A Glimpse of the Multiverse

by Nullblaster The Voidmaker

We all know that the multiverse is theoretically infinite. There's so much to see, and there will never be enough time to see it all. With that being said, it's always worth having a look at what you can see. I've traveled the multiverse for centuries, and in that time I've learned that there's always something interesting happening somewhere, or some outstanding individual to observe from the masses. From mechanical menaces to greater gods, there's always something to see, and I have decided to share some of what I've seen with you. Each of these windows opens to a different world, ordinarily independant of eachother, though sometimes they interact in unexpected ways. Do keep in mind, as you view these windows, that I can shift them at your request. If you wish to view something in the multiverse, tell me, and I shall accomodate as best I can.

Now, without further ado, let's peek through the first of these windows...

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