Irene - Paranoia ago
Chapter 8 - Princess Irene - Kidnapped! ago
Chapter 9 - Princess Irene - Ambush! ago
Chapter 10 - Academy Year 2 - Genius ago
Chapter 11 - Academy Year 2 - Opportunity ago
Chapter 12 - Academy Year 2 - Void Magic ago
Chapter 13 - Princess Irene - Rumors ago
Chapter 14 - Princess Irene - Reunion ago
Chapter 15 - Princess Irene - Acceptance ago
Chapter 16 - Princess Irene - Contradiction ago
Chapter 17 - Princess Irene - Chance ago
Chapter 18 - Academy Year 4 - Tournament ago
Chapter 19 - Academy Year 4 - Preliminaries ago
Chapter 20 - Academy Year 4 - Phase Two ago
Chapter 21 - Academy Year 4 - Roses Belie Thorns ago
Chapter 22 - Academy Year 4 - Tricksters ago
Chapter 23 - Academy Year 4 - Brute Force ago
Chapter 24 - Academy Year 4 - Dark Horse ago
Chapter 25 - Academy Year 4 - What Lies Beneath ago
Chapter 26 - Academy Year 4 - Ancient Race ago
Chapter 27 - Academy Year 4 - Harbinger of Death ago
Chapter 28 - Academy Year 4 - Lost ago
Chapter 29 - Academy Year 4 - Home ago
Chapter 30 - Princess Irene - Façade ago
Chapter 31 - Princess Irene - Connection ago
Chapter 32 - Academy Year 5 - Suspicions ago
Chapter 33 - Academy Year 5 - Captured ago
Chapter 34 - Academy Year 5 - Shadow ago
Chapter 35 - Princess Irene - Trap ago
Chapter 36 - Princess Irene - Truth ago
Chapter 37 - Post Academy - Encounter ago
Chapter 38 - Post Academy - Loss ago
Chapter 39 - Post Academy - Invasion ago
Chapter 40 - Princess Irene - Siblings ago
Chapter 41 - Post Incident - Temptation ago
Chapter 42 - Post Incident - Fallout ago
Chapter 43 - Post Incident - Parting ago
Chapter 44 - Enlistment - Underground ago
Chapter 45 - Enlistment - Lesson ago
Chapter 46 - Enlistment - Messenger ago
Chapter 47 - Enlistment - Execution ago
Chapter 48 - Avarice - Return ago
Chapter 49 - Avarice - Good Luck ago
Chapter 50 - Avarice - Bad Luck ago
Chapter 51 - Avarice - Secrets ago
Chapter 52 - Avarice - Dream ago
Chapter 53 - Avarice - Blacklist ago
Chapter 54 - Inteiru Expota - Acquaintance to Friend ago
Chapter 55 - Inteiru Expota - Meeting ago
Magic/Terminology Glossary ago
Chapter 56 - Inteiru Expota - Rising Champions ago
Chapter 57 - Inteiru Expota - Discovery ago
Chapter 58 - Inteiru Expota - Mock Battle ago
Chapter 59 - Inteiru Expota - Defenders ago
Chapter 60 - Inteiru Expota - Edge ago
Chapter 61 - Inteiru Expota - Escape ago
Chapter 62 - Inteiru Expota - Arrival ago
Chapter 63 - Inteiru Expota - Search ago
Chapter 64 - Inteiru Expota - Circuit ago
Chapter 65 - Inteiru Expota - Rat ago
Chapter 66 - Inteiru Expota - Inequality ago
Chapter 67 - Inteiru Expota - Tension ago
Chapter 68 - Inteiru Expota - Casino ago
Chapter 69 - Inteiru Expota - Tower Wars ago
Chapter 70 - Inteiru Expota - Foolhardy ago
Chapter 71 - Inteiru Expota - Confrontation ago
Chapter 72 - Inteiru Expota - Appearance ago
Chapter 73 - Inteiru Expota - Warning ago
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Adventurers go military in fantasyland

This review is valid as of chapter 56.


