by tetran

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Dylan is your average nerd. He works downtown for an architecture firm during the day and enjoys all manner of games and media in his spare time. But while Dylan likes all forms of sci-fi and fantasy, he really likes the genre of superheroes.

So when an indie company releases a virtual reality MMO where players choose to play as heroes or villains, Dylan immediately buys into it. He has a specific type of character he really enjoys watching, something that always makes his inner child laugh in delight. The Saturday morning cartoon villain.

Yes, those inept, bungling, yet highly dangerous villains found in so many of Dylan's cartoons as a child. He loves how they always come up with strange ways to conquer the world and how they get thwarted every weekend. He remembered laughing at every silly antic, every cliched shout of "Curses! Foiled again!" He loves it so much he decides to take this idea into the MMO.

But to grab a playerbase, the company has announced a promotion that players with a high enough reputation can get contacted to become permanent raid bosses in the game. Those chosen will be paid as if employees of the company. Serious players all hoping to live the dream of playing videogames all day rush to purchase copies of World of Supers!

What will happen when Dylan, someone playing the game for fun, clashes with these overly serious players?

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - A World of Supers ago
1 - Dylan Makes a Decision ago
2 - Character Creation ago
3 - Powers and Workouts ago
4 - Clothes Make the Villain ago
5 - Make Do With What You Have ago
6 - A Good Villain Plans ago
7 - Stealthy Escapes and Secret Bases ago
8 - Face off at the Mall ago
9 - Grand Theft Computer ago
10 - Lackeys and Bases ago
11 - Patching Things Up ago
12 - Completing the Theme ago
13 - Just Another Day at the Beach ago
14 - Under the Sea ago
15 - Getting What You Came For ago
16 - Making a Villainous Escape! ago
17 - Making New Friends ago
18 - The Start of Something Big ago
19 - Sending a Message ago
20 - Grandstanding is an Important Part of Any Villainy ago
21 - All According to Plan ago
22 - Heroically Angry ago
23 - Interlude: John ago
24 - Getting Back Into It ago
25 - Ganked ago
26 - Going on an Invention Spree ago
27 - Petty Theft is For Minions ago
28 - A Wonderous Fight ago
29 - Collecting a Crew ago
30 - Ride the Wave ago
31 - Repping Your Team ago
32 - Patch Notes 2, Electric Boogaloo ago
33 - New Mechanics ago
34 - Hanging Out, Making Plans ago
35 - Secret Identity Origin Stories ago
Interlude: A Great Premise With Slapdash Mechanics ago
36 - Chatting and Contraband ago
37 - Base Defense ago
38 - You Aliens Get Off My Lawn! ago
39 - Ninjas Be Sneakin' ago
40 - Tentative Teamups ago
41 - Team Tension ago
42 - Tension Explodes ago
43 - Preparations ago
44 - Acquiring the Pieces ago
45 - Minion Testing ago
46 - Operation Start ago
47 - Roosevelt Deja Vu ago
48 - Don't Jinx It ago
49 - Jailhouse Rock ago
50 - Prison Break ago
51 - Boss Fight ago
52 - Mild Panic ago
53 - Ambush ago
54 - Characterization ago
55 - A Nasty Surprise ago
56 - Mansion Blues ago
57 - Betrayal ago
58 - Falling Out ago
59 - Flipping Out ago
60 - The Best Laid Plans ago
61 - Drawing a Line ago
62- Clandestine Meetings ago
63 - Teamups Aren't Just for Heroes ago
64 - Sweet Creations ago
65 - The Candy Queen of Crime ago
66 - Rocking with Riptide ago
67 - Poor Form ago
68 - To War ago
69 - Tactical Retreat ago
70 - Calm Before the Storm ago
71 - Gearing Up ago
72 - The Fight Begins ago
73 - And So it Ends ago
74 - Names and Things ago
75 - Building Up ago
