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Some disasters can only be avoided if you know they’re coming, and even then, sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

On Karell, you are either blessed by the gods, granted a unique power and the ability to gain experience and levels, or you are forgotten.  Micah Silver was a boy picked for greatness.  Chosen by the gods to bear a mythic power, he longed to take his place amongst the heroes and legends he grew up reading about.

Unfortunately his primary blessing only allows him to travel into the past by sacrificing his class, wealth, and levels.  Even if Micah's unwilling, fate has a way of forcing you to take up your destiny, possibly at the cost of everything.  Over and over again.

NOTE - Most of the first three arcs have been taken down for Kindle Unlimited Exclusivity related reasons.  Click here if you'd like to know more (THIS WILL LINK YOU TO A CHAPTER LATER IN THE BOOK, POTENTIALLY RESETTING YOUR BOOKMARK PROGRESS)

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Although the concept is similar to Mother of Learning/Menocht Loop etc., this story is not as good in terms of quality, but IMO it is still a very fun read and I enjoyed the power ups and the MC's abilities so far. It is not heavily character driven and tends to skip over some interactions as a reviewer pointed out, but honestly I don't care about that in a novel and so I enjoyed reading this. If you like "fastfood" style Chinese novels, chances are you will like this too. 


great plot, less than great presentation

Reviewed at: Chapter 44 - The Cost

i  really like the main plot, but the story has a pretty big problem with bad dialogue and "show don't tell". theres just way too many scenes where the characters EXPLAIN AND EXPLAIN whats already happened to each other qnd its annoying as heck and just breaks the flow. but thats still a presentation problem, and as i said, the plots very well thought out and well executed, so i'd definitely recommend!


Finally, a LitRPG I actually like!

Reviewed at: Chapter 5 - The First Quest

I do not care for LitRPGs. Too often they come off like reading an instruction manual and not a story. It's just not a genre for me. 

That said, I really like this one! The world is well developed, and the rules set in place are easy to follow. I really enjoy how things build off each "reboot", and learning more about the characters in each iteration has been a lot of fun. Can't wait to keep reading! 


I was looking forward to reading this, and I wasn't disappointed.  I don't want to spoil anything, as any  story assumptions I had from the first couple of chapters were dashed. (In a good way!) 

Story : So far, excellent. The story balances narrative structure with the  'game' elements that make it LitRp

 Style: The style is smooth and buttery, like perfect hollandaise sauce.   

Grammar: I found like, two mistakes in early chapters. Nothing to get in a tizzy over. Didn't pull me from the story 

Character Score: The characters are alive. I can see and hear them. They act like real people. At no point do I think I'm reading a character someone wrote- I'm always reading stuff a characte  is doing.

Awesome writing. Moar plz. 


Pacing that defies human understanding

Reviewed at: Chapter 91 - A New Home

This is the kind of story that starts strong but gets worse over time.  If you're enjoying it, keep reading; if you ever hit a point where you're not, stop right there because it's never going to get better again.

I found the setting and premise interesting, but the pacing is just... perplexing.

The first half (as of the point I'm writing this) is well-written.  The setting is dark, but plausibly so, and the main character seems to be doing the best he can given the situation.  Between the protagonist's struggles and the fleshing out of the setting and premise, I found the first 100k words to be engaging and enjoyable.

The next novel-length portion is literally one single loop that, so far as I can tell, exists for no other purpose than to make the reader hate every single secondary character to the point that they'll rejoice when they're not (presumably) seen again in the next arc.  Sadly, the author's an over-achiever, as he accomplishes this goal rather early on, leaving the reader to slog through chapter after chapter where the only reason to keep reading is the futile hope of seeing these characters die painfully and exit the story.

I gave up before the story reached that point, and wish I had cut my losses earlier.


Great Story with 1 Major Flaw

Reviewed at: Chapter 62


I have never read a story that time skips as much as this one does. Every chapter is a time skip, it gives the story its own personality making it a very fun interesting read.

The magic system is a twist on the common status sheet type fantasy world because it actually effects every aspect of their life.  Unlike most stories were status sheets and levels are just pasted on top of the world this story it change the world to make it feel like it actually exists.  It effects the monetary system, the treatment of children, the political landscape, and religion.  The only thing it does not change is even though the world and the gods say someone is an adult they still have a different drinking age.


