A Fractured Song

by vren55

After years of beatings and neglect from her parents, 13-year old Frances was summoned with her entire class to the fantastical world of Durannon to fight the monsters invading the human kingdoms and defeat the "Demon King." If she succeeds, she might have the home she never had. But if she can't overcome the trauma and self-loathing inflicted on her by her abusive parents, Frances will die, and be summoned back to the home she escaped, on the day that she left.

However, with the help of her mentor, Edana, and some friends she makes along the way, Frances may be able to fight the Demon King and win, and maybe, just maybe, heal from her trauma.

Beautiful Cover by Rianne Draws (https://twitter.com/RianneDraws)

Full cover at: https://www.reddit.com/r/VrensLibrary/comments/iwhsar/a_fractured_song_new_cover_courtesy_of/

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Arc 1 Chapter 1: The Running Girl Falls into the Fantasy World ago
Arc 1 Chapter 2: The Mysterious Woman with a Twisted Spine ago
Arc 1 Chapter 3: The Traumatized Girl is Chosen by Her Mentor ago
Arc 1 Chapter 4: Edana’s House and Frances’s First Lesson ago
Arc 1 Chapter 5: The Teacher Starts to Get Suspicious ago
Arc 1 Chapter 6: Breakfast, and More Suspicions ago
Arc 1 Chapter 7: Frances Jumps, Edana Trusts ago
Arc 1 Chapter 8: Nightmares and Orange-Colored Drinks ago
Arc 1 Chapter 9: Frances Makes a Big? Mistake ago
Arc 1 Chapter 10: France's Near Perfect Day ago
Arc 1 Chapter 11: Edana Mentors ago
Arc 1 Chapter 12: The Teacher Discusses her Student with her Friends ago
Arc 1 Chapter 13: Edana Finds Out ago
Arc 1 Chapter 14: Deserving ago
Arc 1 Chapter 15: Hope ago
Arc 2 Chapter 16: Edana's Worries, Frances's Lightning ago
Arc 2 Chapter 17: The Student's Worries ago
Arc 2 Chapter 18: The Student Meets the Prince ago
Arc 2 Chapter 19: Frances Tries, and Fails, To Escape her Mentor ago
Arc 2 Chapter 20: Frances's Own Wand ago
Arc 2 Chapter 21: The Bloody Field of Vertingen ago
Arc 2 Chapter 22: Into Battle ago
Arc 2 Chapter 23: Frances goes Into Darkness ago
Arc 2 Chapter 24: Saving Edana ago
Arc 2 Chapter 25: Edana's Confession ago
Arc 2 Chapter 26: Just Right ago
Arc 3 Chapter 27: Mage Training ago
Arc 3 Chapter 28: Into the Woods ago
Arc 3 Chapter 29: A Stranger in the Woods ago
Arc 3 Chapter 30: Frances Parts from the Friendly Stranger and Continues her Training ago
Arc 3 Chapter 31: War Stories ago
Arc 3 Chapter 32: The Continuing Journal Entries of Frances ago
Arc 3 Chapter 33: Frances's 15th Birthday ago
Arc 3 Chapter 34: Frances on the March ago
Arc 3 Chapter 35: The Battle of Westfall Pass ago
Arc 4 Chapter 36: New Friends ago
Arc 4 Chapter 37: An Adjustment Period ago
Arc 4 Chapter 38: Riding to Westfall Pass ago
Arc 4 Chapter 39: Ambush at Westfall Pass Part 1 ago
Arc 4 Chapter 40: Ambush at Westfall Pass Part 2 ago
Arc 4 Chapter 41: A Nice Chat with my Mentor ago
Worldbuilding Interlude: The Legend of Edana Firehand ago
Arc 4 Chapter 42: Friendship Is Great! Superiors Make Problems ago
Arc 4 Chapter 43: Frances has an Idea ago
Arc 4 Chapter 44: The Trio Go for A Swim ago
Arc 4 Chapter 45: Taking the Gatehouse ago
Arc 4 Chapter 46: Getting Out with Unexpected Interlopers ago
Arc 4 Chapter 47: A Talk Between Friends ago
Arc 5 Chapter 48: Meeting her Former Bullies ago
Arc 5 Chapter 49: The Situation at Freeburg ago
Arc 5 Chapter 50: Orders, Challenges and Thoughts ago
Arc 5 Chapter 51: Frances's Regret and Anger ago
Arc 5 Chapter 52: A Swim with a Friend and a Complication ago
Arc 5 Chapter 53: Frances Snaps ago
Arc 5 Chapter 54: Aftermath Pt. 1 ago
Arc 5 Chapter 55: Aftermath Pt. 2 ago
Arc 5 Chapter 56: The Battle of Freeburg Part 1 ago
Arc 5 Chapter 57: The Battle of Freeburg Part 2 ago
Arc 5 Chapter 58: Battle of Freeburg Part 3 ago
Arc 5 Chapter 59: Tying Up Loose Ends ago
