The Beast and The Swallow

The Beast and The Swallow

by Ariana Vivoni

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Of all the tales in all the lands, there isn't a story more famous and more heart-wrenching than the one about the Beast and the White Swallow.

Never heard of it? Then come closer, for it is about to unfold before your very own eyes.

In a far-away land of snow and mystery, the fates of two bastards entangle.

He is a warrior and a ruler. She is a physician with a tormented past.

Now both of them will have to learn not only to live together but also to fight against any and all that threatens to ruin their happiness. Amongst chaos, schemes, and war, will they manage to fulfill the most difficult task - finding the way to each other's heart and soul?

The path won’t be easy. A dark cult and even darker magic are resurfacing after years of slumber. And while they wreak havoc in the lands of Norden, the Star-gazer’s voice echoes in the night, heralding a dangerous future:

When the Beast falls, the Swallow shall triumph.

For the Sun to shine over Norden, the Swallow must be devoured.

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Ariana Vivoni

Ariana Vivoni

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Table of Contents
108 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1. A Beast from the North ago
2. The night of the banquet ago
3. The darkness before dawn (1) ago
4. The darkness before dawn (2) ago
5. Troubles at sea (1) ago
6. Troubles at sea (2) ago
7. A friend ago
8. Tales of Norden (1) ago
9. Tales of Norden (2) ago
10. The Eternal Flame (1) ago
11. The Eternal Flame (2) ago
12. Welcome to castle Ildemar ago
13. The Blood of Norden (1) ago
14. The Blood of Norden (2) ago
15. The Thief (1) ago
16. The Thief (2) ago
17. Clash of Wills (1) ago
18. Clash of Wills (2) ago
19. Separation (1) ago
20. Separation (2) ago
21. To each their own demons (1) ago
22. To each their own demons (2) ago
23. Turbulent meetings (1) ago
24. Turbulent meetings (2) ago
25. Enemies within (1) ago
26. Enemies within (2) ago
27. Evil flowers (1) ago
28. Evil flowers (2) ago
29. Chaos and hexes (1) ago
30. Chaos and hexes (2) ago
31. The depths of darkness (1) ago
32. The depths of darkness (2) ago
33. Resolve (1) ago
34. Resolve (2) ago
35. Preparations (1) ago
36. Preparations (2) ago
37. A glimpse of hope ago
38. The Monster (1) ago
39. The Monster (2) ago
40. The trap springs ago
41. Flames of rage ago
42. Death's touch (1) ago
43. Death's touch (2) ago
44. Shadow and Light ago
45. Ghosts of past and present (1) ago
46. Ghosts of past and present (2) ago
47. The forbidden arts ago
48. A painful truth ago
49. Darkness ahead (Book 1 - END) ago
EXTRA - History, Politics and Maps ago
EXTRA II - Art, art, and more art ago
Book II - Hearts of Snow and Shadow - Preview ago
II-1. Sinister daybreak ago
II-2. Master and Servant (1) ago
II-3. Master and Servant (2) ago
II-4. Temptations (1) ago
II-5. Temptations (2) ago
II-6. Schemes and schemers ago
II-7. Break and mend (1) ago
II-8. Break and mend (2) ago
II-9. Heart to heart ago
II-10. The sage in the tower ago
II-11. Between storms (1) ago
II-12. Between storms (2) ago
II-13. A knight and his lady (1) ago
II-14. A knight and his lady (2) ago
II-15. Vestiges of spring (1) ago
II-16. Vestiges of spring (2) ago
II-17. For pride and honor (1) ago
II-18. For pride and honor (2) ago
II-19. A thorny path to justice (1) ago
II-20. A thorny path to justice (2) ago
II-21. Bitter Water (1) ago
II-22. Bitter Water (2) ago
II-23. Angel's tears (1) ago
II-24. Angel's tears (2) ago
II-25. Angel's tears (3) ago
II-26. Clouds gather (1) ago
II-27. Clouds gather (2) ago
II-28. Spreading poison ago
II-29. Whispers at midnight (1) ago
II-30. Whispers at midnight (2) ago
II-31. Seal of protection, prophecy of disaster ago
II-32. Esteemed guests (1) ago
II-33. Esteemed guests (2) ago
II-34. The hunt (1) ago
II-35. The hunt (2) ago
II-36. Corpse dolls (1) ago
II-37. Corpse dolls (2) ago
II-38. Devourer of souls (1) ago
II-39. Devourer of souls (2) ago
II-40. Children of the stars (1) ago
II-41. Children of the stars (2) ago
II-42. Pact of peace (1) ago
II-43. Pact of peace (2) ago
II-44. Guardian Deity (1) ago
II-44. Guardian Deity (2) ago
II-45. Guardian Deity (3) ago
II-46. The Star of Norden ago
II-47. Undercurrents (1) ago
II-48. Undercurrents (2) ago
II-49. Shattered (1) ago
II-50. Shattered (2) ago
II-51. The price of trust (1) ago
II-52. The price of trust (2) ago
II-53. Fallen star (1) ago
II-54. Fallen star (2) ago
II-55. Fallen star (3) ago

