Rising from the Depths

by Coconut

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Post Apocalyptic Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Earth is bought and fused with two other alien planets, but before the new overlords take total control, the System gives the original inhabitants one last chance to reclaim their fates. Stuck on an unfamiliar world in the midst of sentient creatures and savage monsters, humanity will struggle to survive until they learn to adapt to their harsh, new reality.

However, Silas could ask for little more as the calamity provides him with the opportunity to turn his wreck of a life around and finally face the mess he once ran away from. Little does he know of the terrible foes he will face on the way, the grand powers he will gain, and the legions he will command. This is the tale of Silas Wycliffe, the Godkiller. 

Author’s note: System-regulated Apocalypse story following a powerful (but not overpowered) MC and the village that he helps set up. While it is graphic, it isn't overly dark.

Released 5 times a week, Monday to Friday. Enjoy!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: A Cold Night ago
(1) Chapter 1: The Apocalypse ago
(1) Chapter 2: Fortunate Meeting? ago
(1) Chapter 3: Strength in Numbers ago
(1) Chapter 4: The Hunted ago
(1) Chapter 5: The Hunter ago
(1) Chapter 6: Three Musketeers ago
(1) Chapter 7: The Hog ago
(1) Chapter 8: Rewards ago
(1) Chapter 9: Engraving Runes ago
(1) Chapter 10: Home Stretch ago
(1) Chapter 11: Powerful Foes ago
(1) Chapter 12: Picking a Class ago
(1) Chapter 13: Devastating Ambush ago
(1) Chapter 14: Back to the Start ago
(2) Chapter 15: Civilisation ago
(2) Chapter 16: Leaderboards ago
(2) Chapter 17: New Teammates ago
(2) Chapter 18: Scouting ago
(2) Chapter 19: The Ratkin ago
(2) Chapter 20: Preparation ago
(2) Chapter 21: The Horde ago
(2) Chapter 22: Not So Silent Night ago
(2) Chapter 23: Shedding Blood ago
(3) Chapter 24: Mayor Wycliffe ago
(3) Chapter 25: Ratkin Raid ago
(3) Chapter 26: The Second Horde ago
(3) Chapter 27: Organising Riverside ago
(3) Chapter 28: New Friends ago
(3) Chapter 29: Troll Hunting ago
(3) Chapter 30: Mucking About in a Swamp ago
(3) Chapter 31: Prisoner ago
(3) Chapter 32: Released ago
(3) Chapter 33: Negotiating with the Devil ago
(3) Chapter 34: Off the Beaten Track ago
(3) Chapter 35: Old Friends ago
(3) Chapter 36: Storm A-Brewin ago
(3) Chapter 37: Last Hurrah ago
(3) Chapter 38: Sizzling Flesh ago
(3) Chapter 39: Leaving Riverside ago
(4) Chapter 40: Monsters and Men ago
(4) Chapter 41: Development ago
(4) Chapter 42: Bandit ago
(4) Chapter 43: Last Stand ago
(4) Chapter 44: New Derby ago
(4) Chapter 45: Kindling ago
(4) Chapter 46: Old and New Companions ago
(4) Chapter 47: Preparation ago
(4) Chapter 48: New Derby's Horde ago
(4) Chapter 49: The Champion ago
(4) Chapter 50: The Council ago
(4) Chapter 51: The Seer ago

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Overall decent story in the same vain as all the others. Main Characters personality goes over the place sometimes from too trusting to sceptical of everyone. The chapters are fairly short for a story that gets updated as often as this does. 

My biggest issue with this story is that the with the already short chapters maybe 1/5 of it will be a forward or an end note regarding something about the story way off into the future usually explaining a character. It is done in the style of journal notes of the future.

It highlights an issue I have with the story and that is forshadowing. There are two types of forshadowing in this story that I think are not done the best.

With short forshadowing  for example the author writes  "and that is the last time the mc saw that character again" or something like that.  So the next chapter directly we find out directly that the character dies so it is not as if there is a big buildup with the  information that the author reveals to us no it is just in the next chapter directly.

With long forwshadowing it is the opposite. The author blurbs at the end of the chapters are usually information about the characters way into the future maybe 100's of chapters into them. But these aren't major characters simply one offs that while offer flavor into the story. Maybe this information will have an impact later on down the line but by that point the reader will have likely forgotten it.

I think if this was a more established author I would be willing to lend him the rope to see what the author could do with the journal notes as I would be willing to believe that their would be payoff. But as it is now I can't really judge what isn't there.

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At the start it was a 4.5 stars

Reviewed at: (3) Chapter 37: Last Hurrah

This fiction started out well, but it went downhill after the tutorial. It was hinted at the beginning that it would have been a character-driven story and I love those, but instead it turned into your average litRPG. The more the story progresses the more the dialogue becomes shorter and less detailed, by now a lot of interactions are completely skipped in favour of showing fighting scenes. I'm really upset about this, because I expected the opposite to happen. After finishing the tutorial I believed we would have more time to get to know the MC and his past, instead we are given nothing more, the MC just keeps repeating that he needs to find his siblings but then he isn't developed beyond that. All the author does is bring up pieces of information he has already given us, almost as if they're afraid we've forgotten most of it. And I think this is a valid concern considering how Silas is slowly but surely losing any personality he previously had.