76 - On to New Heists ago
77 - Upgrades, People. Upgrades! ago
78 - Mutatholis, The City of Mutants ago
79 - Proper Attire is Important ago
80 - In the Spotlight ago
81 - The Finishing Touches ago
82 - Marching Order ago
83 - Chaos on the Field ago
84 - Cleaning Up ago
85 - Cave Ins ago
86 - Fire Works ago
87 - A Dull Escape ago
88 - Heading Home ago
89 - New Members ago
90 - Fleshing Things Out ago
91 - From the Ground Up ago
92 - Patch Notes 3: Third Time's the Charm ago
93 - Patch Notes the Third: Part Deux ago
94 - Patch Part Three: Weird Science ago
95 - Creepy Critters ago
96 - The Earth Rises ago
97 - Bring the Thunder ago
98 - Role Play ago
99 - Planning in Waves ago
100 - Time to Grind ago
101 - Defensive Preparations ago
102 - Droning On ago
103 - Final Touches ago
104 - Alien Wave Tactics ago
105 - Before the Big Reveal ago
106 - Ironing Out the Kinks ago
107 - Broadcasting Announcements ago
108 - Recruitment Announcement ago
109 - Only a Little Overboard ago
110 - Meet and Greets ago
111 - Anticipation ago
112 - Game Start! ago
113 - Making Waves ago
114 - A Short Lived Pet ago
115 - Chased Down ago
116 - Traps Within Traps ago
117 - Harmless Pranks? ago
118 - Color Commentary ago
119 - Gas Leaks ago
120 - Cruisin' Ahead ago
121 - Sea Villain, Attack Villain ago
122 - You Should Have Thought it Through ago
123 - Not So Sweet ago
124 - Recruiting in Bulk ago
125 - Dance of The Dead ago
126 - Team Bonding ago
127 - A Taste of Battle ago
128 - Behind Door Number Two ago
129 - Giger's Got Nothing on This Guy ago
130 - A Hard Won Fight ago
131 - Fighting On The Trucktops ago
132 - Life In The Fastlane ago
133 - Wave Goodbye ago
134 - A Haven No More ago
135 - Creating Sticky Situations ago
136 - A Change of Plans ago
137 - The Beginnings of War ago
138 - Dexterous Dextra ago
139 - Five Man Band ago
140 - Collateral Damage ago
141 - Who Needs to Aim Anyways? ago
142 - Clean Up ago
143 - Heroic Discoveries ago
144 - Blimpin' Ain't Easy ago
145 - Pieces Coming Together ago
146 - Into the Fray ago
147 - A Grand Entrance ago
148 - Making it Work ago
149 - The Zloppelin ago
150 - The Air Out of His Sails ago
151 - Down With the Ship ago
152 - Supervillain Landing ago
153 - A Fight of Words and Fists ago
154 - Time to Gloat ago
155 - Showdown in the Sky ago
156 - Limiting Options ago
157 - Fall From Grace ago
158 - The Escape ago
159 - On to New Heists ago
The Many Adventures of Dr. Zlo - I Mustache You A Question (1) ago
The Many Adventures of Dr. Zlo - I Mustache You A Question (2) ago
The Many Adventures of Dr. Zlo - I Mustache You A Question (3) ago
The Many Adventures of Dr. Zlo - I Mustache You A Question (4) ago
The Many Adventures of Dr. Zlo - I Mustache You A Question (5) ago
The Many Adventures of Dr. Zlo - I Mustache You A Question (6) ago
The Many Adventures of Dr. Zlo - I Mustache You A Question (7) ago
The Many Adventures of Dr. Zlo - I Mustache You A Question (8) ago
The Many Adventures of Dr. Zlo - I Mustache You A Question (9) ago
The Many Adventures of Dr. Zlo - I Mustache You A Question (10) ago
The Many Adventures of Dr. Zlo - I Mustache You a Question (11) ago
The Many Adventures of Dr. Zlo - I Mustache You a Question (12) ago
160 - Moving Up In the World ago
161 - Good To Be Back ago
162 - Expanding the Workforce ago
163 - Engine Troubles ago
164 - Revving Up ago
165 - One Last Invention ago
166 - Minions! Assemble! ago
167 - Hidden Dealings ago
168 - Sneaking In ago
169 - Secret Agent Villain ago
170 - Free For All ago
171 - Mad Scramble ago
172 - Get Down Mr. President! ago
173 - Infiltration Station ago
174 - Fight For A Cause ago
175 - The Escape ago
176 - And I Woulda Got Away With It Too! ago