Here we have a mix of adventure and military fantasy. A little sex and grimdark gore is thrown in for good measure as well. On paper this is a system fantasy, but at least this reader is extremely happy that the system used takes a very bleak backseat.


From a structural point of view this story is two stories, and in more than one sense.

To begin with there's a parallell storyline, a then and now involving mostly the same characters. As of chapter 56 it's a little unclear how many years split them apart.

Secondly the internal structure changes drastically after the first main arc is concluded. During that arc we switch between timelines on a chapter by chapter basis, even though those chapters are divided into chunks. After that arc each chapter becomes small story arcs in their own right.


The story is told strictly from a first person point of view in the present tense. I personally don't like the use of present tense, but usually I can live with it. In this case it drags the impression of the first arc down for the simple reason that it's jarring to be thrown around several years every five to ten thousand words or so -- and it's still now. At least the part of the story that occurs during the then would have benefited from being told in the past tense.


I'm getting the impression we're in a pseudo science fantasy setting. It might not be the author's intention, but unless I read the story with that kind of glasses on my nose a number of anachronisms would do funny crap to my suspension of disbelief. Characters do things in seconds and minutes, and temperature is measured in fahrenheit. Ballistic weapons are called guns, and so on and so forth.


Lastly, despite the grimdark gore, this is a fun and action packed read. I've enjoyed the ride this far.


Now for the stars.


Style is four stars. One star yanked for reasons mentioned above. Add quite a lot of talking heads and it stays yanked.


Story is a solid five.


Grammar is a five given my ususal addition of half a star to compensate for the average quality of the English language used on this site. At around chapter seventeen the English used drops a notch, but it's never really disturbing.


Character is four and a half stars. Five stars for the main character and the supporting cast active in both timelines. Three and a half stars for the rest who never make it above the level of archetypes. Well, the main cast are more important so I'm rounding up.


Overall a four and a half star reading experience.


Unexpectedly, it starts to deconstruct the OP MC

First of all, I don’t want people to get too hung up on the stars. Honestly, they do little to give justice to a fiction and serve more as a TL;DR for people. I did this review for a review swap, and at this time, I have read through chapter 40 of this fiction. There will be some spoilers in the “Story” and “Characters” sections, but I will avoid giving away the biggest plot points.


Big warning right away: There are depictions of sexual assault and rape, so if that triggers or bothers you, you may want to skip this story.



The author has a bad habit of over describing what the characters are physically doing. He often puts too many thoughts into one sentence, and it can get exhausting to read. In addition, he uses the same physical descriptions too often. For example, whether it’s “knitting eyebrows”, “cocking eyebrows”, “raising eyebrows”, “lowering eyebrows”, or “quirking eyebrows”, the character’s eyebrows are in a constant state of flux. In fact, the word “eyebrow” comes up 435 times in 40 chapters. That’s an average of over TEN eyebrows per chapter. My advice for the author is to do ctrl+f in his word document and remove at least 400 of these eyebrows. They hurt the flow and are unnecessary. This issue also sometimes becomes a problem during action scenes. Over describing runs the risk of slowing down an otherwise exciting fight.


Dialogue sometimes veers into info-dump territory, with characters stating something uninterrupted for 10+ lines. This is a relatively easy problem to fix. All the author needs to do is add more dialogue from the other speakers in between portions to break it up and make it into a conversation.


Speaking of dialogue, everyone in the story more or less talks the same. Everyone, regardless of age or social standing, says things like “yeah”, and “you guys”. This may not seem like a big deal, but it does hurt when it comes to differentiating the characters. They often sound too similar.


I’ll go more into this during the “Story” section, but the story goes back and forth between the present “Princess Irene” chapters, and the past “Academy” chapters. These two timelines are somewhat at odds with one another. The present is more story driven, while the past is more slice-of-life stream-of-consciousness writing. Things in the past chapters often come out of left field. Now they’re here, and now they’re over there meeting a turtle and naming it Rocky only to let it go later in the chapter. It feels mismatched, but this might be the effect the author was going for, contrasting a more carefree time in Kai’s life with his current situation.