Besides that the story has gotten worse in many other ways:

  • There are countless small time-skips after Silas’s return from the tutorial during which he makes friends with various people, that means that most if not all character interactions happen off-screen. This is disastrous for two reasons, first- it’s almost impossible to properly introduce a character in this way because, for a reader, first impressions are essential. And second- for a lot of people, me included, a huge part of the appeal was exactly seeing how all these different characters would interact and the relationships they would form with each other.
  • The most recent fighting scenes also start to be badly choreographed, less dynamic and at times downright boring. The most obvious example would be the fight with the troll. Had it been written more seriously, the end could have been as hilarious as the author intended it to be, but since we got a poorly thought out action scene, it just felt a bit anticlimactic and vaguely amusing.
  • The environment is also poorly described most of the time. In the tutorial we got clear descriptions of the surroundings with constant reminders of the climate, vegetation and fauna. When it ends, we are barely told anything about the world, and almost nothing about the village the MC becomes responsible of. Whenever I try to think of the small settlement I get a really fuzzy image, because there was not a single scene in which a character takes a stroll through the streets and observes the houses, the streets and the way people are dressed.
  • In fact, now that I think about it, how are people described wearing armour all the time? Most don’t know but even the lightest type of armour is heavy as fuck and really painful to wear for short amounts of time. To wear it for an entire day should be unbearable even with those attribute boosts (and some humans are spellcasters, how can they wear heavy armour?). Also what’s the point? I didn’t question this at the start because once again, in the tutorial it made sense for them to be afraid to be vulnerable but why would people be drinking tea with armour on later in the story? How does it make any sense? The way I see it the author is doing this to avoid describing their clothes, which annoys me greatly because at times we get exceptions to this. The two most memorable ones are the girl whose entire personality is her hat (plus being mute) and the crazy girl who needs to wear sexy clothes and show off her cleavage so that we can see how mature Silas is because he doesn’t take a peek.
  • The last point I would like to discuss are the villains or more specifically, how comically, cartoonishly evil most of them are. I really can’t stress enough how annoyed I am by how ridiculous they act but thankfully there seemed to be a lot of other readers who were bothered by this so I will be blunt. It needs to be fixed, the villains are way too important to be simple enough that they can be described with a few words. Like the “strength obsessed Valkyrie” that could have had so much more depth.

In conclusion I think that rather than keep on writing more chapters it would be better for the author to rewrite everything after the end of the tutorial as most of it seems poorly planned. On a side note I wanted to say that by writing this review I do not intend to discourage the author, on the contrary I’m trying to help them improve. Sadly English isn’t my first language and I’m limited by my vocabulary, but I wanted to say that if I sit here and wrote for two hours this review it is because I genuinely think the story has potential. The whole first arc was masterfully written and there isn’t anything I would change about it. It’s only after that things go a bit off the rails. But nevertheless, I cared about it enough that I wrote this block of text, when I could have just dropped a rating and left. I hope my feedback will be useful.

Have a nice day.

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I have read up to chapter 35.

Problem is, the  story I becoming boring. 

I don't fell engagement with MC.

We have many unrecognisable side characters, which are throw away after few chapters.

I don't feel MC have goals, reasons to strive etc.

Too much is said to us instead of showed in action.

  • Overall Score

Some things didn't feel right for me.

It felt unnatural that in the tutorial, where one was supposed to show one's merit, that while beeing summoned alone, there was an abundance of other people close by that could help you pass the tutorial (and in turn you could get rewards not at all proportionate to your achievements).

It also felt unnatural that at picking the hardest difficulty, you were automatically given quite a lot of free points you could freely use to upgrade your stats, without having to earn these points. 

I was also overwhelmed by the side-characters, and wanted to see more of the MC.

The story is very well written, and fun to read, but I had these issues with the plot early on, which made it harder for me to enjoy the story.

Hallowed Raven
  • Overall Score

Hey, that's pretty good

Reviewed at: (1) Chapter 1

From the first few chapters, i am going to say that this may be pretty good. Good luck, Coconut, and try not to die, because people don't like dropped stories.

  • Overall Score

As of chapter 27 this story is still only a mediocre experience, it's progression torturously slow and unfulfilling. The MC is weak and overly emotional. It feels like listening to the b-side of a Yoko Ono - album. 

Darkened Prince
  • Overall Score

Alright but it's not something you would pay for. Gets worse and worse

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Basic apocalypse/system story, still well done. Fun "historical" excerpts.

Reviewed at: (2) Chapter 22: Not So Silent Night

Rising From the Depths is an enjoyable apocalypse read, if a bit bland.

Mia and Aengus were refreshing in that there was camedarie in the group, and they helped  each other stand upright. But the tutorial was...a plain tutorial. The level differences were a nice touch.

Silas's power focus was pleasantly done. He wasn't an obsessed maniac, nor OP compared to his peers.

Still, character wise, Silas brings nothing new to the scene. He was a down on luck and life guy and the apocalypse is his second chance to do something better.

Problem with that, is that after the highly entertaining tutorial, when he has opportunities to take a real stand and the stakes are high, but he doesn't do anything meaningful. Hopefully that will change.

The flavor text above and below the chapters is a real treat. 

So, good, this is a well written basic apocalypse/system read, but nothing sticks out as whoa! Epic! Awesome.

Good luck Coconut, and keep writing!


  • Overall Score

It seems that progress has stopped at some point.

It was indeed a good job, but unfortunately the author was unable to convey a sense of progression.

Jonah of the Whale
  • Overall Score

Reminds me of early TLoRG but far less op and more believable. The author has written quite far ahead and the little book extracts show a depth of planning and lore that are hallmarks of care when crafting a story that gives me high hopes for the future of this particular RR entry. The backlog of chapters also means that releases should be steady and consistent continuing forward. On the whole a quality and enjoyable read that in my humble opinion appears to have a bright future on the site. 4 stars fairly earned.