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One of the site's best stories

Reviewed at: 28 - A Wonderous Fight

This is a story that understands the appeal of alternate-world stories better than any other story on Royal Road:

The stakes are minimal, in fact almost literally zero, because it's a story about a game, and even if money or internet fame is at stake, it's being played by a functional adult with a real job in his spare time. The author has confidence that the characters and story can hold our interest without any cheap soap opera inflated stakes, and he's correct.

The story doesn't address any of Dylan's real life beyond what someone in game would know (oh, man, I couldn't play because it was a long week at work, let's go do some gaming now) because for once the author has actually played a video game in his life and doesn't feel the need to make it a speculative fiction novel written by an alien about the mechanics of your hew-monn gam-ezz and how numbers work and such. He's telling a story about Dylan using the game to create a persona and mischief, and trusts that to stand on its own... and it does.

There are no deep insecurities or tangled motivations intentionally concealed for dramatic reveals: Dylan wants to build the ultimate classic villain in the snidely whiplash / bond villain mode and execute convoluted schemes until his hubris is his downfall, that's what he does, and that's what the story is built on. Again, the author trusts his premise and the clear, stated motivation of the protagonist to hold up the story, and is again completely correct to do so because it works amazingly.

As for the story built upon one protagonist and his one desire overcoming the obstacles in the way, I can only say that the trend of the author trusting in his ideas enough to let them play out continues to pan out. Every character has their own distinct deal going on, even the NPCs, all clearly defined and not overcomplicated. Dr Zlo's approach to everything is delightfully loopy and indirect in keeping with Dylan's goals, the schemes themselves and the fallout is always creating new encounters that show us interesting facets of the world or show us new characters with interesting deals, and most of all it's all SUPER funny in a way that trusts the reader to get the joke instead of holding their hand through it.

The video game humor, especially, is something done really well here that's apparently surprisingly hard for most litrpgs to manage. The fact that the company has the most amazing graphics ever invented and technical expertise to implement features beyond the realm of science fiction, but can't do actual game design to save their lives and are continually overlooking basic things like the physical size of interface boxes making some features not work and having to desperately patch them in post launch may be the most realistic and hilarious depiction of an MMO in prose ever.

Tl;dr: it's good and you should read it, whether or not litrpg is your thing.

Brian P.

A fun time with gets bogged down later on

Reviewed at: 125 - Dance of The Dead

Overall an easy read with some fun characters. If you're intrigued by the blurb give it a try.

If your eyes glaze over at exposition just skip to chapter 2. The setup is lengthy but really comes down to what's in the blurb, i.e. a person uses a future VR game to have fun and frustrates a bunch of people taking it too seriously. Alas, this was a sign of things to come.

The concept allows for a lot of enjoyable supervillain shenanigans with extremely low stakes.

Grammar is good, mostly typos and autocorrect issues, and the author's good about fixing issues when pointed out.

The number of shenanigans drop off precipitously by Chapter 125. There's a lot more details of planning, working on resource grinding with other players, and straight-forward fights between new characters. But there's no narrative heft behind them and it's not fun like the original fights with Zlo doing things no one thought possible.

Maybe this is where an MMO series was always going to go, maybe the author ran out of ideas and is treading water. But in either event I do not care one iota about anything related to the RP guild.


Great Concept, Clunky Writing.

Reviewed at: 23 - Interlude: John

An entire story from an old school villain's point of view is an amazing premise. It's a story of Whacky hijinks, absurd plots, and cackling laughter that bring back fond memores of Saturday morning cartoons. It's a premise that could be a lot fun, the equivalent of literary candy. For the most part, it is fun, but the writing style is distracting enough that it's hard to sink into those fun moments.