Arc 6 Chapter 60: Kidnapped by a Friend ago
Arc 6 Chapter 61: Frances Makes Timur Feel Hella Guilty ago
Arc 6 Chapter 62: Escape Plans NEVER go to Plan ago
Arc 6 Chapter 63: Daughter? ago
Arc 6 Chapter 64: Heroine ago
Patreon Questions and Answers ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 1 (65): Erlenberg ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 2 (66): Cranky Old Woman ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 3 (67): Cousins ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 4(68): The Possibly Certifiably Insane Windwhistler Familiy ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 5 (69): Frances and Ayax ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 6 (70): Training for the Winter Tournament ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 7 (71): The Other Champions ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 8 (72): Masquerade! ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 9 (73): Masquerade's End ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 10 (74): Politics and Preliminaries ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 11 (75): A Twist in the Preliminaries ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 12 (76): Accusations and Suspicions ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 13 (77): Ayax's Not Great Day ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 14 (78): The Duel with Robert ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 15 (79): Of Sabotage and Feelings ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 16 (80): Bodies and Breaking In ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 17 (81): Busting the Saboteurs ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 18 (82):A Day Out ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 19 (83):A Thickening Conspiracy ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 20 (84): Frances versus Ophelia ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 21 (85): A Revelation, and Crushes ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 22(86): Reaching Out ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 23 (87): The Conspiracy Reveals Itself ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 24 (88): The Raid on Erlenberg ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 25 (89): The End of the Raid on Erlenberg ago
Book 2 Arc 1 Chapter 26 (90): Familly ago
Book 2 Arc 2 Chapter 27 (91): Starting Complications ago
Book 2 Arc 2 Chapter 28 (92): The First of Many Battles ago
Book 2 Arc 2 Chapter 29 (93): Building Bridges ago
Book 2 Arc 2 Chapter 30 (94): Forging New Bonds ago
Book 2 Arc 2 Chapter 31 (95): The Battalion ago
Book 2 Arc 2 Chapter 32 (96): Bad Luck in More Ways than One ago
Book 2 Arc 2 Chapter 33 (97): Caught ago
Book 2 Arc 2 Chapter 34 (98): The Brave on the Beach ago
Book 2 Arc 2 Chapter 35 (99): The Next Day ago
Book 2 Arc 2 Chapter 36 (100): Renia ago
Book 2 Arc 2 Chapter 37 (101): The Defense of Erlenberg ago
Book 2 Arc 2 Chapter 38 (102): The Defense of Erlenberg Part 2 ago
Patreon Questions and Answers ago
Book 2 Arc 2 Chapter 39 (103): A Flurry of Emotions ago
Book 2 Arc 2 Chapter 40 (104): Breaking Point ago
Book 2 Arc 2 Chapter 41 (105): Helping My Friends ago
Book 2 Arc 2 Chapter 42 (106): Helping my Friends by Hurting Them (a bit) ago
Book 2 Arc 2 Chapter 43 (107): The General and the Princess ago
Book 2 Arc 2 Chapter 44 (108): The Prisoners and Ayax ago
Book 2 Arc 2 Chapter 45 (109): The Erlenberg Massacre ago
Book 2 Arc 2 Chapter 46 (110): An Assassination, a Reunion, and a Mystery ago

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Great Characters, Great Relationships

Reviewed at: Arc 6 Chapter 64: Heroine

In Short:

Somber yet wholesome slice of life with a clear story and great characters. I greatly recommend reading!