As I said in the section above, the story is split between the Princess Irene chapters and the Academy chapters.


In the Princess Irene chapters, Kai and his partner Leila work for an organization called Cascabel. After a successful assassination, they become involved with a plot involving the illegitimate daughter of the king and the people that want to kidnap her.


In the Academy chapters, we get snapshots of things that happened to Kai during the years he was at the Adventurers Academy.


My main issue with the Academy chapters is that, with the exception of the “Post Academy” chapters, they don’t really serve as a way to give us a better understanding of what’s going on in the present. Instead, they mostly serve as a way to explain how the magic works in the world of the fiction. It’s obvious that the author has put a lot of thought into the mana system, and in a way, this serves as a kind of world building. However, I felt it could have been more balanced between this and its connections to the present.



Overall, the grammar is good. I was rarely taken out of the story due to grammatical errors, so full points here.



Kai is an OP MC. He’s the strongest in his school without even trying, his plans always work out, he knows better than everyone else, he’s constantly complimented by everyone, all the girls are attracted to him, he’s thought of as a “good guy” despite doing terrible things like sexual assault. I hated him from chapter 1. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the author begins to deconstruct him during chapters in the late thirties. We see that Kai’s OP persona breeds resentment and causes someone to finally snap. What ensues nears Berserk (a very dark manga for those that don’t know) levels in terms of how messed up it gets. Things get very intense, and emotions run high. It’s hard to say I “enjoy” the scene, but the drama levels hit an alltime high too, which is a very good thing. Unfortunately, all of that drama ends up resolving way too quickly. The jump from this flashback to present day may be several years for the characters, but it’s only 1 chapter for us. I really wanted the author to let the ramifications of these events sink in a little longer. It’s okay to leave some feelings unresolved, and some people unforgiven.


Based on what happens, it makes a lot more sense for why present day Kai becomes attached to Princess Irene so quickly. It also explains why he becomes sadistic and enraged when fighting. However, it doesn’t explain why he became so lecherous. On the contrary, you would think that Kai would be very uncomfortable with anything sexual after what he goes through.


The build to this scene also needs some work. During the academy years, Kai’s group of six gets along well other than when they first meet each other. I really felt like there should have been more conflict between the members during the first two years. Then, when year 3 is skipped and we go straight to year 4, we would get the emotional payoff of seeing them all finally working together. That way, it would hurt much more when things go south for Kai. As it is, there just isn’t much conflict for most of the academy chapters.


A large portion of the story takes place during a school tournament during year 4. Some of these scenarios are pretty fun, especially in chapter 22 when the MMO-like roles in Kai’s party are really well represented. This is easily the best directed action scene in the story. That said, we basically know nothing about any other students in the tournament, so there are no rivalries or bad blood. Likewise, Kai’s group gets along well, so there’s no internal conflict either. The lack of drama being played out on the battlefield left me with a slightly hollow feeling.


As for the other characters, they suffer from a lack of personal goals beyond “wanting to be an adventurer”. Having Kai’s group talk about what they want to do after they graduate would help a lot, and would also help the story hit emotional notes later.


Conclusion / TL;DR:

Lusarth Fauxun is a story with a lot of good elements that haven’t yet been fully capitalized on. Furthermore, it being 180,000 words makes it a tough pill to swallow when it comes to reaching its payoff. However, now that the author is moving into the stories second arc, he has a great opportunity to build on everything that he’s established. Here’s hoping that he goes farther with his deconstruction of Kai. If you’re a fan of light novels and/or fantasy with Japanese influence and/or stories with major tonal shifts, you should give this a shot. And no, I have no idea what “Lusarth Fauxun” means.


