Multi-Track Mages Down Under series - Sisters of Rail, Daughters of Titans

Multi-Track Mages Down Under series - Sisters of Rail, Daughters of Titans

by Crash Snowdon

A railpunk serial.

Book 1: Sisters of Rail

Join farmgirl Charity Wilison on a magic and steam powered adventure as she attempts to flee the demons of her past and present.  Her life continually runs further off the rails, yet she can never really escape them.

Also available on my website at

Book 2: Daughters of Titans

Now in progress, see prelude chapter for synopsis.  Also on my website at

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Crash Snowdon

Crash Snowdon

2nd Anniversary
Word Count (12)
Group Leader (III)
Table of Contents
85 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Book 1: Sisters of Rail - Prelude: Then - You Put Yourself in this Mess ago
Chapter One: Home - A Grinding of Mental Gears ago
Chapter Two: Herb - I Mirror Your Greetings ago
Chapter Three: Cook - Appreciate the Char ago
Chapter Four: Interlude: Tale - Demon-Cursed Amount of Mud ago
Chapter Five: Yard - Unintended Signal Flag ago
Chapter Six: Boon - Insolently Casual Gait ago
Dreamtime 1 ago
Chapter Seven: Morn - Dusting the Ceiling Fans ago
Chapter Eight: Roll - Heat of a Dozen Mirrors ago
Chapter Nine: Jump - More of the Jigsaw Puzzle ago
Chapter Ten: Roof - Replacing the Lost Steam ago
Dreamtime 2 ago
Chapter Eleven: Swap - Simple, Solid Things ago
Chapter Twelve: Cuts - Over the Heliograph ago
Chapter Thirteen: Interlude: Cups - Change as Needed ago
Chapter Fourteen: Bend - Timing of Stellar Events ago
Chapter Fifteen: Hive - For Paperwork Purposes ago
Dreamtime 3 ago
Chapter Sixteen: Wake - Pancakes' Unnatural Regularity ago
Chapter Seventeen: Bike - A Clear Signal ago
Chapter Eighteen: Ride - The Greatest Sport ago
Chapter Nineteen: Time - If Not Now, Then When? ago
Dreamtime 4 ago
Chapter Twenty: Eyes - A Transparent Covering ago
Chapter Twenty-One: Down - In my Cell Awaiting the End ago
Chapter Twenty-Two: Barb - Turn the Place into Slag ago
Chapter Twenty-Three: Dark - We do not Accept our Fate ago
Chapter Twenty-Four: Sent - Strewn Across the Ground ago
Chapter Twenty-Five: Interlude: Edit - Ladies, Hold Onto Your Hats ago
Chapter Twenty-Six: Wire - Regulated Flow of Aether ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Interlude: Asks - Consult Previous Recordings ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Song - A Rolling, Rhythmic, Banging Sound ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Warn - Let the Dust Disperse ago
Chapter Thirty: HELL - Older Than You Know ago
Chapter Thirty-One: Plan - Longer Term Implications ago
Chapter Thirty-Two: Deep - A Closely Guarded Secret ago
Chapter Thirty-Three: Weak - Whispered Tales of Horror ago
Chapter Thirty-Four: Interlude: Cast - Rhombic Triacontrahedron ago
Chapter Thirty-Five: Pile - None of Your Concern ago
Chapter Thirty-Six: Pull - A Lot Longer Than it Sounds ago
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Loss - One of Those Times ago
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Interlude: Side - Oyefdeetk Bq Hohrhyrhq ago
Chapter Thirty-Nine: Ways - The Nearest Point ago
Chapter Forty: Deja - I Try to be Me ago
Dreamtime 5 ago
Chapter Forty-One: Flip - And Not in a Good Way ago
Chapter Forty-Two: Cage - Lattice of Metal Strips ago
Chapter Forty-Three: Days - A Near-Constant Companion ago
Chapter Forty-Four: Case - Cleri Populusque Fide ago
Chapter Forty-Five: Interlude: Half - Story for Another Time ago
Chapter Forty-Six: Wing - The Splatter of Molten Glass ago
Chapter Forty-Seven: Home - Far Beyond Anywhere ago
Epilogue 1: Ball - Everything I've Survived ago
Epilogue 2: Mess - Anomalous Aetheric Flow ago
Epilogue 3: Sage - In a Testing Phase ago
Book 2: Daughters of Titans - Prelude: Soon - Holding Everyone Togther ago
Chapter One: Life - 120 Degree Corner ago
Chapter Two: Join - Real Chroma Players ago
Chapter Three: Role - Only Happened Once ago
Chapter Four: Elfs - Magic Number 7f454c46 ago
Chapter Five: Glob - Mystifying Caricatures ago
Chapter Six: Walk - Nearly Uncountable Possibilities ago
Chapter Seven: Crow - Scary Fast Learner ago
Chapter Eight: Play - A Lethal Shot ago
Chapter Nine: Rift - Flailing All Over ago
Chapter Ten: Food - Better Than Ten Percent ago
Chapter Eleven: Prep - Too Big and Complex ago
Chapter Twelve: Load - A Couple of Favours ago
Chapter Thirteen: Make - Something Cold and Dead ago
Chapter Fourteen: Room - Personal Boundaries ago
Chapter Fifteen: Pump - Crystal Bop ago
Chapter Sixteen: Rain - Holes in My Work ago
Chapter Seventeen: Interlude: Pods - A Custard Tart ago
Chapter Eighteen: Rage - In the Correct Pose ago
Chapter Nineteen: Loud - Sufficiently Unambiguous ago
Chapter Twenty: Snap - Falling Out of the Way ago
Chapter Twenty-One: Haze - Plate of Leftovers ago
Chapter Twenty-Two: Interlude: Pews - The Last Enemy ago
Chapter Twenty-Three: Band - Swipe to the Left ago
Chapter Twenty-Four: Pack - Not Entirely Comfortable ago
Chapter Twenty-Five: Long - Relied Upon Scavenging ago
Chapter Twenty-Six: Chew - Plenty of Tattoos ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Tube - A Smaller Concentric Cylinder ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Fest - Your First Visit ago

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