In Long:


The mood most prominent in this story is melancholy. That, and sprinkles of hope. This isn't your typical other world power fantasy, but a slower-paced slice of life focused more on deep characters and their relationships.



There is a fairly clear sense of direction with this story. I don't think their will be any huge plot twist or other hugely unexpected reveals, but that's okay since that might detract from the current mood of the story. It is slow in pace, but there is plenty of character and relationship development to make up for it.



Clear and concise.



Very fleshed out and realistic. The characters are done so well that they add to the story's mood more than anything else.

The main character and her mentor are building a relationship that is clearly going to be a central plot point in the main character's growth into a happier self.

Side characters are also done realistically. No one has the same experiences in life, and that shows through character interactions. The side characters' reactions to the main character's past differ from one another, and the conversations between the main character and each of the side characters reflect their first impressions.



Very nice, somber yet wholesome story with fleshed-out characters and plenty of room for interesting plot points. I greatly recommend reading!

Samuel Brockett

I started reading this on Reddit. I was asked to have a read of the first chapter and let the author know how it was. I did and since then I have been hooked. Every Tuesday and Thursday when a new chapter is released, I rush to my computer and spend the next 15 minutes reading it.

The character development is realistic and well written. One of the reasons I kept reading this is because I was always itching to see how Frances grew and how her attitude changed over each chapter.

The storyline is also up there. The storyline is one of the most important parts of a novel and Vren55 has aced it. With a storyline akin to the "Isekai" genre commonly found in Japanese literature, it bends the norms commonly found in the fantasy genre. It is a High Fantasy story set in a High Fantasy world with characters from a modern world.

I could go on and on about this Serial and all of the feedback would be positive. I also love the way Vren55 interacts with their readers and asks questions at the end of their chapters, small questions like, "What's your favourite genre?" or "What types of music do you like? Who is your favourite band?". These little questions help add a personality to the author that you can not normally find elsewhere just because they ask small questions and give a soul to their readers.

Keep it up, Vren55! I'm looking forward to the next chapter!


This is hands down one of my new favorite stories on the site. I was going to stop reading like five chapters ago, but I'm too hooked to stop. After this review, I'm going to finish arc 1 and desperately try to tear myself away from my computer, because otherwise I'm going to be reading for the rest of the day.

I normally save the best for last, but if I hold in my gushing a second longer I think I'm going to burst. The MC is a thirteen year old girl who comes from an abusive household, and every time that I see her, my heart breaks just a little bit more. This story brings out so many emotions so quick, and I'm just sitting here wanting to cry tears of happiness and sadness simultaneously. If I could rate the characters in this story a 6, I most definitely would. They're just... oh my gosh, you just need to read it. I can't express how much I love them. Edana is this wonderful mentor who's trying her best to give Frances the support she so desperately lacks, and aaaghhhh every time they're together I die of wholesome. Even if the rest of the magic and lore and mystery was taken out, I would stick around just for how utterly fantastic they are. I could read their interactions for hours without getting tired.

There aren't any super-big plot revelations or epic battles just yet, but there doesn't need to be. The characters and how they develop and interact more than carry the plot, and I literally can't stop myself from reading more at the end of each chapter. It's just so good! 

The only minor gripes I have with this story are grammatical or stylistic, and they don't affect the reading experience at all. Sometimes you see a spliced comma here and there, and other times there might be a repeated fact that could be taken out. However, the author's writing only gets better and better, and by chapter 8 the prose is near-perfect.

