The Beast and The Swallow

by Ariana Vivoni

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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Of all the tales in all the lands, there isn't a story more famous and more heart wrenching than the one about the Beast and the White Swallow.

Never heard of it? Then come closer.

For it is about to unfold before your very own eyes.

In a far-away land of snow and mystery, the fates of two bastards entangle.

He is a warrior and a ruler. She is a physician with a tormented past.

Now both of them will have to learn not only to live together but also to fight against any and all that threatens to ruin their happiness. Amongst chaos, schemes, and war, will they manage to fulfill the most difficult task - finding the way to each other's heart and soul?

The path won’t be easy. A dark cult and even darker magic are resurfacing after years of slumber. And while they wreak havoc in the lands of Norden, the Star-gazer’s voice echoes in the night heralding a dangerous future:

When the Beast falls, the Swallow shall triumph.

For the Sun to shine over Norden, the Swallow must be devoured.

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Ariana Vivoni

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Unintelligent Donkey
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A fun novel reminiscent of a spicy period piece (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)👌

Reviewed at: The Thief (2)

Style 5/5 - the author’s writing style is very descriptive, you can feel it the moment you start reading it, and you will know that this author is someone who pays attention to detail. You do not feel like you are reading a wordy novel, it feels like you’re reading a comic instead, you actually imagine the world. The author also draws a lot of detail from medieval Europe and adds in footnotes at the bottom of the chapter to explain more about them, which just goes to show how much effort she puts in every chapter. 

Story + Character 4.5/5 - So far, the characters seem to have a very specific trope, the MC is a kind and gentle girl who is suddenly thrusted into the life of this seemingly mean and universally hated male love interest. Her actions in the story causes a spark of interest to alight in this cold-hearted ‘monster’ and their relationship will grow from there. But that is not all the author has to offer, there is a lot of heart in this novel, and the characters and the world around them feel alive, thanks to the author's descriptive style. When our MCs get treated unjustly, we really do feel for them and it's like we are living that moment with them, the author’s style really shines in her story.

Grammar 4.5/5 - I saw a few minor mistakes with tenses, typos, and a few odd word choices (take it with a grain of salt, this is purely opinion-based), but nothing affected my reading experience. Overall, it looked very polished and it's clear that the author gives a lot of attention towards getting her message across the way she wants.

Overall 4.5/5 - I have to say that I loved the novel, even though I’m not a big fan of romance novels, I really enjoyed the political intrigue and the real-world problems (medieval time problems?). Underdog stories are always good fun for me, and the backstory of the MC’s lover was definitely something I enjoyed following.  

Vera Anne Wolf
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Arranged Marriage meets Game Of Thrones

Reviewed at: The darkness before dawn (2)


Overall: While I can’t say the story surprised me in any way, I can say that it was entertaining, captivating even, and held my interest. I wish the opening events could have been a little more drawn out or less predictable because knowing what’s coming always ruins the surprise. That said Lorelei and Noah were both characters easy to fall for and root for. For me, this was ‘Arranged Marriage with the CEO (insert Beast of the North)’ meets ‘A Lighter Shade of GOT’.

Style: The author’s writing was easy to adjust and fall into. The pace was just perfect to make the reading effortless and keep my attention from waning despite the decent length of the chapters. That said there were a few discrepancies between showing a stutter and describing a stutter. Or perhaps Jessup just always stutters? (See Chapter notes)

Story: There were a few points in the story that stretched my believability. Cause, Effect, and Gain are how I look at the characters' choices and actions. Effect is easy. But in the instance of Lorelei and Noah’s “gunpoint/shotgun wedding” I was kind of left a bit—Wha???

 *Edit* The Author went back and added in a bit more information about the scene below so I have adjusted my rating based on that since it addressed the issue I previously had. 

Spoiler: Spoiler


The lack of Cause and Gain is what makes this feel like an “Arranged Marriage” story to me.

Grammar: A few typos but nothing major and I’m certain the author will fix the very few I pointed out.

Character: I would say the writer did a commendable job with Lorelei and Noah. In fact, it was hard to read about Lorelei’s family and not draw comparisons to a certain *cough* other story *cough* where the MC had to tolerate an abusive family.

If there was one minor blimp, it was Lorelei’s reaction to Noah’s wound. (See Chapter notes) I’m still trying to gauge just how much experience she has as a healer. Especially given that (I think) its not really a profession women are “allowed” to pursue. I might have misunderstood that though.

I also wasn’t left with much of an impression of her overall after chapter 4 (15k words) in. Nice. Courageous(?). Well educated in court mannerism(?) despite being treated like a bastard, called a mutt, and apparently ignored or abused for the most part. A well-trained(?) physician’s assistant of an unknown amount of years.

Spoiler: Spoiler


Overall it's an entertaining story. I enjoyed it and fully intend on coming back for more later. Would recommend if you like a bit of GOT vibes and don’t mind “Arranged Marriage—but they fall in love with each other later down the road after a few misunderstandings” which (predictably) is where I see this going. But hey, power couple! I’m down for overthrowing Prince Lionel.

  • Overall Score

The author uses quite a bit of advanced language that might not be well known to a lot of people and thankfully at the end of most chapters includes annotations with definitions of uncommon words. 


I had no idea about the ripening of a wound to pull out arrows. That was a tasty little tidbit to learn.  This story was easy to amerce myself ram and get lost forwhile.

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Reviewed at: A friend

The Beast and The Swallow is the story about Noah, a bastard son of the Imperial King and Lorelei, the bastard daughter of Count Orten as they find theirselves into a...

