A Just God's Angels

by redknight3996

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

An angel exists in service to their god. This is a universal truth, and one Cardinal Michael aims to uphold no matter what challenges they may face.

So...why do they need to hang around this cute annoying elf again?

Somehow, this is Julius Goldforge's fault...

Written by Redknight3996 and IndiSmile, A Just God's Angel is the potentially awaited sequel of The Demon Lord's Lover (so read that first if you haven't yet), featuring the truly brilliant move on the authors' parts of having the previous antagonist be the new protagonist. Why? Because we like messing with them and we had a decent idea for how to do so.

And that idea primarily features Michael, the Cardinal Angel of Fire and Protector of the Holy City Divica, having to escort an elven druid on a tour of the Light Lands because the gods of their world have decided they really need to figure out what mortals are into nowadays. Sports? Books? Attractive monsters? Who knows? They don't, and they want to find out, and that makes this situation Michael's problem. And boy are they bad under stress.

Also, their siblings are also here, and also involved. All of them have stuff to do too! Promise!

JGA includes, but is not limited to: angels, demons, conflicts between the two, shouting, bad decision making, questions of faith, answers of faith, grandparents, the lies society tells itself just to function, just a bit of horror, really bad decision making, explosions, fantasy yakuza, family drama, ancient grudges, leviathans, maids, and learning that parents are people too

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - Debt Collection ago
Chapter 1 - The Red-Winged Angel ago
Chapter 2 - An Angel’s Virtues ago
Chapter 3 - Light Shines Eternal ago
Chapter 4 - The Tour Begins ago
Chapter 5 - The Blue-Winged Angel ago
Chapter 6 - The Road Ahead ago
Chapter 7 - The Lakeside City ago
Chapter 8 - The Morningstar Salamander ago
Chapter 9 - Ruined Relaxation ago
Chapter 10 - Meeting a Queen ago
Chapter 11 - Things Go Wrong ago
Chapter 12 - A Paladin of Judgment ago
Chapter 13 - The Vlahos Family ago
Interlude 1 - The Former Hero and the Current Villains ago
Chapter 14 - Southward Bound ago
Chapter 15 - Suspicious Occurrences ago
Chapter 16 - Daring Discoveries ago
Bonus Chapter - Raphael's Report ago
Chapter 17 - The Immortal Capital ago
Chapter 18 - The Great Thunder Dragon ago
Chapter 19 - The Explosion ago
Chapter 20 - Meeting in the City of Fire ago
Interlude 2 - A Dragon’s Desires ago
Chapter 21 - An Angel’s Weakness ago
Chapter 22 - Pursuit in the City of Water ago
Chapter 23 - Demonic Developments ago
Chapter 24 - Restless Revelations ago
Chapter 25 - Disaster in the City of Thunder ago
Chapter 26 - The Dragon Brothers ago
Chapter 27 - Obligation and Investment ago
Chapter 28 - Easy Victories ago
Chapter 29 - Too Late ago
Chapter 30 - Call the Rain ago
Interlude 3 - Downpour ago
Chapter 31 - Rainy Recuperation ago
Raphael’s Report 2: Infiltration ago
Chapter 32 - Tempting Fate ago
Chapter 33 - Returning Favors ago
Interlude 4 - Gorokiva: Epilogue ago
Chapter 34 - A New Journey ago

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Excellent characters and comedy

Reviewed at: Chapter 11 - Things Go Wrong

A Just God's Angel so far has been a good read. I've enjoyed every chapter immensely. Whenever I seen that a new chapter is out, I get a little excited to read.

The world and characters are incredibly fleshed out, with each one having a clear cut personality. Character interactions are hilarious, with well written dialogue and snappy jokes at the ready. When reading the story, you see the world from the perspective of different characters, having the narration colored with the individual's own thoughts and biases which both adds more to the character and makes the story more stylistically interesting. 

Delivery and style is great. "A Just God's Angel" has good style, though its not the story's main allure. Each scene is centered usually around dialogue, and as I mentioned before, description is often wonderfully dotted with anecdotes from the characters. 

Grammatically, the story is excellent. I've encountered little to no problems grammar wise as I've read the story so far. The author has a good grasp of the conventions.

I personally feel as though the story is a little weak, though that's mostly because it takes a backseat to character interaction. That's not to say it doesn't have a plot, it's just hard to pin down what exactly it is so far.

Overall, I've enjoyed it a lot and it's been going well so far. I hope it continues to be good.


So this story has started out a little slow for me, and I will admot I was a a bit reluctant as I found Michael to be a real horrible character to focus on as a new main character. I am glad I stuck with this and it's growing on me. I now look forward to the journeys, explorations, and investigations we will read about.