I could go on and on about how this story and its characters are some of the best I've seen, but I'm afraid you'll get bored reading this. Instead, go read the story. Please do. I can't keep this absolute treasure of a story to myself. Please, though, Vren. If Frances doesn't get a happy ending, I'm going to kill you, and then probably die of heartbreak.

Nathan W.

This story has one of the best written effects of abuse I have read. You will be crying and supporting the main character every step of their journey. What truly puts the story above the rest, is that the abuse has very real and disturbing effects far past when the abuse stops. 


However, don't think this will be an oppresive and somber read, despite the very real burdens the main character faces the author manages to create impactful bonds that warms your heart.


This story initially presents as a bog-standard group isekai, but don't let that fool you - it's laser-focused on two characters that find something they've been looking for in each other.  Frances and Edana have a complex and excellent relationship, and watching it develop is a joy - so much so that I'm willing to forgive the relative lack of detail in the rest of the story. 

There's a dearth of good mentor-student relationships in fiction that remember to write both sides as humans with their own motivations and needs.  Edana is as endearing a character as Frances, in her own way, although she suffers from a bit of unrealistic obliviousness early on in service to the plot - which, as with the other minor gripes I have, I'm willing to forgive since the payoff is so good when it's resolved.

Specific discussion regarding my comment about unrealistic obliviousness:

Spoiler: Spoiler

As of this review the story is just a bit into the second arc, and I'm very eager to see where this goes despite knowing that the author is probably going to make me tear up - again

The Juggernaut

This story is one of the few gems on this site. It's a strong combination of good story and even better characters which are fully fleshed out and continue to develop before your eyes. 

Style ~ 

 The only thing I could hold the story for was it's more ordinary style of writing. Even though it doesn't stand out, every other aspect pick it up and gives it a strong portrayal.


Story ~ 

This may seem like your typical Transmigrated to fight Demon King story, but it's much much more. It combines a small part of slice of life with its overarching goal to create an amazing piece to read.


Grammar ~ 

Not a grammarly Nazi, so I'll give a five on this since nothing is apparent to my untrained eyes.


Characters ~ 

This is the author's strongest aspect. It is without a doubt the driving force of is great about this story. The main characters are easily identifiable and make sense in the grand scheme of things. They develop and change whether better or the worse before your very eyes.


Well done!


Trauma is a heavy subject and the subject of healing from it is an interesting reading materail. That's what brought me to this story. However, healing is a slow process, with key points and multiple interactions between the victim and theyr surrounding characters who help them. i felt that the story progressed too quickly, nearly skimming over traumatic events in the MC's past that would allow sympathy/empathy with them. I felt the MC opened up too quickly to the first Character to discover the truth of the matter, over the course of only 2-3 chapters. then there was a time skip of one year that had the MC now able to function in society to a certain point. This *is* a nice read, but feels shallow when the goals of the author are solved within a chapter or two and then moves on to the next bit.  i feel that a much slower process would immensely improve the likability/believability of the story. Traumatic Healing isn't a race, but a marathon, and you need stamina and a steady pace to finish.


This is one of my favourites.

The lead character is a damaged but loveable person who finally meets people who treat her right. Some of them even begin to love her (parental love and as good friends). I love the slow pace of the relationships. It totally makes the story feel more real.

From a power level point of view, after the first few chapters it is apparent that the lead character is quite powerful for her age/experience and has a really high potential. As she is a mage there is a lot of training but the magic system that we have been exposed to so far makes sense and doesn't detract from the story at all. Then war happens and she goes on to do fairly sensible, if heroic, things. Woo! a sensible, believable main character! 

If you like Hero summoned to a new world stories this is a must read. Give it a try.

Just filling in a lot of words here so that RR will let me post this. As I think adding any more words to the review I have given will actually detract from what I had to say. Why two hundred word RR? Why?



I don't normally leave reviews but I've been reading this since the first few chapters and I love the characters in the world so much I thought it deserved a review. If you read the summary and it sounds vaguely interesting I guarantee you'll love this story.


Wholesome, a bit dark and very interesting story. That isn't like the other stories on royal road.