Fun read if you keep an open mind and arent too squeamish

While I wouldnt call it classic high fantasy, I would recommend it to people who are open to reading different genres and styles of writing. It combines elements from fantasy, action and anime storytelling and keeps the reader guessing as the chapters progress. It starts out slowly but if you're patient with it, the novel will deliver as you get to later chapters. Another fun feature is the divergent timelines that, while not being a completely novel idea, mesh well with the overall narrative.

Again, I'd like to reiterate my review title and happy reading!


What can I say?

It only takes a chapter or two to make The Selection impossible to stop reading. There isn't a dull chapter to find, and each one leaves the reader wondering what will happen next and how it will all come together, just like any good novel. 

The unique way Skywind writes may feel a bit different at first, but after a couple chapters you realize it adds to the overall charm of the story and is a really cool way to read about the events and see the development of the characters.  In the later chapters, currently ch51 at the time of this review, the style becomes more clean if that is your only hiccup.  It is in first person, through the eyes of the main character, Kai. It switches back and forth between present time and Kai's youth, with many questions to ponder and hints hidden within about future developments. This creates a certain amount of mystery to keep the reader thinking, but is not overwhelming in the slightest. 

Without spoiling anything, as you can read in the synopsis, Kai begins his journey joining the academy and learning to use Mana. The time skipping back and forth lays down a clear hint that events in Kai's past have a cause/effect to his present, and ultimately the future. As things are slowly revealed, other questions are raised, and the mystery grows without confusing the reader or clogging up the story with useless details. Not to mention, the Mana system is described very well and detailed so it is easy to understand, and is overall an interesting and cool variation of similar concepts in other stories.  The combat is also done in an interesting way, and action scenes are common in many chapters and paint a clear picture of what is happening. Although this sounds like your typical adventure/fantasy story, there are many other concepts involved, not limited to romance, tragedy, and action.


While the first arc focuses on familiarizing the reader with the concepts of the world Kai lives in and the unfortunate circumstances he finds himself in, the second arc advances the concept of mana and various sub-elemental variations that grow the reader's curiousity along with Kai's in his journey to get revenge for his fallen classmates and friends. Not to mention more hints and tragedies that contribute to Kai's future unstable mental state as he tries to claw his way up the military ladder.

Overall, I give it 5/5 stars, as the only thing I dislike, is that I have to wait for more to come!  If you enjoy stories of adventure/mystery/fantasy, The Selection is most certainly the story for you. Check it out!


I dont know where to start. This story was a very nice experience for me, there are only a few small things I would like to change in it and those changes wouldnt even affect the overall story, but some of the characters in it. This is by far the best thing I've read (considering I dont have much experience in reading things online)

Starting out the story doesnt seem very unique, the same old fantasy world with mana, magic, monsters and stuff. But there is actually plenty of things that make this story unique, I would name them but dont want to spoil too much in this review.

The story at first glance seems like one of those anime fantasies with a happy ending. But the darkness of it is something I havent encountered yet in other stories or anime yet (sadly). The first chapter is just a taste of the gore. The author is very detailed when it comes to torture or other related things, which I love in stories.

I can't say I'm a fan of the MC, but he definitely isnt as bad as he seems at first glance. I wont say anything further than this point. But if u have trouble with how the MC is, keep reading the story, you definitely wont regret it.

The universe in the story is amazing, there are many butterfly effect type encounters that you maybe wont notice at first. The reason why this universe is magical is well thought out and thoroughly explained (no fictional thing in this story is explained simply with "its magic"). Even minor characters that seem to be just filler play important roles in shaping the story and our MC's encounter them more than once on different occasions.

Hands down best mana system I have seen anywhere. Detailed descriptions of what mana is, how it is used, how it is obtained etc. 

I couldnt stop reading for a day, blasted through it 10+ chapters a day. But if you do get bored and feel like its just the same old thing over again or something of that sort. Keep going, the story has many different surprise changes to it that keep things interesting.

