Is that a Wisp?

by Suiyan

Original ONGOING Action Comedy Fantasy Romance Male Lead Martial Arts Non-Human lead Strong Lead

In this universe, wisps are the absolute weakest forms of life. Although intelligent, they are basically not suited for cultivation due to their very limited life spans.
Krune just so happens to be one of them. Worst of all, wisps are frequently used as cultivation resources. Since they are beings of energy, they are suitable for cultivation due to their high concentration of it.

In a fated night, while wisp hunters were pursuing him, Krune will meet a little lady who will change his life.

Here, on the distant planet of Makui, a legend is born.




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Word Count (12)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Fated Encounter ago
I promise! ago
Myriad Energies Cultivation Technique ago
Need More Spiritual Energy ago
First Kill ago
The Myriad Energies True Form ago
The Second Energy Meridian ago
Planning for the Spiritual Vein ago
Krune Wants to be Forgiven ago
Limit Reached ago
At least you know how to be grateful ago
You have just sent them to their deaths ago
Dominating! ago
Understanding the world ago
Preparations for Breakthrough ago
Either I Succeed or I Die, Wisps are Really Pitiful ago
The Universe ago
How Could That Be? ago
An Adorable Name ago
Krune Gets a Lightning Rainbow Candy ago
Now I'm a Real Clown ago
Time to leave. ago
Don't Curse, Change Your Clothes! ago
Too Much People to Inform Him. ago
This is Heaven! ago
I Think the Formation Was Broken! The Mercenary Exam. ago
They Won't Steal Him! ago
Look, This is Very Effective! ago
Journey to Kaley City. ago
This is not fair! ago
End of the Crisis ago
Relationship Related Items ago
You Will Love the Name! ago
The Truth Behind the Danger Zones ago
Am, I, Clear? ago
Worth it! ago
Five Elements Paste ago
The Alchemist Practical Exam. ago
Chapter 39: The Second Special Exception ago
Chapter 40: He Couldn't be Wrong About Men Too, Right? ago
Chapter 41: Another Spiritual Energy Meridian ago
Chapter 42: Goodbye! ago
Chapter 43: When the gods forget about you. ago
Chapter 44: Go and Die! ago
Chapter 45: Appearance Changing Pill ago
Chapter 46: Rock, Paper, Scissors! ago
Chapter 47: There is One Right Below Us. ago
Chapter 48: Then I Shall Trust Them ago
Chapter 49: I Just Used a Little Bit Too Much Strength. ago
Chapter 50: It Was Just a Joke. ago
Chapter 51: Languages ago
Chapter 52: Mohie Sect ago
Chapter 53: Temper Their Souls. ago
Chapter 54: Hasik Was Right, The Heavens Have Eyes! ago
Chapter 55: Books Hall ago
Chapter 56: Yusa completes the nine pseudo meridians. ago
Chapter 57: Do I Look Like Some Villain? ago
Chapter 58: A Certain Wisp Passed Out ago
Chapter 59: Feed the Soul to the Core ago
Chapter 60: I'm Happy With Your Feelings. ago
Chapter 61: Help the Mercenary Contestants. ago
Chapter 62: What Did You Say to Him? ago
Chapter 63: Krune's Plan ago
Chapter 64: Heaven's Fall! ago
Chapter 65: Five Elements Divine Soul ago
Chapter 66: The Last of the Big Four ago
Chapter 67: As Expected of the Formations Guild! ago
Chapter 68: I Don’t' Like This Pattern. ago
Chapter 69: Activate! ago
Chapter 70: I Agree! ago

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  • Overall Score

Cool Story, Needs Some Work.

Reviewed at: They Won't Steal Him!

Exactly what it says on the tin. This is a solid wuxia-style cultivation story about a member of a normally downtrodden species rising to become something great. It jumps the gun a little on the power boosting in my opinion, but considering that's generally the point of these types of stories it doesn't lose any points there. 

Where it does lose points is that it's hard to read. In many cases I would need to re-read a line several times before I could catch on to what the author was trying to say. Lack of punctiation, awkward phrasing and usage of similarly spelled words and homophones is common. 

As it is I'm going to stop reading at this point. I enjoyed most of what I did read, but I simply can't recommend the story until the author either gets an editor or a decent grammar program. 

  • Overall Score

If you reeeaaaallllly like wuxia you may enjoy this. Otherwise I would find something else to read.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Enjoyable to read, but not outstanding.

Reviewed at: Chapter 47: There is One Right Below Us.

Personal Opinion: It's worth to give a shot, while it is a bit of a generic wuxia I have to say that it is very amusing to read.

Style wise, it gets the job done. It is a bit of the "normal" style resembling translations of the generic Chinese webnovel. It gets the job done. Put simply, you won't notice the style. It doesn't stand out positively or negatively.

Grammar:s it is mostly fine, there are some rare spelling issues here and there. I'm not really caught up on it, I think if someone proofreads it in one go it'll be fine.

Story: I consider it the weak point of this piece, it is the generic cultivation wuxia. It earns two star for using the generic backdrop. Another star for following the wisp thing. If you read this for a story, don't bother.

Character: I'd say this is the strong point, though rather then the characters themselves being the strong points I'm more entertained by the interactions between them. The characters are fairly likable, if a little bit generic.

  • Overall Score

I am surprised how much i enjoy this comfort food cultivation story.

Wisps FTW.

Callum Seddon
  • Overall Score

Very interesting premise, so far an alt-cultivation/western style cultivation story. No stupid youngmastery or obscene harem as of yet nor any flat out insanity. If sustained it will be an incredible story

  • Overall Score

 The idea sounds interesting. This is only based upon the idea of the story, and subject to change post reading future chapters

Leonardo Nascimento
  • Overall Score

 It's really good, I'm loving the story. I hope the author don't drop it

  • Overall Score

Typical xianxia bullshit

Reviewed at: I promise!

New record. Only two chapters to witness some pedo shit.

Winged Thing
  • Overall Score

Yet another 'Webnovel'

Reviewed at: I promise!

The story speaks for itself. Generic, posessed of poor grammar, and has the general feel of a novel badly translated from Chinese into English. 

Within moments, you will know if its for you, or as is far more likely, not.

  • Overall Score

 I don't know what to say. It makes no sense to refuse the help in chapter two just because he has some conflict inside his mind about fleeing. Bad writing imo. Chinese novels are all about taking opportunities. This guy instead of taking the help he decides tjat somehow he can do shit after he ran away for 3years. You MC already shows the mentality of a loser and a average hero who gets everything handed to him. I'd hate to read that type of novel