Gamer's Guide to Waking up as a Dinosaur

by SavageMercy

Being born is hard.

Being reborn is even harder.

But being reborn as a baby dinosaur in a world where everything wants to kill you, skin you, and suck the marrow from your bones? That's the hardest.

At least the magical blue boxes say I can evolve, though?

Link to the discord: here.

Cover art done by Monomuss. You can connect with him via the discord server.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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And so we jump back into this fun Dinosaur reincarnation story!

Honestly one of the best of its kind, a really fun read at times, that i can rarely find in other stories, but this one did it just right with the previous version, though later on something changed sadly, but if the rewritten version is even better without the mistakes of the old one, then it will be a joy to read!


Well, so far the story will be mostly the same, I dont expect there to be any major changes in early chapters, as they were just a great fun read overall so I dont think the author is going to do large changes to them, though maybe adding even more content for us to read! The main problems I had with the previous version, even if I didnt mind it that hard I could still see the story changing and the quality dropping, are the events surrounding chapter 35 and those after that, with the big dino rescue and such, those were honestly handled rather poorly, though I have faith that the author was able to rewrite all of that so it became on the same quality level as the early chapters, given all the feedback they have gotten about the story.

This review is up to change, as it is early on, and the author hasnt posted any new content yet, and from what I have seen of the old version, this may take a while, I can understand the author for not posting it all in one go, because that would be tooo much at once! I  hope this story will turn out to be good even in the long run, especially given the author's commitment to this story.

I certainly recommend jumping again into this story if you have read this before, just to experience it once more! And for those new to this, certainly come read, its a fun story that can keep you entertained!


Fun facy: the original version of this story was actually one of the first fics I ever read on this site. I really enjoyed the writing and especially the humor, but of course it had its flaws. Now, nearly a year later, I finally got to reading the rewrite, and I have to say it was worth the wait.

For those who are just now discovering Gamer's Guide: Do you like monster evolution stories with a hint of humor and snark? If so, you're in for a treat. From this story, you can expect a wonderfully-made dino world with a constant tug-of-war between countless different predator factions, all through the lens of an in-over-her-head gamer who's just trying to survive in her new baby-dino body. 

For those who are returning from the original: It's gotten even better. All of the good things pop more, and many of the annoying things have been fixed. The characterization of the MC in the first draft was already pretty prominent, but here we can really see her unique, dare I say quirky self shine through to the fullest. 

The plot also feels much smoother, and I especially appreciate the added-in scenes that really help tie together the plot and flesh out the world. In fact, I'd almost like to see even more of these, as they truly are amazing in making everything flow. 

The grammar has also improved by leaps and bounds. As expected of a revised draft, I didn't catch anything within these first 19 chapters. And, with it, the prose has evolved (hehe) too. It's just the small things - a little extra detail here, a smoother sentence there - but they all combine to make for a much better reading experience. Great job on that, author!

Now, I do have a comment or two, but they mainly pertain to things that are already being worked on so I'm not worried at all. The first is that, like I said, I almost want more of these in-between scenes in order to help with transitioning. I also struggle with this a lot, but sometimes the transition between an intense chase to our favorite dino simply going to sleep can be a bit abrupt. Adding some more in between might smooth this out, and make this story even better.

The second comment of mine is that I BELIEVE IN YOU, MERCY! I know it's been rough, and it's absolutely fine to take your time. Just know that I will always support you and that a lot of people love this story. I'm sure if they could, they'd all tell you that you're amazing <3

Sappy encouragement aside, this is definitely a story that you'll want to check out. Click on that first chap, and let the dino power course through you!


Reborn like an Isekai'd Dinosaur!

Reviewed at: 9: A Skillful Observation

So Gamer's Guide has a rewrite now! Which means more content! If you read the original one then you should know that it's a great story! But the best part about this one is that while the author has promised the story will follow a similar direction, there has already been new content!

So i'm thinking that this story is only going to be better than it was before, especilaly since the author has taken the readers opinions from the previous version and used them to make it better!

Go Gamer's Guide!


I read the original thought it was great. Now due to this being a rewrite this will be multitudes better than the last.


 I read this before the rewrite and liked it then. So I'm tentatively writing this review in the hopes that the next one will be even better. 


Little Dino starts journey to become big Dino with puns and a system definitely worth checking out 😉

J De Silver

It's a book about a man who becomes a dinosaur, learning how to survive and maybe even thrive as a dino, no thumbs makes it a little hard. We discover the vast world and evolutionary paths our favourite dino can take, whilst he tries to survive the dangers of a time before animal rights existed

Plot wise, so far it's good and we learn all about different assortments of tasty snacks and potential snackers who look towards the mc as a snack. We also discover those who sit on the top of the food chain and how they interact with their metaphorical kindoms and those that would brave the dangers to live in it

Grammar wise, I see no problems, easy to read without any annoying mix-ups of past-present, first person third person mistakes that many have in their stories.... Also it's better than anything that i could put out so no complaints 😋

It's a good novel to pick up and read, try it what do you have to lose ? Only a bit of time, so come and join in on this and find joy in our MC's misery.... I mean adventure... Yes ... Our MC's adventure


If i had to nit pick its that we don't currently have dragons cough cough hint hint.


 it's not trash folks literally good straight-up decent.  5/5 would read, good day