If you're worried about the story being short or rushed, rest assured. I have spoken with the author personally and he has confirmed that hes not even at the half point with the story, he will probably be writing this for the next 4+ years or so (not exactly sure on the time period, but there will be a TON more chapters). I am personally pumped for the next chapters and will do my best to encourage the author to keep writing more (since currently his writing speed has slowed down considerably).

I dont know of any more ways I can get you to read this story, but I would recommend it to everyone, it is truly a gem.

Only negative thing I can think of currently is the story being sort of slow at certain points, even though it isnt as bad as in most stories.


My eyebrows are raised... Mindfudged in the good way

Disclaimer: I only started reading this story because it was recommended to me on a stream. But honest opinion on this story? It’s great! Even better than you might think at the start, but before I start to go into detail, here’s 2 things:

  1. I don’t read that much! I used to love fantasy books when I was younger but I stopped a few years ago.

  2. English is not my native language! Why am I telling you this? There might be certain parts that sound silly to you and for me it’s just a new phrase/word I had to learn.

Reasons you might not like the story:

  1. There’s gore! And it’s explicit. It’s not just a portrayal of useless violence, it actually fits the general setting and it has a purpose. For me, it’s no reason to stop reading a story but this is just good to know for future readers.

  2. It’s a bit too cliché at times. Most of the time it’s fine and you just smile about it and sometimes you wish it would’ve been different. But it’s his first project so I wouldn’t bother too much.

Sorry to Sky for those 2 things but I really think it’s important to know this before you start reading the story! But now let’s get to the good parts.

Reasons to finish the thing and enjoy it:

  1. The satisfaction!!! As I mentioned before, everything has a purpose. You start reading and from time to time you might raise an eyebrow (hehehehehe, you’ll see why I’m laughing). But as the author mentioned, it’s all a big setup for the later chapters of arc one and most of the things are gonna be resolved. You’ll sit there mindfudged and at peace. You’ll think: “Chapter 22 and 23 were worth it.”

  2. The main character is an idiot. Sounds funny, but I really enjoyed to see the MC struggle, especially since some parts of the first arc cover his teenage years. He’s not dumb, just a social retard.

  3. There’s gonna be magic and it’s not just “I can do all of this and that and I can cause I’m a mage.” It’s a well thought out system that’s relatively easy to follow and makes nothing too overpowered.

  4. Some stuff is fudged up, but in the good sort of way.

  5. There are boobies.

Overall, the story has been a blast for me and I’d recommend it to anyone that enjoys fantasy related novels!



Finally a fantasy fiction that hasn't to do with reincarnation or virtual reality!

Minor spoilers in review:

It appears that the current focus of the story is uncovering Kai’s past. I can feel like the subtle details of the story are really going to lead into some larger event in the future. In chapter one there was a mentioning of some sort of incident in Drosera, and you see in chapter two that it’s where Kai grew up. The two definitely has some correlation together and it’s really interesting occasionally see Kai changing into a darker version of himself, and I think that also has something to do with this mentioned incident. I think there will be more subtle details in the future that will continue to build the eerie atmosphere the author has set up in the past arc. I really like how the story shifts between the past and the present because the present events seem to have a reverse foreshadowing effect on what is happening in the past, yet the past helps uncover Kai’s character in the present.

So far there has only been a first person perspective of things, which basically leaves information out that we can figure out! I think it’s great how he/she didn’t decide to go with an omniscient narrator because then it would completely give away what exactly what happened without any momentum. A downside to this is that we don’t know exactly how other characters feel, but so far the author has done a good job of portraying their feelings even when it’s subtle. I really enjoyed the part in chapter 7 where after the waitress chugged her drink, Leila also slammed down her drink all finished. In this chapter it seems clear that Leila has some sort of romantic connection to Kai that she doesn’t want to admit and this was a subtle detail of her jealousy towards the attention the waitress received.