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David F. Weisman

Despite her illegitimate parentage, the Royal prince orders Lorelei to marry his bastard brother, the grim and mysterious Duke of the North.

While still incomplete, this is the best story I've seen on Royal Road yet! (Mild spoilers from early on ahead, I only discuss later chapters in vague terms so as not to spoil the suspense).

The first chapter starts out like a light fun romance, although the author has done more historical research than that would lead you to expect. As the second chapter goes on it turns darker and more serious, then it does so again. Some good people have already died, so we can't have a happy ending for everyone. A couple of larger than life villains fascinate the reader, but mostly we understand why people do what they do. The story has an oddly realistic feel, as the characters cope with similar problems to those that historical people faced in real life.

The fun facts the author highlights at the end of each chapter are sometimes actually fun, and sometimes kind of grim. The realism is occassionally harsh, but even if you've read a lot of fantasy this will stick with you.

The Hallow's eve Knightmare

I was browsing trending and low and behold a fiction caught my eye, and what a story it is! 

Normally, I’m not one for romance but The Beast and The Swallow is a typical fantasy romance, meets the intrigue of game of thrones, with real research and thought put into it!

There are a few rough patches where the story doesn’t flow between chapters and the passage of time is incorporeal and hard to grasp, a couple awkard sentences and weird wording, a few diction errors and very, very few spelling errors.

However, with how much thought care and effort Lady Ariana Vivoni has put into cutting and forming this jewel, with a little help from the community pointing out these errors and more feeedback, this can easily be placed among the treasury of the royal road’s best rated!


In short I give an absolute reading recommendation. I would argue that writing is pretty much at the level of a professional author, well above the RR average.

A few dialogues and monologues seemed a little artificial / unnatural to me. It can also be simply because I am not a native English speaker and I only mention it because there is nothing else to criticize.


I'm honestly perplexed as to why this story isn't more popular.  It's a lovely fairy tale, that I enjoyed.  The writing is descriptive, using nice colourful language.  It needs some editing, but nothing detracts from the pace of reading.  I became invested in the characters easily, and the relationship between the two leads Lorelei and Noah.  I also really like the world.  The author used actual history to inform her writing, although the world is made up, grounding it in reality, helping you believe the world which helps with immersion.  Great world-building. I plan to read further.


Good if you like slow burn romances

Reviewed at: Evil flowers (2)

I highly recommend this story for those who enjoy slow burn romances. As a heads up, go into this expecting to read an actual book and not a webserial/lit rpg. The story feels very planned out with no filler chapters so far. There are no chapters where we just spend a day with the protagonist doing random side tasks. Every chapter has been used to push forward the overarching plot and sub plots in some way. 

Unintelligent Donkey

A fun novel reminiscent of a spicy period piece (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)👌

Reviewed at: The Thief (2)

Style 5/5 - the author’s writing style is very descriptive, you can feel it the moment you start reading it, and you will know that this author is someone who pays attention to detail. You do not feel like you are reading a wordy novel, it feels like you’re reading a comic instead, you actually imagine the world. The author also draws a lot of detail from medieval Europe and adds in footnotes at the bottom of the chapter to explain more about them, which just goes to show how much effort she puts in every chapter. 

Story + Character 4.5/5 - So far, the characters seem to have a very specific trope, the MC is a kind and gentle girl who is suddenly thrusted into the life of this seemingly mean and universally hated male love interest. Her actions in the story causes a spark of interest to alight in this cold-hearted ‘monster’ and their relationship will grow from there. But that is not all the author has to offer, there is a lot of heart in this novel, and the characters and the world around them feel alive, thanks to the author's descriptive style. When our MCs get treated unjustly, we really do feel for them and it's like we are living that moment with them, the author’s style really shines in her story.