The story is ok.  The first time line is rushed, when in my opinion it should have been the slowest.  The second time line is extremely well done and you really learn about the situation of the world.  But the third time line that I am currently reading is meh, time loops make characters detach from reality, but the third loop seems to early for him to be so detached in my mind.  But I am still super interested in where the story is going to go.


I am Dyslexic so I forgive a lot of grammer as I would hope others would forgive mine.  I don't often notice small issues as my brain just skips over then, so unless it is really bad I normally give 5 stars.


Character is the one major problem with this story, but it gets better. And their are some good things.

In the first time line you are supposed to get to know and care about different characters to make you feel like everything that is done in later loops are worth it to save them, but you don't feel anything for them. I have a few things to say here so I will number them.  Most of the problems stem from the many time skips.

1. The main character, I don't truly feel his emotions some times they seem forced. He gets much better written during the second and third loop as the author gets into the flow.

2. His family, it almost seems like he does not care about them, the first loop he sounds like he cares more about his x then his family (could be due to him going through puberty or something) but then he ignores them in the other loops.

3. Will from the first time loop.  He is written well until we are just told what he is like and it is not how he was written.  He was shown to be shy, afraid of pain, he was nervous to tell his blessing even though it was rare, he saw that the guild treated him better and he was upset at the unfair treatment.  He was written really well, but then we were just told that he only ever talks about himself and he thinks that he doesn't need to network because they should come to him.  This is a completely different character than we were shown previously.

4. His adventuring party, no development because it all happens during time skips between chapters, it makes you not feel anything for them.

5. Loops 2 and 3 are better  because they focus on the main character, and adults who do not need character development as the are already who they need to be for the story.


Definatly worth a read, but the first ark is a little messy.


I can't wait for more chapthers ewe.

Reviewed at: Chapter 2 - Mythic?

Interest system, with the promise of a future with 'strugle' HA!! (inside joke, read it' to understand xD)

Anything with time is gold to me and a little of litrpg is even better~ And I like to give 5 stars to autors with premise to support them (*cough*extra chapther pls*cough*) in the start or end idk xD.

Etc, etc, etc.

I can't wait for more and recommend you read it xD ^~^


Entertaining Time Loop LitRPG

Reviewed at: Chapter 14 - Prodigy

This is a LitRPG story with very few grammar or spelling errors (I noticed a missing space between two words in one chapter, I think that's it) and three dimensional characters. It is also a time loop story, which is a concept I love ever since seeing Groundhog Day as a child. The author has clearly spent some time considering some of the larger implications that an RPG system existing would have on society and economics, and my one disappointment is that the story does not immediately turn into an alternative universe economics textbook.


Well-thought out time-based litrpg!

Reviewed at: Chapter 15 - With Great Purpose

What a pleasant surprise! I stumbled onto this series from Reddit, and it has been quite good. I won't go into story specifics, but once the author gets past the first few chapters, it feels like the book starts to really take off. CoCop has obviously thought out the leveling system in the book with intent, and the hints of foreshadowing let you know big things could happen in the future.

I was almost turned off of the book at the prologue; it was a bit jarring. There was some poor grammar and it just felt like I was thrown into a disconcerting brief history which was kind of a setting dump. The writing is a little bit jumpy, and some of the interactions between characters aren't as fleshed out as I might like, but the pacing is good, the action is good, I like the MC, and the grammar became a non-issue after the first two or three chapters, almost magically. Well worth the read, and worth the five stars due to its current state and it's potential.


I really liked the first arc but after that the quality starts to drop. I won't talk about the pacing problems. Other reviewers already did that and better than I can. 

I just wanted to add what made me finally decide to drop the story. The characters. I just can't bring myself to give a fuck about anything that happens to them, honestly I'm rooting for the durgh to kill them already.All of them have some sort of an annoying personality quirk that borders a on a mental disability. 

The brother is a raging alchoholic that despite being told the gravity of the situation of the impending invasion, can't get his head out of his ass and put some efforts into training. He often causes Micah to worry about him saying something he shouldn't have at a bar.

Drekt is a frontline berserker type warrior that refuses to wear armor... He is the only character that was talked out of his lunacy. Eventually.

An adrenaline junkie that exhausts me just reading about her. Doing some stupid and sometimes suicidal shit just for a rush.

The junkies' sister, she's a bitch. That's literally her whole character.

Lately it seems that all they are good for is being carried by Micah and criticizing him about his plans without ever giving any good suggestion.