I don’t see any major issues here, but the author tends to use the same words to describe some things that tend to get repetitive, but it doesn’t stop you from enjoying the content he/she is bringing out. The sentence structure seems to be consistent throughout when describing how a character acts, which might get a bit dull for some people. Overall it isn’t great, but it’s not bad either. When compared to other fictions on this site, I think it is above average.

There have only been 10 chapters so far, but I think it will be a great read regardless. In recent years there has been a massive release of light novels and fictions that is about almost the same thing; reincarnation and virtual reality. So far, I predict that the author’s story probably falls under the revenge plot category given the information released in the story, but I’m glad he/she didn’t fall victim to the surge of mainstream genres. In the recent chapter, the magic system that the author has set up seems especially unique! It really puts a different perspective to how you view magic spells. If you’re looking for something original to read, Lusarth Fauxun is up your alley!


One of the most enjoyable originals on RRL!


This review of Lusarth Fauxun is written as of chapter 19. So my mind might change later on, but with all the effort the author Skywind put into this it is very unlikely to detoriate in any way. This review doesn't contain spoilers.


The Novel is written in first person perspective. I believe that was the right decision for a storyline where a lot of the plotpoints are deductions or new learnings of the MC. The reader gets to grow together with Kai and the author is able to vividly display Kais surroundings through him. On a few points the writing gets a little repetitive, but until now that only happened when there was a longer streak of Kai only being a spectator. All-in-all Skywind has a great writing style!


We get to see the MC in two different time settings: One, while growing up as a child. Two, a few years later while working with Cascabel. The split story is a nice way of showing how Kai grew up to be who he is in the current timeline and also helps to lift the veil for some questions which are brought up in either storyline. There also seems to be a lot of foreshadowing for events that are going to happen. Skywind has created a world with a quite interesting setting and an awesome way to portrait mana usage and the science behind it. As we are still at chapter 19 I'll be happy to see where Skywind will take us.


The grammar is good, even top-notch for this site I believe. There are no glaring errors, nor is there wrong word usage. A few times the sentence structure gets repetitive but that's not a big problem. Skywind knows how to punctuate and also how to avoid run-on sentences, which are common mistakes on RRL.


The main character is a likeable person with many different character facets we get to explore as we follow the split timelines. But not only the MC feels real. The Author also manages to give the supporting cast a background, something to strife for and for short - a personality. You get to build a relationship with the whole cast as you see them grow up or travel, which is a rare find on this site, where everyone only looks for an uber-op MC, normally leaving the supporting cast shallow.


Lusarth Fauxun is a great read and has the potential to become an even greater Novel. As it is not really written like a webnovel, you might have to wait a few chapters for it to pick up pace, but the patience will pay off once you are immersed in it. A recommended read for anyone liking original fantasy.


Also sorry for any grammatical errors in this review as I am not a native speaker.


Gutwrenching, tragedy, horror

This is an absolutely guywrenching, tragedy horror.  It is not sequential in time reference, and there is no happy ending, no closure.

Whats bad is the characters are very well built, then absolutely crushed. There were quite a few moments where i wanted to stop reading.


The first 10 chapters are fairly disjointed, with the mention of a ton of places, people, and organizations with no backgrpund.  This gets straightened out as you read.


Plot is complicated.

Grammar is ok, there were a few spots with duplicated paragraphs.

Bad points chapters 37 to 40 or so, explaines backstory in brutal and grueling detail, it was overly lengthy and should have appeared earlier in the story.  Its bad cause all the backstory comes after a happier resolution, and then leaves you feeling pretty depressed emo, its pretty screwed up.

 I intentionally dropped my scoring because of bad sequence, it really ruined it for me. And way too long, and emo brutal. 


Really creative and brimming with promise

I think Kai is a really interesting protagonist, especially since he evidently is not a one-dimensional kind of person, even if he seems that way at first. I'm really interested in learning more about his days at the academy and how he developed all of the relationships that he has. The world the story is set in is also pretty unique and has a lot of interesting dynamics between kingdoms. I would recommend this story to anyone looking for a good read!