Stuff It Does Well:

Easy-going: For a story like this, it is imperitive to keep things light and fun. Vaudevillain does a great job of that. There aren't any stakes, and there shouldn't be. It's like a slice of life novel that's set in a "monster of the week" saturday morning cartoon.

Unbounded Silliness: The world runs on 7 year old make-believe logic, and it's a delight. If everything is intentionally hand-waived, then it is easier to sit back enjoy the ride. I don't have to worry about something making sense, because it's not supposed to.

Caricatures: This is another story where I would be honestly disappointed to find out that somebody had complex motivations and a serious backstory. The story is based on the idea that old school mustache twirling villains are great in their own right, and it delivers on that point. You don't need depth when you've got style.


Bone-Dry Action: The action scenes in this story are lacking punch. They tend to read as list of descriptions and don't flow very well. Scene descriptions are always tricky, but action scenes benefit from more impressionistic writing. Additionally, certain verbs are getting overused, such as "connected." More dynamic verbs may help as well.

Conservation of Detail: In general, this story focuses too much on insignificant details. Unless its important to understanding the character or the story, the reader doesn't need to know it. Gettting caught up in stuff like the main character's favorite sandwhich just bogs the story down. That's not to say that details need to be cut entirely, but they need to be used with intention. Plenty of small character actions can help me understand them better; it's just a matter of discerning what's important and what isn't.

Overly-analytical Descriptions: This one ties into my above point. The majority of the descriptions talk about every facet of the object. It's good to try to flesh out the environment, but at a certain point it becomes white noise. Using similes and trimming out unnecessary info can streamline descriptions and make reading flow easier.

Personal Opinion:

I desperately wanted to enjoy this story. I like the central concept, and the story struck me as the sort of light-hearted fun that I needed. I did find a lot of the story fun, but I also found it a slog to get through. The writing style got a little bit better as the story went on, but not enough that I wasn't constantly dragged out of the story. There's a lot of promise here, but I'm going to have to drop it for now.



A well written, MMO supervillain romp. No heavy-handed "If They Disconnect From The Game They Will Die!" here.

I feel like the villainous Dr Zlo would be a fun guy to share a cup of tea with.

Jonah of the Whale

It's Super (that hurt me to type, but I couldn't resist)

Reviewed at: 171 - Mad Scramble

 The story is well written but doesn't take itself overly seriously (so far), or at least the mc doesn't which is a breath of fresh air on RR. In my opinion it gives the impression of a something very fun to read and the characters while not significantly fleshed out as of yet, are far from two dimensional. On the whole, the story is highly enjoyable and i'm very excited to see where it is going :)


I love the name


Not playing to your strength

Reviewed at: 42 - Tension Explodes

Honestly, the setting and premise of the story is really cool, but i think you'd do better focusing on the light hearted and comedic aspect of the story. While trying to include serious elements like the conflict might be good to include depth to the story, it comes out quite...clunky and awkward. 


I can fully recommend this novel

The antics Dr. Zlo gets up to are incredible combined with the creative apporoach that he takes for every mission leaves a fantastic impression. The other side characters all have their own distinct personality making them each memorable.

The setting is a sprawling VRMMO world of the modern era with numerous superheroes and supervillians duking it out over who will win control. What stands out is the fact that is an entirely believeable VRMMO, there are bugs, some NPC's didn't get the same polish as others, mechanics get tweaked this isn't just a LITRPG with a coat of VRMMO lacquer over it this is a faithful rendition of a VRMMO world.

The style and grammar are both top notch. For grammar I've only found one error (granted I'm not the best at grammar myslef) and this was a fairly minor one. The style though is outstanding it truly makes you feel like you're reading about the life and times of that devious villian and the man who plays him.

Overall this isn't just a good VRMMO or LITRPG novel this is just a good novel of quality that I would argue deserves at least a 3 chapter read to see if you like it or not.


I've read up to chapter 23 so far (the end of the first arc).

Well, many reviews already said most of the things this story did right and some pointed out what it did wrong, but I'll try to add something new.

If you want to read a serious story about a true villain, then you should ignore this one as it'll make you disappointed. It is closer to a sitcom comedy rather than a serious story with a complex plot. It would be a hit or miss depending on if you like the humor or not.