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Style: 5/5

It has a third-person perspective with good descriptive style. The scenes and dialogues were well-written and the worldbuilding wasn't heavy to digest. The only issue was the long paragraphs that can still be divided into smaller parts but those were only minimal so I'll still give a 5 star.


Commendable use of english grammar. There were some typos but also minimal and didn't affect my reading experience. So still 5 stars.

Story: 5/5

The story is interesting. You'll find yourself entertained as you read chapters after chapters, following how the story of  Noah and Lorelei will unfold. Their interaction is becoming more heart-warming as they develop their relationship through the story. 5 stars for me.

Character: 5/5

The characters have depth and have their own characteristics. You can identify them from each other, from the misunderstood Noah to the kind but determined Lorelei. Even the other characters like the d*ck prince Lionel to the awkward page Jess. 5 stars for them.

Over all, I had fun reading the story and I recommend it to the readers wanting a heart-warming romance between two individuals brought by fate.

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One of the Best and truly not Shallow story you can find here.

Reviewed at: Separation (1)
Spoiler: Spoiler

This was my first time reading a story in Royal Road where it is more than 10 records. I am saying this because I made a blunder, I read the most recent chapter which was called SEPERATION (1). In my defense I thought that was chapter 1.

Now I'm telling you all this because even tho I skip and was lost with the characters which I thought would be described later on, I got hook with the story.

The vibe I got after reading it again from the start was The Beast and the Swallow reminds me of stories when I was young. It felt like I could smell the paper as I go through chapter by chapter.

It has this vibe where you could see actual literature when you read it. I remember buying my first book in a mall and was so excited to read it.

Where I came from, the book of my childhood was often written by European or American people. To say that those two race are superior when writing a book is not my intention, but one thing I learned from those book from my childhood, they are known and was sold because they are good.

What I'm saying is if this book was published I'm pretty sure a young me would have bought and read it from the get go.

David F. Weisman
  • Overall Score

Despite her illegitimate parentage, the Royal prince orders Lorelei to marry his bastard brother, the grim and mysterious Duke of the North.

While still incomplete, this is the best story I've seen on Royal Road yet! (Mild spoilers from early on ahead, I only discuss later chapters in vague terms so as not to spoil the suspense).

The first chapter starts out like a light fun romance, although the author has done more historical research than that would lead you to expect. As the second chapter goes on it turns darker and more serious, then it does so again. Some good people have already died, so we can't have a happy ending for everyone. A couple of larger than life villains fascinate the reader, but mostly we understand why people do what they do. The story has an oddly realistic feel, as the characters cope with similar problems to those that historical people faced in real life.

The fun facts the author highlights at the end of each chapter are sometimes actually fun, and sometimes kind of grim. The realism is occassionally harsh, but even if you've read a lot of fantasy this will stick with you.

The Hallow's eve Knightmare
  • Overall Score

I was browsing trending and low and behold a fiction caught my eye, and what a story it is! 

Normally, I’m not one for romance but The Beast and The Swallow is a typical fantasy romance, meets the intrigue of game of thrones, with real research and thought put into it!

There are a few rough patches where the story doesn’t flow between chapters and the passage of time is incorporeal and hard to grasp, a couple awkard sentences and weird wording, a few diction errors and very, very few spelling errors.

However, with how much thought care and effort Lady Ariana Vivoni has put into cutting and forming this jewel, with a little help from the community pointing out these errors and more feeedback, this can easily be placed among the treasury of the royal road’s best rated!

  • Overall Score

The first chapter is like BAM BOOM. Things are happening, and it's in NO terms stale or boring. Invested the whole time, and the descriptions were on point. I enjoyed the characters and loved the gossiping people lol. One little, little thing is in the dialogue you say the characters name a lot, which can get repetitive and is unnecessary at times like saying, Jess. I understand the My lord, or Master because well, they're of low rank than him :) I love that there are so many characters so far, but it doesn't seem forced, and it's not overly complicated where I don't know who's talking. So much GO GO GO action, something is always happening, and that's the fun of reading this piece so far, I'm looking forward to what happens next. Also, side note, English isn't this Author's first language and you can't tell at all :)

  • Overall Score

In short I give an absolute reading recommendation. I would argue that writing is pretty much at the level of a professional author, well above the RR average.

A few dialogues and monologues seemed a little artificial / unnatural to me. It can also be simply because I am not a native English speaker and I only mention it because there is nothing else to criticize.

  • Overall Score

Beauty & The Beast, Royal Road version

Reviewed at: A friend

Some of the longest chapters I've ever read on the site, but overall it was pretty good. If you're the type of person who likes to sit and pass the hours away in peace, you'll enjoy this story. The story is extremely descriptive and detailed, well beyond the typical expectations of a story you might randomly pick up from trending. 

Anyway overall I didn't find much at all to point out that wasn't fixed before I even started reading, so in terms of criticism in regards to delivery, or confusion, there's nothing for me to add. The author stays on top of their game when it comes to that. 

As for the story itself, it was an experience to read (in a good way). Romance novels typically aren't my thing, and I rarely read them willingly. However, this one I'd vouch to be one of the better novels in that genre that sets the standard for how a good romance should be. Some of it felt slightly rushed, or forced, but I don't think it's anything worth complaining about. If anything, my thoughts were simply skewered by personal logic in that regard. The author does maintain a sense of historical accuracy, though. There's plenty of interesting additional facts in the end notes that were a joy to read. 

Overall, to be plainly blunt, this story belongs on trending way more than some of the wild shit I've seen on there. Here's hoping my rate & review encourages others to read and do the same so it can get on the big boy board.