Grammar 4.5/5 - I saw a few minor mistakes with tenses, typos, and a few odd word choices (take it with a grain of salt, this is purely opinion-based), but nothing affected my reading experience. Overall, it looked very polished and it's clear that the author gives a lot of attention towards getting her message across the way she wants.

Overall 4.5/5 - I have to say that I loved the novel, even though I’m not a big fan of romance novels, I really enjoyed the political intrigue and the real-world problems (medieval time problems?). Underdog stories are always good fun for me, and the backstory of the MC’s lover was definitely something I enjoyed following.  


This story is wonderful and magical. The author mentions that English is not her first language, but you would never know it having read her work. It's pristine.

The characters are all lively and have a distinct manner of speaking and talking, the world is fleshed out and full of nuances that reflect our world and let you know a lot of research was done. The author even puts little Fun Facts in at the end of the chapters for us.

Grammar is good, story flow is amazing, the style is fantastic. I love all of these characters and just simply the way everything is written. This should be in a bookstore.


I still recommend this story after all these month

Reviewed at: 13. The Blood of Norden (1)

I read this story a long time ago as part of a review swap, and have just recently found it again (it randomly popped up in my head about a week ago and I decided to pick it up again) and have read farther than my initial swap. Before I continue, I'd like to say that I'm doing this review again of my own accord, and there's been no agreement between me and the author. I don't expect a swap, nor am I asking for one. This is just me giving credit where it's due again.

I don't really have much time nowadays to do extensive reviews, and struggle to read in my free time now, too. However, this story is the rare fantasy romance oriented fiction that's kept my attention despite romance not really being my tastes.


Ive no major gripes with anything in the story and praise the pacing, grammar, and storytelling. I think this is worth your time if you're skeptical, and hopefully, down the line I can do an advanced review again like before. 



It's time for Romance stories to get more popular!

Reviewed at: 49. Darkness ahead (Book 1 - END)

All the other reviews talk about the very high quality of the writing and how well it is researched so I won't talk about that anymore. I just want to add that the factoids at the bottom of each chapter relating to the setting are very entertaining.

RoyalRoad is not known for romance stories, and the little of the romance genre we get on this site are usually side stories that don't get handled too well. Hence, I feel that there's a certain assumption that romance stories are of low quality here in RR. (Or even a bias against romance stories.) That is, of course, on top of the fact that romance is not on of the popular genres here. 

That said, since the purpose of a review is to share our experience to perspective readers, I encourage readers to try this out. I personally don't read much romance stories. I am an average RR reader, going for the usual genres here, and I've barely read any romance story in my life, but I must say that I really enjoyed this one. 

There are no cheesy or cringey moments that some might expect from clumsily handled romance stories. This is a carefully handled romance story between two mature adults. Although, there are a few romance cliches, the ones that you could predict what's going to happen as they've been done before, but then again what sets a good romance apart from the rest is how it handles those cliche moments, and I could say that this story handles it very well. 

The world is incredible and the author has written it in such a way that it sucks me right in. The magic system has been hinted at here and there, but is fully revealed towards the end of book one, and it's very well presented. Top notch, immersive worldbuilding is all I can say. 

So, dear prospective reader, if you're tired of the usual stories here in RR and want to try something new, come try this story, you won't regret it. I found myself relaxing while reading this even though it has intense plot.  

Raming Ramos

This just concerns book one, as the others are not yet out.


Probably one of the best in this regard on Royal Road. Well written, easy to understand, and descriptive. Maybe too descriptive, but that’s just personal preference.


As far as I, a non-native english speaker, am concerned it contains few errors, other than the occasional typos an, and it’s easy to follow.


There are problems with the pacing, especially at the start where the story moves at the speed of a fighter jet, and with the characters not suffering the consequences of their actions (at least a scar or something, please). Perhaps the chapter long info dump toward the end could’ve been diluted throughout the rest story, but it’s just one chapter. Other than that, it’s a solid romance/fantasy with a well researched and thought-out world, that people who like the genre should appreciate.


I disliked Lorelei and Noah, I still do, but they have somewhat improved in the second half of the book. The secondary characters also improve during the second half of the book, not feeling as one dimensional and boring as they were at the start. Can’t really comment on the big, bad, evil dude as there wasn’t much shown yet.