The power system is really arbitrary and isn't well thought out, the world-building is weak as well. "World of Supers" doesn't feel like a real game. It just feels hollow and not well-thought-out, more like an alpha version. Usually, MMORPG games are supposed to have a rather slow and ever-growing progression to make people interested in playing it for years. Here, people are already at B rank (with S being the highest) of reputation in about two weeks. A perfect way to make people bored with a game in less than a month. And more than that - the reputation system barely gives them any benefits! It is also raised in a rather uninteresting way (at least for most players). How the hell you can be considered as a "protector of a small nation" after catching 10 thieves? Another thing - there is no real power progression for most types of power, while MCs power is progressed mostly by earning money (which he actually does worse than most other players, lol). Of course, there is no any resemblance of balance either. Somehow, in less than 2-3 weeks, one of the players created a whole powerful organization with an underwater research base and supposed "end-game" items in it.

Simply put, it isn't a power-progression story unlike most of the other stories on RR. It isn't a plot-progression story either. As one of the other reviewers said - it is like everything exists to create certain funny situations, a performance of some sort. It isn't a bad thing and it seems many people enjoy it. But it isn't the type of story that can make you invested enough to binge-reading 1000 pages of it. It is the type of story that you just read to relax after a hard day at work/school. A lighthearted sitcom-comedy without any stakes, fun for the sake of fun.


A Surprisingly Likeable "Villainous" Story

Reviewed at: 27 - Petty Theft is For Minions

This story is surprisingly likeable despite the fact that it has a Villainous Lead tag. Generally speaking, I try to avoid stories which feature villanous leads. I feel uncomfortable reading in detail about characters who hurt others simply due to outside circumstances or think it is ok to do evil things if there is someone who is even more evil. For me, I want to read stories that feature characters who rise above their circumstances, not conform to them. As such, it is extremely rare that I read any stories with the Villanous Lead tag. This story is the rare exception since I was looking for a new story to read, it was listed in the Best Rated section and the description intrigued me (aka the character did not sound like a douche or was trying to give excuses to abandon common decency). As a result, I have found a story, morever a Villanous Lead story, that I truly like.


To begin with, although it has a Villanous Lead tag, it is not like we are reading about an evil character. I do not mean that the lead randomly once in a while does an act of kindness out of nowhere like in other villanous lead stories to show that the character is "good" at heart. Rather, in this story, the lead is simply pretending to be "evil" and a very innocent "evil" at that. Like it said in the description, the main character is simply playing a character in imitation of those old cartoon villains like Snidely Whiplash. The main character purposefully enacts silly schemes and actually wants to lose at times.

Furthermore, the game in this story really does feel like a game. It contains regular game updates, certain game mechanics like selling loot or building are very generic/simplistic, and most of the NPC's really feel like simple game characters instead of making the reader question whether they have souls. All in all, the purposeful "fakeness" cultivated makes it feel like the character simply is in a game. While this might be a negative in a different story, the exact opposite is true here. If it simply is a game, any remaining moral hesitations are removed for a character like Dr. Zlo.

Rather than reading about someone who I can't root for due to the evil acts they conduct, the reader is instead blessed with the comedic roleplayer Dr. Zlo whc wants to make the game more fun in his own silly, nostalgic way. He is simply playing and does no real/permanent harm to people. Whether they be the few questionably sentient NPC's or his fellow players. He is simply having fun and I am enjoying the ride. 

P.S. Spread the word about this great story and write plenty of comments/reviews. Perhaps we can peer pressure the author to write even MORE chapters per day. MWHAHAHAHAHA (twirls curly evil mustache here). 


Interesting story about a roleplayer playing as a villain

Reviewed at: 43 - Preparations

A quirky and lovable MC who enjoys roleplaying as a villain makes for a comedic read. However, the MC's quirkiness is insufficient to explain his successes and popularity despite his shortedsightness and lack of planning, unless the reader suspend their logic while reading. More character growth and plot planning would be helpful to make the story less chaotic, and make the MC's successes more attributable to him rather than luck.