Sisters of Rail

by Crash Snowdon

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Psychological Sci-fi Cyberpunk Female Lead Magic Steampunk

Charity Wilison is a freshly engaged farmgirl who lives in the sheltered community of Forrester's Crossing.  Anticipating being whisked away to make a new home with a stranger, she is sure that her biggest challenge will be leaving her family behind.  But after briefly aiding a mysterious traveller, she is dragged into an adventure full of secrets, lies, and magic.  Can she get her life back on the rails?  Does she even want to?

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Crash Snowdon

Crash Snowdon

Word Smith (IX)
Group Leader (II)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prelude: Then - You Put Yourself in this Mess ago
Chapter One: Home - A Grinding of Mental Gears ago
Chapter Two: Herb - I Mirror Your Greetings ago
Chapter Three: Cook - Appreciate the Char ago
Chapter Four: Interlude: Tale - Demon-Cursed Amount of Mud ago
Chapter Five: Yard - Unintended Signal Flag ago
Chapter Six: Boon - Insolently Casual Gait ago
Dreamtime 1 ago
Chapter Seven: Morn - Dusting the Ceiling Fans ago
Chapter Eight: Roll - Heat of a Dozen Mirrors ago
Chapter Nine: Jump - More of the Jigsaw Puzzle ago
Chapter Ten: Roof - Replacing the Lost Steam ago
Dreamtime 2 ago
Chapter Eleven: Swap - Simple, Solid Things ago
Chapter Twelve: Cuts - Over the Heliograph ago
Chapter Thirteen: Interlude: Cups - Change as Needed ago
Chapter Fourteen: Bend - Timing of Stellar Events ago
Chapter Fifteen: Hive - For Paperwork Purposes ago
Dreamtime 3 ago
Chapter Sixteen: Wake - Pancakes' Unnatural Regularity ago
Chapter Seventeen: Bike - A Clear Signal ago
Chapter Eighteen: Ride - The Greatest Sport ago
Chapter Nineteen: Time - If Not Now, Then When? ago
Dreamtime 4 ago
Chapter Twenty: Eyes - A Transparent Covering ago
Chapter Twenty-One: Down - In my Cell Awaiting the End ago
Chapter Twenty-Two: Barb - Turn the Place into Slag ago
Chapter Twenty-Three: Dark - We do not Accept our Fate ago
Chapter Twenty-Four: Sent - Strewn Across the Ground ago
Chapter Twenty-Five: Interlude: Edit - Ladies, Hold Onto Your Hats ago
Chapter Twenty-Six: Wire - Regulated Flow of Aether ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Interlude: Asks - Consult Previous Recordings ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Song - A Rolling, Rhythmic, Banging Sound ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Warn - Let the Dust Disperse ago
Chapter Thirty: HELL - Older Than You Know ago
Chapter Thirty-One: Plan - Longer Term Implications ago
Chapter Thirty-Two: Deep - A Closely Guarded Secret ago
Chapter Thirty-Three: Weak - Whispered Tales of Horror ago
Chapter Thirty-Four: Interlude: Cast - Rhombic Triacontrahedron ago

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